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Follower of Christ Dancer-Choreographer-MemphisJookin Memphis to Cali University of Memphis Alumna Monsters of HipHop Alum

Day One Complete✔️🔥 I am so honored to announce that I have received the opportunity to choreograph Studio 413’s HipHop production number this year! I cannot wait to see these young ladies hit the stage this year! #CarmenSavage #ReturnoftheSavage #Studio413 #WomenofHipHop
Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece! So proud of the young woman you’ve become! I love you sweet girl! 💕 #TheRealSavages
My Everything💕 9.26.18 I promise to grow closer to God each and everyday of my life. I promise to love like Jesus. I promise to work a million times harder. I promise to be a role model. I promise to be the best that I can be. I promise to make you proud. -Mommy💕
🔥Who’s ready for this new heat?🔥 Choreo: @carmensavage Dancer: @carmensavage Music: Bartier Cardi @iamcardib Location: @413dance #ReturnoftheSavage #2019isgoingtobeAMAZING *I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO THIS SONG! NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!*
Today is the official day! My brother’s first poetry book is now available!! He has been working so hard on so many projects over the years and I’m so happy to see how God is allowing his dreams to manifest! I cannot be more proud of the impact that he is making on my life and so many others! It would mean so much for me for everyone to support my brother and this huge accomplishment in his life! Click the LINK in my BIO to get your copy today! #MauriceSavage #VulnerableMan #TheRealSavages #MemphistoCali #MyBiggestSupporter #MyFirstBestfriend
It’s National Dance Day!!!! Throwback to this amazing number from the 2016 Monsters of HipHop Finale show! Choreographed by the one and only @rhapsodyjames !!! Only female in my crew 🤩 and these fellas made me PULL UP! Congratulations to @monstersdance For 15 years of success! I hope that you all have an amazing show tonight!!! I cannot wait to see you all very soon! @yabil.r @junior.cius @armandoooj @mikehydroflow #MonstersofHipHop #MonstersAlum #MonstersDrivenCast2016 #nationaldanceday
In honor of the Monsters Legacy Show happening tonight, here’s a throwback of my 2016 Driven Cast and I! This was truly one of the best experiences of my life and I’m still on a high from this two years later!! Becoming apart of the monsters legacy has really been a dream come true!! Thank you again Becky and Andy for creating Monsters of HipHop! I cannot wait to see you all next season! Congratulations to the XV Cast! Time to turn up!
Happy Sunday ☀️
So today is a very special day, it’s my twin brother’s Birthday!!!! For those who have been asking over the years, we are not actually twins lol. I am so proud of the man that my brother has become! He is so hard working and such an inspiration! He is extremely kindhearted and a true man of God! Determination runs through his veins! I can truly go on and on about how many times I saved him from getting in trouble 🧐 but also how he’s always been there for me no matter what. I am so thankful for my brothers! They have protected me and provided for me throughout our lives! Again, happy birthday brother! I love you so much!! #TheRealSavages #DudeisaTotalGoofBall
Thank you so much @413dance for bringing me back for another year to teach at the summer dance intensive! I am forever grateful for every opportunity given! The love that I have for my students cannot even be put in words. It’s so inspiring to me to see how hard they work at their age! I have seen these students grow so much over the past few years and I cannot be more proud! I decided to bring one of my old pieces back for this class and they told me their story through movement! Praise God for the art of Dance! Dancer: @sophie_sparkles Choreography: @carmensavage Music: “Down” @ellamai
So happy to be teaching at @413dance summer dance intensive next week!! The students are hungry for dance and it’s so inspiring!
If you have ever met my mom, you know that she is one of the sweetest people on earth! Often times growing up people would always call me spoiled, but honestly I believe that my mother just has a heart of gold and would do anything for me! She sat through numerous competitions and performances each weekend throughout the years, she takes off of work to travel with me for dance, comes to almost every dance class that I teach and so much more! How do you think I survived college? I’ll admit, my mom wrote majority of my papers 🤷🏽‍♀️while I worked on subject that she was not able to help me with. I truly don’t believe I would have made it through school without her! When I was afraid to go down stairs by myself at night, my mom would get up out of her sleep just to go with me, knowing there was nothing for me to be afraid of down there. I don’t think anyone calls their mom more than I do and gets upset when she doesn’t answer more than I do. 🤷🏽‍♀️ (like what are you doing having a life of your own 🧐😂) I mean there is just so much I can say! Happy Mother’s Day mommy! Forever a mommy’s girl!
✨Last weekend I was honored to teach beginner and intermediate level HipHop master classes at South Eastern Missouri College! They were so nice and welcoming! You all were so much fun! Hope to come back again! ✨ #CarmenSavage
✨Haven’t posted a selfie in a while 💁🏽‍♀️🌸
✨Proud Auntie moment✨ My little niece has been working so hard! I am just amazed at how strong and awesome she is! Way to go Jada! 🌸💖 #TheRealSavages @theellenshow @iamsteveharveytv
Because it’s my sissy’s Jordan year!!!! Happy Birthday to my amazing, gifted, inspirational, supportive, and drop dead GORGEOUS sister!!! I am so proud of the woman you have become and you are truly amazing in every way!!! We share Soooo many crazy yet Hilarious moments!! But you know we have two moments that we will NEVER let die 😂. I cherish all of the moments in the den dancing like were about to get booked for Beyoncé’s tours and Cassie’s music videos! You were truly my hype girl (that chicken noodle soup video 😂)! Wait, I had to edit this post because I just totally let this slip my mind! She really comes to my rescue every time! My car broke down for the first time, and she was there in a heart beat! 💓I appreciate all that you’ve done for me! This year will be filled with favor and blessings! I love you sissy @_misshoward_
I got a chance to take class from @taiwanwilliams777 not too long ago and it was awesome! Choreography: @taiwanwilliams777 Music: @chrisbrownofficial #CarmenSavage #SavageBeast
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