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Chicken tikka curry made with coconut cream & ghee for extra fats, & cauli rice
Literally the best coffee concoction 👌 thank you @skinnymixes & @aldiuk for your wonderful creations that wonderfully work together
More food than any human is ever required to eat in one sitting 🤷🏼‍♀️ keto Mexican bowl; cauli rice, lettuce, spicy seasoned mince, cheese, home made 'salsa', jalapenos, sour cream, smashed avo.
Almond flour pancakes. Stuffed. Plus that cream is whipped by hand with a fork because my boyfriend's house is electric whisk-less, and I am a domestic goddess, yes 💁🏼‍♀️
Yesterday's main meal. Buttery sprouts & a 2-egg cheese and onion omelette. I ate pretty much my body weight in pork crunch before this. One weird but good thing keto and understanding macros has taught me, is that I can eat whatever the fuck I want, when I want. I can eat breakfast for dinner and have random things on my plate that don't quite go together. Definitely a step towards food freedom for me.
That'll do. Don't get how some people post this and have eaten like 20g of protein in a day. How do you not die? 🤣
Doesn't look like much but this was so good, and I'm not really a soup fan. Thai coconut #veganketo soup 😋
#10yearchallenge I think the one on the left was around 10 years ago, so I was about 15 (I've always looked older than I am). Not the best photo, but all I can find. Since then I somehow naturally (without trying) lost about 1 stone at around age 18/19, and since I discovered keto a year and a half ago, lost another 7lb-1st (highly fluctuating ridiculously slow loser here 🙋🏼‍♀️) ...but mainly somehow I think my body composition has changed quite a bit, maybe from working 3 years as a waitress from 20-23 and walking everywhere as I didn't drive, but it sure as hell isn't from working out, I suck at that 😂 keto definitely helps with belly fat though! One thing I am grateful for is my natural proportions and shape, even if it's a bit fuller and squishier than I want it more often than not! #thanksmum
Hazelnut flour chocolate mug cake, pb & cream ❤
Just like eating crisps but way more filling 😋
🍗🥑🥦 + 4 lonely little sprouts
Thai stir fry with edamame noodles 😋
I've decided to sign out of my personal Instagram for a while. On top of half naked Kardashians and Insta models that make me insecure about my body, lately I'm being targeted by ads for cosmetic treatments such as lip fillers, botox etc. and find myself trawling through photos of these let's say, 'enhanced' faces, and it seems so common now. While it's good to know when someone has had stuff injected and sculpted, and that it's not natural, it doesn't stop me personally from feeling a bit crap. While I think if someone wants to change how they look for themself they should, a big part of me also wishes we all could accept ourselves as we are more, and would so many people REALLY do these things if there was no influence of social media etc. I feel like it's really getting to me lately, considering if I should get things done. So I'm unplugging for a while. No more endless scrolling, thinking how beautiful these people look, and how horrible I look - genuinely getting myself upset. It's ridiculous and superficial really, there's so many more problems in the world. Luckily so far, I don't seem to see much other than positive things on this account, so unless I do, I'll continue to use this Instagram for the keto lifestyle stuff, because I find it helpful for myself. I'm thinking in addition to that though, to start posting more 'self care' things. It all goes hand in hand after all, diet, lifestyle, wellbeing, mental health. And if someone reads this and ever feels the same, and realises they aren't the only one, maybe it'll help. So why not... Hence this super long post 😊
Not sure how I feel about this syrup. Not actually very cinnamon-y, kinda fruity aftertaste? 🤔 What does anyone recommend of the skinny syrup flavours?
Upgrade salted caramel Halo Top by adding extra thick double cream, some Jordan's Skinny Syrup and some 90% Lindt. And eat it from a mug... I had a bad day 🤷🏼‍♀️
Snacky lunch ft. avocado hummus
Snacks plz 😁
Green looks so good after the mounds of brown and beige Christmas carb fest 😁
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