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Friday night out with my love @chriswmusgrove #datenight @shopsatclearfork
I love this cute little cake that I made for @chriswmusgrove ’s son Benton last week. All the decoration is chocolate modeling paste, not fondant, so its super yummy. I created a chocolate version of Benton’s dog, “Catfish”, busting out of his cake. Really fun! Many of you probably don’t know that before I developed rheumatoid arthritis and before I became a holistic nutritionist and founded my wellness company, A Well-Nourished Life, I was a classically trained pastry chef and cake designer. I was making cakes on Food Network, and I wrote the best selling gluten-free cake book Let Us All Eat Cake. I rarely make cakes anymore, but when I do, it’s for special friends and family and I love every minute of it! Swipe through the photos to see some of the cakes from my past including some fun sculpted pieces and a couple from my cookbook. Enjoy, and have a sweet day! #LetUsAllEatCake #BirthdayCake #Yummy #awellnourishedlife
At @f1 US Grand Prix with @chriswmusgrove and our crew repping our fave @mercedesamgf1 and @lewishamilton. #f1superfans Only the most hardcore fans go to Friday practice in the rain #badass
Spectacular meal at @grandhyattdfw last night. Not your typical airport hotel. Fabulous start to a three day vacay with my honey @chriswmusgrove. #dinner #awellnourishedlife #yum #love
Hittin’ the juice #healingfoods Beets, cucumber, lemon, turmeric #juice #rheumatoidarthritis #RAdiet
Mornings in the mountains are my favorite. With afternoons and evenings falling close behind 😉 #crestedbutte #Colorado #rockymountainmorning #cbartsfest
Happy nature nerd right here 😊 have my feet in an icy cold Rocky Mountain stream, my face in the sun, and the sounds of birds and rustling aspens in my ears. And a bunch of rocks in my pocket 😂 #naturenerd #rockymountains #happyplace
All you need for the perfect 4th, allergen-free S’Mores Bars. No gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts... find my recipe at Allergic Living Magazine, temp link in my bio or google search “Allergic Living Catherine Ruehle” #smores #glutenfree #dairyfree #allergenfree #yummy
Is anyone else sensitive to pressure changes in the weather? I am so sensitive, when these storm systems move into the area my head crushes, seriously like a giant robot gorilla is squeezing my brain. Not fun! Essential oils have become my go to remedies. I don’t like to take pain meds and I have found that they don’t help anyway. I love the doTerra Past Tense roller ball, I roll it all along my hairline from my temples around to the back of my head. I keep it in the hairline, especially near the temples, because the hair prevents the oil from migrating onto the skin where it can irritate your eyes. And I use the Art Naturals peppermint oil in three different ways: I put two drops in my palms, rub them together, and then inhale the oil deeply several times. Then I rub that oil into my neck and shoulders and the back of my skull. Lastly, I put a sauce pan of water on the stove and add 4-6 drops of oil, bring the water to a simmer and cover my head with a light towel and then inhale the oil vapor and steam for several minutes. I can’t tell you how much this helps! What other natural remedies do you use for headaches? I’d love to know, please share in the comments! #Headaches #Holistic #EssentialOils @artnaturals @doterra
SEU College orientation and our stay at #Casasoco is a wrap! In just two months Cade will be making this area his permanent home, and I may not be far behind! LOVE Austin! The next time you come to visit be sure to check out #casasoco . Everything about this property is perfection, and the host is so sweet and helpful. The house is ideal for families with kiddos, couples traveling together, or a girls getaway. I will definitely be back to enjoy that sweet fire pit and the awesome hammock when the weather is cooler! Mention the code CAT20ATX after requesting to book to get 20% off your stay. Thank you @atxcasas for a great stay and for offering my peeps such a generous discount! You can contact the host by DM at @Atxcasas or at this link:, and follow her for all things Austin. Cheers! #ad #sponsored #atxcasas #austin #airbnb #weekendtrip #girlstrip #girlsgetaway #soco #southcongress #perfect
We checked into the cutest @Airbnb in Austin y’all, it’s called Casa Soco and it’s precious! So much attention to detail- water carafes and hotel robes in every bedroom, loads of fresh towels, sharp (I mean sharp!) knives in the kitchen, and the comfiest (and cutest) throw pillows throughout the house. Gah, can I live here? 😁 #ad #sponsored #Atxcasas @atxcasas #austin #atx #casasoco #airbnb
Guys I’m craving this Vanilla Chia Mango Parfait today, it’s perfect for this hot weather. I'm taking a tip from my own book and making a big batch of chia pudding today so I can mix up different parfaits over the weekend (yep, I know how to party hard, don’t I? 😂) This one, on page 38 of The RA Diet Cookbook, is first up! #theRAdiet #theRAdietCookbook #foodismedicine #yum #breakfast #chia #plantprotein
Does anyone else feel this way about their green juice? 💞😂#fairydustandhearts #lovemyjuice #theradiet #foodismedicine #RArecoveryplan
#RAtip On the RA Diet what you DO eat is equally as important as the the foods you avoid. Choosing a variety of nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods daily is key to success. WALNUTS are one of my top foods for rheumatoid arthritis. Walnuts are a great vegan source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids (ALA), just 1/4 cup contains more than 100% of your daily requirement. Walnuts are also a significant source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, manganese, calcium, potassium, selenium and zinc. A small handful contains 4 grams of easily digestible, vegan protein. Walnuts make a quick, tasty, and portable snack food, and are delicious sprinkled over salads, oatmeal, or yogurt. Keep walnuts in the freezer to prolong shelf life and avoid rancidity. My favorite way to use walnuts is in green salads or sprinkled over roasted veggies (especially cauliflower!). PS, walnuts have cancer-fighting properties and are tops for brain health and heart health. So seriously, you need to eat walnuts! For a yummy, healing (and GORGEOUS) RA Diet treat featuring walnuts, follow the link in my bio for my No-Bake Dragon Fruit Bars. #RArecoveryplan #rheumatoidarthritis #rawarrior #awellnourishedlife #holisticnutritionist
Excited to finally see this feature in print today! Thank you to @dallasnews and @junenaylor for letting me share some of my healing story and helping get the word out about the healing power of food. How ‘bout that headline “Healthy Food, Healing Powers”, that’s the truth and my life is proof! My new online program for Rheumatoid Arthritis, The RA Recovery Plan, launches next month. You CAN recover from RA and live a full, vibrant life free of pain! Follow the link in my profile for the full story and a video recipe for yummy healing No-Bake Dragon Fruit Bars. Tag someone you know who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, other immune diseases, or any inflammatory condition. And if you yourself have RA, please read this story and know that you’re not alone, you can handle this, and there are brighter days ahead. #rheumatoidarthritis #rarecoveryplan #healingfoods #foodismedicine #rawarrior
This Dallas Morning News feature on my healing story and my new online program, The RA Recovery Plan, goes to print next week but you can check out the online version now. I’m sharing one of my favorite healing recipes for No Bake DragonFruit Bars (swipe left). You gotta try them, they are easy, delicious, and super good for you. And they’re PINK! Thank you @junenaylor and @dallasnews 💞💞 .. .. #therarecoveryplan #rarecoveryplan #foodismedicine #healingfoods #rheumatoidarthritis
Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 49. Whoop! It was a big day, full of fun and love and celebration. Not just for me for my birthday, but also for my son last night celebrating a senior tradition at his school. So many feels, I think I have an emotional hangover today! And can we talk about these flowers? Gah, GORGEOUS! Birthdays for me are always a time of reflection. This past year has been huge in many ways. So much has changed and continues to change in my world, I am constantly reminding myself to go with the flow and to be open. Lessons keep coming. The first four months of 2018 have provided a lot of shake ups and challenges and changes. Also a lot of joy and love. From caring for my mother through a health crisis to watching my son in his final months of high school getting ready to go off to college, 2018 so far has been BIG. Throw in there my entry into the online dating world (love you, @bumble ), running 3 businesses, and my daily struggle to manage my RA, and you’ve got one humdinger of a year so far. Can I get a vacation already? 😂 Life is never dull, it’s always changing and growing and flowing. Ups and downs, good times and bad, I’ve learned to welcome it all and to look for the blessings in every little thing. So here goes the final year of my forties my friends, let’s see what’s in store. I’m already planning the party for my 50th next year, and you are all invited! Cheers! #birthday #thisis49 #canwetalkabouttheseflowers
Bright pink beet dressing? Yes, always yes. 💞 #eatwellbewell #rawfood #awellnourishedlife #theRAdiet #yum
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