César Domboy

For Keeps... @outlander_starz 💝 @wendybirdmua 💅🏻
Notre pire Cauchemar Notre-Dame 💔 Prions
☄️Doomsday Sky and Bday boï ☄️ 💕One more time thank you so much to every single person who wished me a happy bday today. I read all your messages it makes me super happy and blessed. Always the best gift🎁 Love 💕 🙏
Comfort Inn comfy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Shape of water 2 💦 @bleumode 💙 @vanilleverloes
Lucky lucky me, everyday 💝 @galanikolic
To the rescue... Penultimate explosive episode... won’t let down ma boï Murtagh ❤️ @duncan.lacroix @outlander_starz 💥 #providence #bts #outlander
L’hiver en Normandie 🛌 #housearrest 📸by @galanikolic
From the craddle ! Only 3 episodes left before ending of the season, let’s rock’n roll guys 📯🛡 #ifnotforhope #fergus @outlander_starz @starz
Ice skating thru le Grand Palais with my lil princess 🚸💝⛸
2019?? More like 20-9-GREEN, am I right ? #brucebanner #dadjokegang 🐸
Time travelers, tricorns and new faces in #wilmington , tonight’s episode is @outlander_starz ‘s 50th. Let’s celebrate this anniversary with a new birth... 👶🏻❤️ #fersali #babyfather #babymomma @laurenlyle7 @caitrionabalfe @samheughan @rikrankin @sophie.skelton @duncan.lacroix @edwardjspeleers
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