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Join us at @SoCalVegFest in OC October 20 & 21 | 11am - 6pm | 88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa 92626 | To find us in stores near you 🛒 Click the link 👇🏼

🍊Hey Orange County: We’re back! 💚Join us today and tomorrow at So Cal Veg Fest 💚 To celebrate 🎉 we’re rolling up this beast just for you 👹 It’s called the O.C. Special! 😄 It’s a huge flour tortilla filled with our new Seasoned Beef Crumbles, plus: Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes🍅 Secret Salsa 🌶 Sour Cream and Nacho Cheese 🧀 Come get one or pick something else off our full menu of 🌱🌮🌯🥑🌶…everything! 😜 11am – 6pm OC Fair & Events Center 88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626 📷 @MsVegan
Come join us tonight for some 🌱 #plantbased street 🌮🌮 big #vegan  🌯🌯 nacho 🚢🚢 and more – all made fresh any way you want 😄 And if you are looking for some other local favorites, undefeated Eagle Rock 🦅 is playing a few blocks away against undefeated Franklin at 7pm for some serious local bragging rights 🏟 Should be an epic game 🙌 We’ll see you tonight at: 5052 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042 #📷 @VegNews
No doubt about it, our Nacho 🚢 is a real handful. You can always get yours made with our 🌱 Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, Al pastor or Barbacoa❓ The only question is: Do you share it? Or tell your friends to keep their 🖐🏽🤚🏽 off and get their own😜 Sharing is caring, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 📷 @DamianRinaldi
🍊 Attention Orange County: We can’t wait to see you October 20 & 21 at So Cal Veg Fest 💚 To make our trip south unforgettable 🚚 we created this 💥 brand new Big #Vegan  🌯 just for you 💥 We call it the O.C. Special! 😄 It’s a huge flour tortilla filled with our new Seasoned #PlantBased Beef Crumbles, plus: Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes 🍅 Secret Salsa 🌶 Sour Cream and Nacho Cheese 🧀 We don’t mind saying it’s pretty tasty 🙌  And it’s only available this weekend ⏳ So come get one… or two 😜 11am – 6pm OC Fair & Events Center 88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626 📷 @DamianRinaldi
Join us tonight and order yourself some 🌱 tacos 🌮 burritos 🌯 nachos or platos… any way you want them. And make that order even better with some delicious 🍓🍋 aguas frescas from our pals @aguasveganas , adult beverages🍺🍷 from @blockpartyhlp , and 🍩 from @donutfriend . HLP is the always the place to be on Tuesdays 🙌5058 York Blvd. LA 90042 📷 @DamianRinaldi
On Tuesday, November 6, we’ll give every voter ONE FREE 🌮 That’s right! Just take part in our democratic process✌🏽 and you get to exercise your right to eat something delicious 🙌 To get your ONE #FREE  🌱 #PlantBased 🌮, join us in HLP from 6pm – 11pm and show us your ballot stub OR your “I VOTED” sticker. 👉🏼This offer is available while supplies last and only one taco per person. ⭐️ Taco Bout Voting ⭐️ 5058 York Blvd. LA 90042 #Vote #Vegan #📷 @MsVegan
We are stoked 🤙🏽 to be heading back to @SoCalVegFest this year! We’ll have our full menu of #plantbased  🌮 🌯 and more. 🙌 Mark your 🗓 calendars: October 20-21 | 11am-6pm daily 🎙📣Tell your friends, neighbors, family and strangers! 🙏🏼 We can’t wait to see you all! 🚙 OC Fair & Events Center - 88 Fair Dr. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 #vegan #food #scvf18
October 15 is National Grouch Day 😖 We figure that’s because: 1) it’s Monday 🤔 and 2) it’s not 🌮 Tuesday. 🙌Because no one’s grouchy on 🌮 Tuesday 💚 Just sayin. 📷 @MsVegan
Two ways to get your Cena Vegan 🙌 Stop by @smorgasburgla for our full menu of 🌱 plant-based street food 🌮🌯 OR.. find us at the Hollywood Farmers Market 🍓🍉🌽🍅 where today only, we’ll be serving our street #tacos 😍 Plus, you can get packages of our #plantbased meats at both locations 🚙 #Hollywood Farmers Market is located at 1600 Ivar Ave. 90028 ⏰ 8am – 1pm 🏙 Smorgasburg is located on South Alameda, just past 7th St. ⏱ 10 am - 4pm
Tomorrow, October 14, we are serving our 🌱 tacos 🌮 @theHFM  ☝🏼We are only doing this one time only at this #Hollywood location and only serving our street #tacos  😃 The good news is you can always 🛒 buy packs of our #plantbased meats while you are there 🙌 Which means you can make just about anything you want at home 🥗🥘🥙🌯 anytime you want! 👀Look for us in the vendor spotlight area where Ivar and Selma intersect 🚙 1600 Ivar Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 #Vegan #FoodPics by #📷 @DamianRinaldi
Come join us tonight for some 🌱 street 🌮🌮 big vegan 🌯🌯 nacho 🚢🚢 and more – all made fresh any way you want 😄 While you are there, pick up some packs of our #plantbased meats so you can eat in style while you cheer on your favorite #⚾️#🏈#⚽️#🏒 teams 🙌 5052 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042 #📷 @DamianRinaldi
Let's Taco Bout Our #PlantBased Tacos With A Little Bit Of Spice 😉 How Hot Do You Like Your Tacos? Mild, Medium, Spicy Or Haban Oh Noooo! 🌶🌮😂 Like, Comment & Tag A Friend Who'd Go #Vegan For These Spicy 🌮 Tacos 🌮 #FoodPics by @MsVegan
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