Carmelo Anthony


Know When To Speak And When to Listen!!! #STAYME7O
“Words That Do Not Match Deed Are Unimportant” #VivaCuba #STAYME7O
“The best way to counter-attack the DEVIL is to make it blatantly obvious that HIS attack has had no impact on you” #STAYME7O
“Live Your Life Not Celebrating Victories, But Overcoming Defeats.” -CHE GUEVARA 🇨🇺 #STAYME7O
“There’s A Universal Reason As To Why” #STAYME7O
“Be-Don’t Try To Become” #STAYME7O
Salute to the Jordan Wings Class of 2023 Scholarship recipients. Congrats & keep striving for greatness. @jumpman23 #JordanWings #STAYME7O
“Sometimes You Have To Go Off Road in Order To Get Back On Track” #BoysDaysOut #STAYME7O
“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing” -Pea7e Be Upon YOU Happy Born Day #ThoseWhoKnow ,Know #STAYME7O
“The Energy Of The Mind Is The Essence Of Life” #STAYME7O
Had A Great Time At The New @deltoro Collection Launch Event!!! #STAYME7O
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