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Casual / comfortable wear has been my go-to recently. I’ve been LIVINGGGG in these @nike pants, my @vans_europe & my @prettylittlething velvet puffa coat that I was obsessed with last winter... shall I link my most recent wears on my stories this week?⚡️ Over the past few weeks I’ve been shooting something for Max’s new announcement in his music career. So excited for his new chapter, & couldn’t be more prouder for all the work he’s been pumping into his passion behind the scenes since the summer. Cannot wait for you to finally be releasing your music baby @greasymax ⚡️ Make sure you check out his YouTube video for the big reveal this evening.
Brb just clashing those animal prints sissss 🐍🦓 wearing @isawitfirst ph: @zoelondondj
When you & your nan come downstairs matching in your patent boots 💁‍♀️ Couldn’t not seize the moment for a quick pic together! How fabulous is she though?! Proving that women aged in their 70s can rock whatever they want, at whatever age 🔥 even when my nan is chilling around the house, she still looks fabulous. 💘 Maureen is forever sporting colours, clashing prints & experimenting with textures, and for that I thank you nan, for always styling yourself so effortlessly & my biggest fashion inspiration from an early age! Rock it sis. ⚡️💘 Nan is wearing @primark & @newlook - I’m sporting my favourite @topshop coat, @nastygal skirt, @isawitfirst jumper, @ukglamorous boots 💸💸💸
what i wore today 🎞 hello to my first lil Instagram styling video! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these ⚡️ I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to finally own one of these jackets?! 🧸 P.s I’ve filmed a huuuuge @isawitfirst haul, excited to share soon!! ⚡️ Lace bra @marksandspencer // Bodysuit, coat & bag @isawitfirst // jeans @leejeanseurope // belt @asos // hair slide: @bershkacollection
Playing with the shadows 🥀 making the most of the limited UK daylight we have right now. On another note, I’m late to the party but I’m kind of obsessed with hair slides right now... who else is? ⚡️
Who else is itching for some winter sun?! I’m literally craving been back out on the open road. This year marks 3 years since my USA road trip driving from Florida to California, over 5 weeks, sleeping in a car each night. The freedom felt from being able to explore wherever, whenever was incredible (apart from Area 51 and other strange military sites). America has so many beautiful landscapes to take in. I’ll never forget waking up in the Grand Canyon at 5am (it was -11 degrees in the car!!) and watching such an incredible sunrise. Travelling truly makes the most unforgettable memories. I’m forever thinking back to this trip and smiling. Not quite America but... I’m debating whether to check out Tenerife for my birthday later this month and explore the sites, hike a bit, and take in the fresh sea air. ✈️
I overheard a guy say the other day: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 📌 a Wayne Dyer quote I’d read before but this time it really stuck with me. Once you hear something that motivates and reminds you to think differently to get what you want, then you find yourself receiving exactly what you want. 📌 When we search only for the good in things around us, the people in our lives and the world that we live in, then we attract that positive energy back to us. Get excited to think differently, more positively, get excited to attract new energies and likewise souls into your life. Stay. on. track. 🖖
Anyone else bored of wearing coats now? Can it be Spring already??? 💚 I’m literally seeing new swimwear hit the stores & wondering if it’s too soon for a swimwear haul. Coat from @bershkacollection which is now in the sale ⚡️ I’ll link it in my stories! (P.S yes that absolutely is Lucifer from Cinderella on my phone case) #bershkastyle
Finishing touches before a night out with my favourite lovesss 💋⚡️ I receive a lot of questions about my teeth and how I keep them so white, fresh and healthy. I’m not using any whitening strips but I am a huge fan of a decent mouthwash. 🧪Preferably one that doesn’t leave me wincing with it’s bitter taste... and if it glitters when shaken then I’m absolutely SOLD ✨ I’ve been a huge fan of Dentyl recently after completing a bottle of their alcohol free plaque fighter, where you can actually see what bacteria has been shifted when removed from your mouth. I tend to use this mornings and evenings, and even after lunch when I’m working from home. So, that’s my not-so-secret to a healthier looking smile 💋 AD
Torn between my favourite Denzel Washington quotes, “Dreams without goals are just dreams” or “Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference” either way, his talks he’s done in the past are incredibly moving and I could listen to them over and over - I have a note on my phone that is listed with all of my favourite quotes from people I’ve added to over the years. It’s a list I refer back to when I’m feeling lost, looking for inspiration, or feeling really moved by something I’ve just heard to add something to it. My notes mean a lot to me and I couldn’t imagine going a day without entering them, this is where I store every idea that enters my brain at random times, where I write endless to-do lists, it helps me log my finances, travel goals, endless memories & every feeling possible has most likely been logged. How do you log every little list, thought or feeling? ⚡️ coat by @ukglamorous // boots & hat @prettylittlething // bag @sacredhawkclothing 🎞 @zoelondondj
Making the rules up as I go along 🔫 // happy New Years my loves, what do you want to achieve for yourself and others this year? I don’t like to see New Years as a ‘clean fresh start’ or a ‘new year new me’ but more of another year to improve, grow, and learn a whole lot more in the process // wearing @nastygal
ad. Feeling incredibly grateful to have spent quality time with my family this festive season ✨💫🌲 Like most busy families it can be difficult all year round to dedicate some much needed time together, this is why Christmas is important to me since we are able to put aside our phones and other distractions to enjoy the things we love doing most... such as my sisters annual quiz! I teamed up with @instaxhq to take part in a digital detox and capture our evening on my new instax SQUARE SQ6... as you probably know by now I’m an absolute sucker for film & instant photography, so our family shots are now being displayed on our Christmas tree for some unique festive decor 🌲#FILLTHEWORLD #instaxSQ6
‘Learn to rest, not to quit’ 🥀 Found some absolute gems in the @bershkacollection sale including this faux fur beauty. Grateful for my new jewellery pieces to add to my ever growing @regalrose collection I received from my sister & Max this Christmas, also a couple new gorgeous rings from @wanderlustandco I’ve been lusting over for months 🥀
ad. I’m planning on going into the new year with a rainbow BANG!! 🌈 I loveeee spending this time of year with my loved ones, laughing and partying, celebrating another incredible year! ⚡️ Party ready wearing my new rainbow heeled shoes from @schuh ⭐️ I wanted a pair of shoes I can survive the whole night in, & these heeled platforms are perfect for that, they give me height, comfort, and the sparkle I need to do so! I’ve linked these beauties over on my instagram stories so go check them out! ⚡️ #wewearschuh
I’ve spent the last three days in either my pjs or over the top Christmas outfits you could imagine someone’s wacky tacky auntie from the 80s would be rockin’ ⚡️ sending love and smiles to all, hope everyone is resting up and eating PLENTY!! 🥂 anyone else really in the mood for a spring clean?! I’ve been blitzing my room for hours... plenty of stuff heading to the local charity shops tomorrow 🌹
Manifest. Manifest. Manifest. Mine. 🤖 the power our minds have is crazy. We can create our future with our thoughts. I’m getting so pumped to manifest a whole lot more good for 2019. I also cannot wait to start thinking of new places I want to check out- Japan, Portugal & Jamaica are definitely on the list 🌍 Who else is excited for the new year? 🎞 @zoelondondj
ad #MEbyME ⚡️Still crazy to see me holding one of my favourite products by @livecolouruk & @got2b WITH MY FACE ON!! ⭐️ One of my biggest highlights of the year was seeing this hit the stores all over the WORLD! 🌍 from small towns in New Zealand, to huge stores in Las Vegas, and everywhere in between in Europe! Thank you all for your snaps worldwide that I’ve received this year ✨ Are you looking for some last minute stocking filler ideas? ✨🎁 Why not fill ‘em up with some of their favourite hair care products? @got2b & @livecolouruk have a whole range of fun & colourful choices that are perfect stocking filler sizes 🎁 The question is... will my face be in your stocking this year? 😂 #SCHWARZKOPFcreators #schwarzkopf
Wondering around London feeling festive with my babe @zoelondondj 🎄I’ve just surprised Max & headed up to Hull with a bag of gifts to join him and his family for the weekend before Christmas... he had no idea!! 🎁 wearing @saturday_bymeganellaby @primark @prettylittlething & @sacredhawkclothing ⚡️
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