Jeanine Risk

🇨🇦 Mom to 2 Boys #mywholeworld 🙋‍♀️ Motivational Mama ❤ Hopeless Romantic 🔥 Goal Achiever 📖 Life Long Learner 🙆‍♀️ Hair Healer

Final serving of peanut butter in his peanut challenge. It has been a long 2hrs of peanut exposure and still have 1 more hour to go 😦 but its looking like after 2 years we are cleared of his peanut allergy. Hello toasted peanut butter and reese peanut butter cups
It all starts with you 👊💙
You know what I miss? The days where I could sit with my legs straight out in front of me like that and be comfortable. 🤣
My little man. He is such a smart and sweet little boy. Love him so much.
I asked him what he was doing in this picture from daycare and he said "having ice cream" 🤔 Don't know about you but I would ask for a refund.
Every monday I drive to 2 locations on opposite ends of the city to drop my boys off before work. It is not my favourite thing to do but I know how much Oliver and gumma enjoy their time together and that makes the sacrifice worth it 💜 Busted my ass at work today, kids are fed and bathed, cookie dough is ready for tomorrow, laundry going and.......kicked off my 30 day blitz. Successful monday
@hudsonsbay holiday windows in @cftoeatoncentre
Why do they love paw patrol so much? I don't get it.
Check out this giveaway for #bluehavenbalmga . I am obsessed with @bluehavenholistics The products are natural and amazing contest details @questforglow
Starting a business from your home allows you many freedoms and flexibilities to grow your business at your own pace. It also saves money on many fronts. I can also help you save money on this #cybermonday Today only you can get 10% off our product packs and free shipping.
@hamiltonhealthsciences childrens christmas party 2018. Thank you for a great event. #myhhs
It took 2 years to come up with the perfect high heat protectant without adding harmful chemicals and toxins. They did it though. The man who invented EOS lip balm made this product too. It is on sale this weekend for black friday. 😲
Cancer patients, transplant recipients, accident victims. For these people and so many more, a timely transfusion of blood can be the lifesaving difference. Half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who needs it. The need is constant. I did my part today #donateblood
This will be his first real Christmas; baby 1st christmas is not the same thing. #memories
Moment of truth...I am a shy introvert but once I feel comfortable around you there is no telling in what I will do. I am a pretty sweet friend right; just sayin
Santa claus parade 2018 with my 💙's
Was fall one minute then winter the next 🤔 Not ready for this.
One might think they are the ones that worked all day and then spent 2hrs in the car trying to get home in our first snow fall 🤔
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