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We exist to introduce people to Jesus & help them follow Him. Led by Pastor @JudWilhite. Saturdays: 5PM Sundays: 10AM, 11:30AM & 1PM

“By the time I was 28, I was divorced and unsure of where my life was going. It was tough to make a living and raise two girls by myself, so I did a lot of partying, going out, drinking, and staying out late. At the time, I was in a relationship with an alcoholic and I found myself at the bar a lot. I’d put a $20 bill in a video poker machine just to pass the time. In 2008, a friend of mine asked if my girls and I wanted to come to Central. Jud came out and started talking about his own recovery. I knew in that moment I was in the right place. I remember hearing this idea of the tithe and looking into scripture about it. What it meant to me was, “I’m going to give back to God part of what He’s blessed me with.” God has blessed us in such a way that we can increase our generosity just because of the way that He has increased his blessings in our lives. When I look back at when we stepped into this generosity, I didn’t know how God was going to make that work, but I trusted Him and I had faith. At the end of the day, we just have to be faithful no matter what. God shows us, time and time again, He will provide and make a way, no matter the circumstance.” - Kim #PeopleOfCentral
1PM. 1PM. 1PM! That’s right, you still have time to join us! It has been a great Sunday so far, and it’s just getting better!
It’s our favorite day of the week and we’d love to spend it with you! Join us on this great Sunday! See you today at 10AM, 11:30AM and 1PM!
Week two of Like A Boss starts today and Pastor @judwilhite is bringing a great message! He'll be speaking on creating a clear plan, through biblical principles, to help empower us to take charge of our money. See you soon!
All smiles because Central Live was awesome! Did you pick up some new merch? Let us know your favorite items!
T-minus 2 HOURS until the great night of worship begins! Doors open at 6:30PM! See you soon!
Three reasons you don't want to miss Central Live! 1. It's a GREAT night of Worship! 2. We've got NEW merch! 3. @thecentralcoffeeshop has their special "Greater" drink for ONE NIGHT ONLY! The fun begins at 5:30! For more info, see central.live. See you tonight!
What’s your favorite @centrallive song?! Let us know! This Thursday, the Central Live fun starts at 5:30 and doors open at 6:30! For more info, go to central.live.
The energy on this Sunday is amazing! See you at the 1PM experience!
It's Sunday morning at Central! We’re all warmed up & ready to ROCK during our 10AM, 11:30AM & 1PM experiences. You don't want to miss out!
Doors are open for a great experience! Can’t wait for the start of “Like a Boss” this weekend! Join us tonight for our 5PM experience!
How we feel about the weekend🙌 Our team has a great experience in store for you. We’re kicking off our new series, Like A Boss! Can’t wait to spend the weekend with you!
We’re ONE WEEK away from Central Live! You don't want to miss this amazing night of worship led by the @centrallive team. It’s all going down on Thursday, February 15th! Go to central.live for more information.
We love seeing all of the ways God works through this church—a place where it's okay to not be okay. He's done so much this year, and it's just the beginning.
This weekend, don't miss the start of our brand new series, Like A Boss! Imagine living with less stress, worry, and conflict about money. It's possible if you learn to manage your finances with the biblical principles and a heart full of faith. We'll discover what the Bible says about making your money serve your life instead of letting money control it! Can't wait to see you there!
Our walk-up coffee shop is open! Stop by the window, grab a coffee, and be with us at 1PM!
Jumping into game day like 💥 Join us today for a great experience, and then go catch the big game! 10AM, 11:30AM & 1PM!
This weekend, we’ll be having tons of fun before the big game as we wrap up our series My Name is Victorious. Come grab $1 hotdogs and $2 hamburgers in Central Park, jump into a fun game of football, and don’t forget to wear all your favorite team’s gear! Hang with us before it all goes down!
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