Carmelo Anthony


Let time heal the wounds and Let certain energy dissipate!! #STAYME7O
Had a great time screening #SpiderVerse with NYC middle school students for my 10th annual #AVeryMeloChristmas   event with the #CarmeloAnthonyFoundation #STAYME7O
Melo•Made x @famousnobodys Collection #STAYME7O
Zack Dobson lost his brother to gun violence, but his inspiring story has that Hoodie SZN mentality. @BleacherReport and I pulled up to push it forward. #BReal
She’s a female QB breaking barriers, and she plays to win. @bleacherreport and I sent a few ballers to meet @Alexandria_Buchanan #BReal
Too much gun violence, not enough answers. @BleacherReport and I found a real-life hero who stopped a school shooting. His solution: “Treat each other better.” We sent @alvinkamara to watch a game with this teacher for #BReal
“Just Cause” #STAYME7O
Brehanna Daniels is a former college hooper who’s now the first black woman on a NASCAR pit crew. I hit @candaceparker up to tell her about Brehanna and she pulled up to the track to surprise this real-life hero and run some drills. #BReal
Linked up with @cp3 and @bleacherreport to give Trashaun Willis, the one-armed phenom who broke the internet with one dunk, the surprise of a lifetime. This is #BReal
I linked up with @cp3 , @drewbrees , @candaceparker , and @alvinkamara to help change the lives of five real-life heroes with @bleacherreport for #BReal
Life can be lived in whatever way you want to live it, it’s up to you to define it the way you want it to be. #Yr16 (1+6=7) #STAYME7O
Melo Made x @goorinbros Sommelier Collection. #MELOMADE #STAYME7O
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