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We're suing the Trump administration for failing to protect nine imperiled species under the Endangered Species Act, including the San Francisco Bay Delta population of longfin smelt and the Puerto Rico harlequin butterfly. Read:
“Thinking about my friends in Okinawa working around the clock to save the Okinawa Dugong and its seagrass habitat from a U.S. military base expansion.” -- Peter Galvin, co-founder of @centerforbiodiv
Residents of St. James Parish and environmental groups today sought disclosure of public records on a land-use change that opened their rural community to the construction of massive, polluting petrochemical plastics factories. Read:
Join our online “Leader of the Pack” four-part training series to gain the skills to save wolves across America.⠀ ⠀ ARE YOU IN? REGISTER --->
Today is the birthday of Aldo Leopold, one of the founders of the science of wildlife management. A fateful encounter with a wolf taught him the importance of ecological conservation.
Even though our oceans are absorbing roughly one ton of CO2 per person on Earth each year, almost nothing has been done to curb acidificatiuon. Tell the @EPA we must act now to end ocean acidification. ⠀ ⠀ Link:
BREAKING: We joined with over 600 environmental groups in calling on the U.S. House of Representatives to pursue ambitious climate legislation that matches the scale and urgency of the climate crisis. Read:
BREAKING: We respond to the news that President Trump has nominated Andrew Wheeler today to be the permanent administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Read:
Our response to Trump's speech tonight on his self-inflicted crisis over his proposed border wall.
Awesome! Over 1300 supporters have registered for our national kickoff call tomorrow to save America’s wolves. Sign up now >>
Footage gathered between Christmas 2018 and a few days after the New Year in the borderlands which shows just how wild the U.S. southwest and northern Mexico really are.
BREAKING: We today filed a formal notice of intent to sue acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt for failing to make protection decisions for 26 species of animals and plants under the Endangered Species Act. Read more:
We and our allies are withdrawing from stakeholder meetings about the management of the state’s wolf population due to numerous concerns over the state's outdated process and their draft plan. Read:
We're rallying in front of the White House now to save the Okinawa dugong, one of Earth's most endangered marine mammals. The construction of a new U.S. military base in Henoko Bay would likely negatively impact the dugong's survival as a species.
Meet the Anna's hummingbird. It is absolutely breathtaking to see one of these hummingbirds flitting about with its striking plumage. Their species reside along the Pacific Coast and their population has increased in recent years. #NationalBirdDay
BREAKING: We filed a lawsuit to force the Trump administration to release emails related to the development of a new, highly controversial management plan for the world’s only population of critically endangered red wolves. Read:
Desert spiny lizard goes FULL BEAST MODE as New Year's resolution.
BREAKING: We joined with others in filing a notice of intent to sue the @EPA for failing to protect more than a million people in Utah and Arizona from particulate pollution. Read:
Here's the American wolverine, known to prey on animals as big as moose, and many stories tell of mountain lions, bears and wolves retreating from their kills at a wolverine's approach. ⠀ ⠀ (photo by Magnus Johannson)
Happy New Year! We hope that you get out, explore and enjoy the outdoors. As Ed Abbey once said, It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. It helps you re-energize and remember what we're fighting for. #happynewyear #newyears #newyears2019
We helped get out the vote to protect our public lands, clean air, wildlife and water in the midterm elections. Join us with a tax-deductible gift before Dec. 31, and it’ll be matched dollar for dollar 👉
Talk about jaw-dropping. This waterfall surrounded by towering red walls is part of the stunning scenery at Utah’s Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. ⠀ ⠀ (photo: Bob Wick, BLM)
We secured changes to the Vern Freeman Dam to help California steelhead get up the Santa Clara River and downstream at the right times to ensure their survival. Read more:
Meet the blackfooted ferret, one of the successes under the Endangered Species Act. This member of the weasel family was thought to be extinct until a small population was found in 1981. ⠀ ⠀ They've bounced back, and are now roaming the Midwest.⠀ ⠀ (credit: USFWS)
This month we took the Trump administration to court for failing to consider Endangered Species Act protections for giraffes. Help support our fight to protect giraffes here:
The monarch butterfly used to be found frequently in front yards and backyards across the country, but their numbers are down to pesticides, development, & climate change. ⠀ ⠀ Learn more about the monarch: ⠀ ⠀ (photo credit: Colette Adkins/CBD)
California’s Carrizo Plain is among the most stunning of our national monuments. But the BLM is considering whether to allow new oil wells and pipeline to be built there. Will you help stop this? Say NO new drilling on public lands.⠀ ⠀ Act now:
In 2018 we called out the largest grocers in the United States on their failure to address the food-waste crisis. The good news: There are steps grocers can take to fight food waste effectively. Read more:
Can you name all five wild cat species that live in the #borderlands in the United States and Mexico?
It's simple as this. The Endangered Species Act works and it's saved hundreds of animal species from extinction. Join us in fighting all attempts by Congress to undermine this life-saving act:
Our agreement requires the Trump administration to designate “critical habitat” for these whales by June 28, 2019, and finalize those protections a year later. Help us save our oceans with a tax-deductible gift before Dec. 31, and it’ll be matched dollar for dollar 👉
Although the Environmental Protection Agency acknowledges that factory farms are a leading source of water pollution, it allows most of them to operate without a Clean Water Act permit. ⠀ ⠀ Tell the EPA to regulate factory farms now:
Our planet is a wild and amazing place filled with incredible plants and animals that are worth fighting for. ⠀ ⠀ Do you agree? Then join us:
Our legal victory reversed a lower court ruling that removed Endangered Species Act protections from these Arctic seals. Help us fight to protect the Arctic and its wonders with a tax-deductible gift before Dec. 31, and it’ll be matched dollar for dollar 👉
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