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Every sunset feels more like spring; every sunrise is one day closer to summer! Sunset at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown. . #AltText The sun sets over the ocean casting a ray of golden light across the gently rippling water. . 📷NPS/Kekoa Rosehill. . #FindYourPark #Sunset #Spring #ReadyForSummer
International Marconi Day is getting underway at the former Coast Guard Station at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. All are welcome. Free! [Image description: A historic photo of a young man seated in front of a machine. He is leaning forward, with his chin in his hand, staring directly at the camera.] #internationalmarconiday #marconi #hamradio #wireless
Families had a whale of a time at our “Whale Scout” Junior Ranger event at Race Point Beach today. In this image, Ranger Benjamin traps water and minute animals in a cone-shaped plankton tow to show adults and children what whales eat. 📷NPS/Kekoa Rosehill #whales #juniorranger
Join us today for a whale of a time! #whales #juniorranger #familyfun
We'd love to wish a happy National Sibling Day to @fireislandnps a car-free barrier beach with a carefree vibe. Our sister park includes the Fire Island Lighthouse, a centuries-old maritime forest, and New York State's only federal wilderness. Next time you visit us, maybe consider adding in a little trip their way! ❤️ you sister seashore! . 📷: NPS/Elizabeth Rogers. . #AltText : A long sandy spit of land extending out between a deep blue ocean and an azure bay. . #FindYourPark #NPS #NationalSiblingDay #Beaches
Today is National Cherish an Antique Day, and here's an item from years past that was a cherished sign of hope for many a shipwrecked sailor. These paddles acted as a durable "instruction manual" attached to lines sent out to ships in distress from shore by the U.S. Life-Saving Service. Sailors would follow the instructions on how and where to tie the lines onto their ship so that rescue crews on shore could haul out a breeches buoy and rescue the crew one at a time. . See this an many more artifacts at the museum in the Salt Pond Visitor Center. . #AltText : Two wooden paddles with text in three languages explain how to properly attach a rope and block mechanism to a ship. . 📷: NPS/Bill Burke . #FindYourPark #CherishAnAntiqueDay #LifeSavingService #History #Shipwreck
Spring’s a great time to look for whales from shore, and Province Lands Visitor Center is a great place to do it! This outdoor exhibit that overlooks the ocean describes the whales that inhabit these waters. On April 14 the visitor center opens for the season and spotting scopes will be set up. Come on out! #whales #stellwagenbank #wildlifewatching #whalewatching [Image description: A large outdoor sign with an image of a whale rising above the water. Below the image are small pictures showing different whale tails and spouts.]
Easter Sunday sunset at Race Point Beach in Provincetown. Every day feels a little more like spring. Before you know it, summer will be here! 🌅 [Photo description: The setting sun lights up the sky, reflecting off gentle foamy waves crashing on the shore.] 📷:NPS/Kekoa Rosehill #FindYourPark #Sunset #Easter
We recently discovered these colorful birds along the Outer Beach. Staff biologists have been unable to identify the species. The birds may have been blown off their migration course by the March nor'easters. We hope birders or citizen scientists who have seen these birds elsewhere can help us identify them. Anyone? [Photo description: four brightly colored marshmallow birds sit on the sand under a clay alcove on a beach in front of the ocean on a sunny day.] 📷: NPS/Kekoa Rosehill #FindYourPark #Birding #Birds #AprilFirst
Waves and wags #ohhappyday #dogdays #saturday #findyourpark [Image description: A collage of two images—a teenage girl and black and white dog walk toward a beach where waves are lapping the shore; the girl and dog run along the surf under a bright blue sky.]
Another coastal storm’s brewing [Image description: Wind-whipped waves roll toward shore under a dark gray sky.] #outlikealion #thisisspring 📷 NPS/Moynihan
Despite great effort, biologists were unable to trap the elusive Leprechaunus beardii. Small numbers of this secretive creature migrate through Wellfleet’s Atlantic White Cedar Swamp in mid-March each year. There have been fewer sightings this year, likely due to recent storms and the high water table, which pose challenges for this diminutive species. [Image description: A snow-covered boardwalk meanders through a swamp with standing water and tall trees growing out of it.] 📷: NPS Kekoa Rosehill #findyourpark #leprechauns #march17
A magical morning sunrise at Marconi Station Site in Wellfleet, reminding us all that warm weather is just around the corner! [Photo description: a rising sun casts a glowing trail of sunlight over an ocean framed by a depression in a sandy bluff above the shore.] 📷NPS/Kekoa Rosehill
Blue skies and sunshine after the storm. Taken at Coast Guard Beach, Eastham. [Photo description: a lone spiral shaped shell is buffeted by windswept sand on a beach under a blue sky.] 📷:NPS/Kekoa Rosehill
Horse’s mane waves [Video description: Wind blows the tops of cresting waves back, creating sprays of water that resemble the flowing manes of galloping horses.] #waves #horsesmanewaves
Due to the large amount of snow we received yesterday, the Salt Pond Visitor Center and Park Headquarters will open today, March 14, shortly after 10:00 am. If you venture out, be alert for storm surge and flooding. Do not turn your back on the ocean. Keep away from tops and bases of coastal bluffs, which could give way and collapse at any time without warning. [Image description: looking through a snow and icicle covered tree at a brick sign covered in a coating of snow, the faint outline of an arrowhead can be seen on the sign.] 📸:NPS/Kekoa Rosehill
It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies, and then the clouds came in just in time to put on a show at sunset! [Video description: a brilliant sun shines between the horizon and a layer of clouds, casting a glow over gently crashing waves.] 📹:NPS/Kekoa Rosehill #FindYourPark #Sunset
An extra hour of light at the end of the day! How will you spend it? [Image description: Two small boats bob on dark blue water at the edge of a marsh, under a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds.] #daylightsavings
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