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Tapas board; halloumi, peppers and courgette, sesame teriyaki chicken and beef and pork meatballs. What I thought were the most keto-safe options. Do have an inkling something was full of sugar though because I've had a bit of cramp in my left foot... Something I always get when I have a lot of sugar/cheat on keto! 😞🤔 I tried! 🤷🏼‍♀️😇
Beyond excited to try these. 4.5g, 4.2g, and 2.5g carbs, in the order of the photo, for 4 squares. Made with erythritol and stevia. £1.20 a bar, found in Tesco! @chocologicofficial
Breakfast fatbombs - have been obsessed with these lately and not seen anything similar around so thought I should share with the world. Creamy vanilla, added goodness and crunch from chia and flax seeds, and not overly sweet or dessert like! Definitely edible first thing in the morning (I have to wake up at 5.30am, struggle to eat that early but don't like BPC and my stomach growls loud if I don't have something!) I make these in batches of 3, in a regular silicone muffin tray, as I like to swap it up regularly, you can double the recipe for 6, or 3 double thickness ones. I find one is actually enough to keep me going with nothing else but coffee (regular, not bulletproof) and water til lunch, and I only start to feel a little hungry come 11.30am onwards. 30g coconut oil 15g ghee 15g vanilla protein powder of choice (I use PhD vanilla diet whey) 15g chia seeds 15g flax seeds Splash of vanilla extract Melt the coconut oil and ghee, stir in the dry ingredients making sure the protein powder has no dry clumps, pour into silicone moulds and freeze. Most of the seeds sink to the bottom but I think it makes a pretty cool effect! Easily made vegan too!
Spanish(y) picky plate with pork skewers, chorizo, a mix of Spanish cheeses... plus some extra mature cheddar, pickled cabbage, avocado and boiled eggs fried in butter, paprika and chilli (bizzare idea I saw somewhere, good for a little more fat)
Sometimes you just need dessert in bed (I didn't have any of my brother's birthday cake 😇). Love how dark chocolate and coconut oil sets and solidifies on cold double cream like Askey's cracking chocolate sauce you'd have as a kid (or a 24 year old 😏) . . . #keto #ketosis #ketodiet #ketowoe #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #highfat #eatfatlosefat #fatforfuel #fatloss #sugarfree #ketofam #ketoideas #ketolife #ketofood #ketorecipes #ketofoodie #ketouk #lchfuk #ketodessert #lchfdessert #fatbowl #ketotreats
Found this in the speciality foods section at Lidl (UK). It's like a super long skinny peperami (Polish I think) really good and less than 3 carbs for the entire thing. It's half eaten in this photo, there's quite a bit!
Spaghetti bolognese is one of my favourite ever carb meals. Courgetti bolognese is pretty damn good too & I don't have to feel guilty for putting cheese on top! #ketoperks 7g carbs for the sauce on this, because UK low carb options suck, but 100% worth it and delicious. Garlic bread made from a cute lil 90 second bread ➡️
So I just did a shop at Aldi and I saw these... All contain isomalt... If I only eat one or two at a time, am I still gonna die? 🤣
Gouda wrapped bacon 😋
A carbivore & a ketonian. I had a sip of the fruity thing and it was reaaaally good but I stuck to my sugar free hazelnut iced Americano 🙃 I'm always a bit anxious to ask for cream in coffee, so I go for black, what does anyone ask for in UK coffee shops without being looked at like you're an alien? (Tbh at home/work I do just have milk and count it cuz it never tastes that great with cream or almond milk 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️)
Pre-cheese, and post-cheese one pan meal. Sometimes I think I should do dairy free keto but then I remember cheese is life.
An old photo. Cba to cook today. Cba to even make a snacky plate. Someone make and bring this to me please?
Little Italian turkey meatballs. Just turkey mince, an egg, psyllium husk, red onion, garlic, herbs and spices. I served with kale sauteed in tons of butter... I couldn't wait once it was all on a plate so no photo of that 😂
Currrrryyyyyyy. Used a @pataksuk tikka masala paste pot, which are only 5.5 carbs for a whole pot, and this made 3 portions for me 🤗 skipped the recommended tomato paste and tomatoes, added just 100g tin tomatoes, replaced the recommended sugar with truvia, added extra garlic, ginger, cumin seeds, and a bit of sriracha. Served with cauli rice. SO GOOD! Perfect combination of creamy, sweet and spicy.
Cauli crust pizza. An old picture from when I posted keto stuff to my personal account, because I haven't eaten a single thing worth taking a photo of today (still keto tho don't worry)
Forrero Rocher fat bombs. I am a genius 😋
I really wanted to get a milky latte and a cake... 😢 but I didn't 😇
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