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Good match from our boys, playing when it was to play, bringing the character into the pitch when it was to fight and, more important, qualifying for next round first place in our Group, showing that every 23 are ready to play for this team. Time to rest and be ready for what comes next! Congratulations boys! And thank you all for your support! #allforteammelli . . #teammelli #asiancup2019 #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
Beiranvand; Ghafouri, Majid, Kanani, Milad; Roosbeh, Omid, Amiri: Jahanbahshk, Ghooddos, Sardar . . #allforteammelli #teammelli #asiancup2019 #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
This is one of those games where both teams have all reasons to be relaxed. We did our job, Iraq did theirs, so no matter what happens tomorrow there is already one winner: the fans, that I believe will enjoy a great game. Both teams will try to play good football , that is only what we have in our mind, to play good, so we can improve and prepare our team for what comes after. We want all players to be ready to perform. We are not concerned with the end of the road, we are focused with what is right in front us, making the best decisions and giving the best. I always tell my players, my priority is for all of them to be concentrated, committed and loyal to the team, honoring our fans, the game and this competition. This is our focus. . . #allforteammelli #asiancup2019 #teammelli #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost their lives, and their families and friends suffering. #repost @teammellifootball . #teammelli #iran
Congratulations to our boys for their performance against Vietnam, playing on top of our opponent all 90 minutes, with positive football and not conceding spaces to a very good team. This is only possible due to the work, commitment and concentration of every player on the pitch. Once again, as the family we are, united, with the ones who start and those who come after, we show our respect to our opponet, to the game, and to our supporters. Now focus on the next match. Congratulations team. And thank you all! . . #allforteammelli #asiancup2019 #teammelli #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
Beiranvand. Ghafouri, Morteza, Kanani and Hadjafi. Omid, Ashkan and Amiri. Taremi, Ghoddos and Sardar. . . #allforteammelli #teammelli #asiancup2019 #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
We will face Vietnam match with humble attitude, knowing that the team in front of us is very good and made great progress. We have a great challenge, to enjoy, to take fun and to compete. We don´t think it will be easy, because we are not arrogant, we are humble people in this Team. This is always the spirit. The spirit and friendship in our team and staff make us one of the most powerful football families I had in my entire life. The foundation of our character is to respect all the others, doesn't matter the name. So, for now, there is nothing more than our focus and commitment on Vietnam match; the focus and commitment on our responsibilities, our dreams and the dreams of the million Iranians supporting us. #allforteammelli #asiancup2019
In the moment there are 65/70 million people praying for Team Melli, comes one genious praising Iraq team and it's coach... Well, nobody will disturbe us! Congratulation boys, good victory against Yemen. Now, total focus on Vietnam! . . #allforteammelli #asiancup2019
Beiranvand. Ramin, Morteza, Majid, Haji Safi Omid, Amiri, Ashkan. Taremi, Torabi, Sardar. . . #allforteammelli #teammelli #asiancup2019 #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
I do believe that this game, especially this one between IR Iran and Yemen tomorrow, it is a huge mission for both teams. We come here with the goal of building bridges of hope, not bridges of fear. That is what the players will be focused on tomorrow, to produce great entertainment, happiness, and pride for the fans, in Yemen, and in Iran. We cannot control the outcome of the game, but we can control our attitude and commitment. I always challenge my players to play for the people, with the responsibility of finishing the game with the head up, being sure that when leaving the pitch, they know the fans are proud of them and feel happy with the courage, the bravery, and the positive attitude. This is what always matters for me, and I feel proud of my players for that. There is a lot of people working and suffering outside and football has always the obligation to produce entertainment and happiness for them. This is what both teams will do for sure tomorrow. Most of the people sometimes don’t know the meaning of FIFA; for me, it is Football International Family Association. We belong to the same family, the family of entertainment, joy, happiness. This is what both teams will work for tomorrow, on finishing the game feeling proud, of yourself, and your family, friends, and fans…; finishing the game with that wish of watching another football match right after. This is what matters. . . #allforteammelli #roadtoasiancup2019 #asiancup2019 #80million #onenation #oneheartbeat
Second training in Abu Dhabi for Team Melli. The preparation in UAE continues with total focus in our first Asian Cup match, against Yemen. That is our goal right now. There is no second step with out the first one. #allforteammelli #teammelli #roadtoasiancup2019
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