Candace Chu

Candace🍦Chu ☺🏂🧗🏻‍♀️

leaning like a chollas 😎🌵 now elbows up side to side #whogetsme haha #findyourpark #optoutside
21 has never looked so good on you 😉 happy birthday desert boy #rattleon #budapest #timstascram
post club CPY yoga sculpt ice cream and donuts squad💪🏼#icecreameverydamnday
yoooo ice cream beans 👀😱✨ Visited @specialtyproduce for the first time yesterday thanks to @sdcwa & enjoyed the most amazing tour and learning experience. Love love love how they support local farmers, chefs and restaurants and the #SanDiego community. Bob (the founder) has a passion for fruits and veggies and travels to indigenous markets across the globe to create his compendium of food. Check out his app if you are interested in the globe’s most comprehensive database of fruits and veggies! #supportlocal #B2UbyH2O #specialtyproduce #foodiesunite
overpacked dry clothes, started hiking waay too late in the morning, slipped and fell one time too many, didn’t bring enough water, and ultimately didn’t make it to the end of the iconic picture spot for the Subway tl;dr I spent a weekend with my family hiking and it was dope ☀️10/10 would go again
I really needed to climb. Too many meetings and deliverables. #whocanrelate Relishing the joys of climbing alone and piecing together the project 🧩problem-solver attitude working on progress not perfection #girlswhoclimb #climbon #vhclimbers
order of events on in Pennsylvania thanks to the best host @tangelarine 💕 1) Millworks Brewery 🍻 2) Hershey Park & Hershey Chocolate World🎢🍫 3) Urban Churn🍦 #icecreameverydamnday 4) 🎵mewithoutYou, Cursive and The Appleseed Cast at Tellus 360 🎶
I know my worth I speak my mind I don’t play small & I’m proud of the life I live thanks to you, mom. Strongest, fiercest badass tiger mom out there. We fight a lot but at the end of the day we respect and love each other and our family beyond measure. To you & all the mother figures in my life ❤️ #withgratitude #momsdayeveryday
the funnest boulder lounge in Philly! 🌱#bouldersforbreakfast #climbon
More than 16 million kids in America live in households that struggle to put food on the table. This shit is real, North Philly is a FOOD DESERT. What was once a trash dump site is now an #urbanfarm thanks to #PhillyUrbanCreators with seeds for change, a free brunch program and harvest of fresh locally grown bounty for and by the community #LiveDoGrowFarm Today was another fantastic day thanks to @pgmonesummit 🙏🏼
forest bathing is a magical thing 🌲 today I had the privilege and honor to visit America’s first urban wildlife refuge which creates greater access to the outdoors for families in Philly. Honoring the Lenape people, the stewards of this land, water and tidal marsh.
DYK: This land belongs to the Southern Paiute Indian tribe. Mukuntuweap is what they named the canyon but we now know this place as Zion as a result of colonialism by European settlers & the belief that the name was “too difficult” to pronounce and spell. Let’s not forget the original ancestors of the land. I’m grateful to enjoy this wild and beautiful outdoor space. #themoreyourknow #landacknowledgement #leavenotrace
dad wanted to do warrior ✌🏼on the waterfall so here we are. my stand and smile pose wasn’t cool enough for him 😂 #areweyogisyet #chufam #keepzionwild #optoutside
7 wonders trail - Pink Canyon views 😍😍 #optoutside #keepnaturewild
hiking with my fav human in the hot hot Nevada heat #valleyoffire #optoutside
can we taco bout how thoughtful and cute this card is?! #daymade #snailmail #asseenonmybaywindow thank you @vivyannn 🦔💌
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