Chelsea 💪

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Barkley vs Manchester United 😘 VC: @premierleague @nbcsports AC: DT// @golazocentral11 ❤️ @cfc.highlights_ 🤟
Chelsea vs Manchester United with two different outcomes 😋 VC: (@premierleague @bbcsport ) @cfc.highlights_ 🤟 Everyone follow @d1vids
Chelsea 3-2 Hull 😝🖐 @cfc.highlights_ 🤟
#Morata before injury 😦 I miss it 😶 @alvaromorata 🙏🙌 VC: @nbcsports @premierleague @bbcsport (no copyright intended)
When Drinkwater scored this rocket against us 😦 🚀 @dannydrinkwater Ib: @chelseavideoz_
Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool 😕 Quite disappointing being we were the better team but regardless we keep pushing🙏
Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool 💁‍♂️ Will we win today? 🤔
Chelsea vs Cardiff 😇 VC: @premierleague @bbcsport (no copyright intended)
When we did this against Cardiff 🤨😂
Happy Birthday Oscar 😉 @oscar_emboaba
Throwback to Ross #Barkley ’s iconic performance vs Manchester City in front of Roy Hodgson before the 2014 WC 🙌 @rossbarkley Special thanks to @futbolcurve7 for the link 💪
Chelsea vs Newcastle 🙌 VC : @nbcsports @premierleague (no copyright intended)
#Morata vs #Lisbon 👀 Will he find his old form? 👇
I am honestly so sad rn.☹️ i understand why he is going out on loan and I know he’s performances have been weak. But he is still very young and had his first year in the best league in the world. We should all cut him some slack. Hopefully Milan doesn’t buy him bc if he leaves, it could be another mistake like de bruyne or salah. ONE LAST TIME IF HE LEAVES: #bakagoat
#Willian ’s amazing goal against #DynamoKiev ❄️ He says that he is happy in London however Chelsea could be getting Christian pulisic. Which would u rather have? Partners : @chelsea.ed1ts @truecfc_ @chelsea.fanzz @cfc.viraledits2 @azpilicueta28fan @we_talk_cfc DT : the man, the myth, the legend @jkeba
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