Cara Delevingne

Don't worry, be happy ❤️ Embrace your weirdness 💥 STOP LABELLING, START LIVING 😘 snapchat: caradevilqueen

The face you make when you are asked to be a judge on @rupaulsdragrace COMING SOON...
Every time I try and write about this man, all i do is cry. He changed my life, he believed in me when so many others didn’t including myself. He also introduced me to some of the most important and special people in my life. He is a visionary, a genius but more than that.... a dear friend. Outside of fashion, he was one of the most interesting and caring men I have ever met. I am so lucky and grateful to have had him in my life, worked with him and been able to spend time with him.... Although now, I wish it had been more. His legacy will live on forever. I miss you more than I could ever try and describe. I wish I had been able to tell you how much you meant to me. I love you @karllagerfeld all I can say is thank for the bottom of my heart 💔💔💔
💚JUSTICE FOR GRENFELL 💚 PLEASE JOIN US. London Fashion week is a perennial event in the international calendar and highlights the world talent, creativity and inspiration in our diverse city. The fire at Grenfell Tower is the unfashionable side of London where 72 people needlessly lost their lives. Their deaths will not be in vain. . We are honoured to be part of LFW that will assist our campaign in keeping a global focus on what happened at Grenfell and to support the bereaved families in their continued fight for truth and justice. The accountable authorities have been inadequate and tardy in their response and 20 months on; no significant changes or improvements have been made and no one to date has been held responsible. These factors and issues are fundamental to ensuring that nothing like this is ever allowed to happen again.” The incredible Yvette Williams J4G campaign coordinator. . In #solidarity and to #demand justice for those who lost their lives, Justice4Grenfell is encouraging the public to show support for the movement by resharing these images during London Fashion Week on social media with the ​#Justice4Grenfell @officialJ4G . Please show your support and join us 💚#LFW #support #grenfell #demand #justice the #truth 💚
Pink it’s not even a question 🎤 @diormakeup More to come soon! #DiorAddict #BeDiorBePink #DiorAddictStellarShine
Life is what you make it
So much love @olivier_rousteing
Thank you @theprivatesuite for looking after me ❤️❤️❤️❤️#theprivatesuite
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