Cara Ray


salty bliss 〰️
Steve is very upset my birthday upstages his, but thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I feel so loved and I’m very excited to see what this year brings. ❤️
Raise your paw if you’re officially a year old. Happy Birthday Steve Martin! 🐾
“I’m not a girl.. not yet a woman.” -@britneyspears
honey bourbon & sass
pre t e n d i n g
All happiness, no filter required.
Sunday Funday 🍷🏙
This weather requires cuddling 🌧 #fbf
Having a Moonstruck moment 🌝
Missing the beach today ☀️⛱ #happymonday
Crazy Man
Best bachelorette party ever? Yes. #newlytebbs #taigentubbs #austintexasrager
There’s a lot of cute pics from this weekend and this isn’t one of them. Coffee, frosé, and breakfast tacos to heal my body before this flight home. Bye Austin 👋🏼 #newlytebbs #austintexasrager #taigentubbs
hot diggity dawg
Should I bring my novel to the beach?
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