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Hello I’m Charlotte, and I’m here to tell you that you are enough. Just. exactly. how. you. are. 💋 We’ve all beaten ourselves up with body comparisons all too often, but whyyyy? what is this idea of perfect we want to chase so bad? The more we begin to see all different bodies, the more we begin to break this idea of the ‘perfect’ body women feel so guilty over not having. “Oh to have bigger / perkier / smaller boobs, oh to be more toned, oh to have more defined cheek bones...” it goes on. Sis you’re pretty freaking great just the way you are. Of course it’s good to eat well, yes it feels amazing to work out, but it’s even better to be able to feel good within YOUR skin regardless, whatever weight you are or however you look, because this is you and your body, you can’t escape that, so please learn to love it. It seems that we all as humans are forever chasing something more, always wanting to change something about ourselves, always thinking that somebody is better than ourselves. One day you will regret not loving yourself enough, so let’s get appreciating our bodies more angels 🙌 We need to remember that we are a whole lot more than just how we look on the outside. We all deserve to give ourselves love and kind words. 💘💘💘
🥬🍊 taking my new @topshop coat for its first outing. P.s there’s a new #Topshop haul on my channel tonight! Link in stories & bio 🐞 #topshopstyle
I’m going to see @theprodigyofficial for the first time in over 8 years tonight on my own. The excitement is REAL. P.s fun fact.... I went to the same high school as Keith Flint and Liam. Mad. Have a good night all x
Today was pretty damn long, but pretty damn epic too. Spent the morning at Kingston university being interviewed and filmed by an incredible bunch of film students for their upcoming project which is set to be super inspiring 💘 then I had a long 7 hour queueing experience to get tickets for my absolute favourites, @the1975 (ya sis is dedicated) - who are set to play a very intimate gig in just 2 weeks time in Kingston! I’m so excited. Now feed me all the Mac n cheeeeseee. 💘 wearing @primark @topshop @asos @stradivarius 🎞 @zoelondondj
Bang bang pop ⚡️ checks n stripes & some killer booties. All @prettylittlething ⚡️ not quite sure what to say this evening, so I’m going to share something that made me really opened my eyes today. Go and watch @mypaleskinblog ‘s new short film over on her YouTube channel. It made me cry a lot, smile a lot, feel a lot, & love a lot. An inspiration to all to address issues that not enough people are. 💘
Goooood evening my sweet little rainbow angels, how on earth did we end up here on a Sunday evening already?? 🎨 I LOVE spending part of my evening planning the week ahead, not just my day-to-day calendar but I like to give my mind a little reset, and focus on some goals I’d like to set myself 🏹❤️ Here’s my tips for planning & preparing yourself for a banging new week ⚡️ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ✖️ GET INSPIRED. What drives you each day? Watch or read something new that you can gain from to start your week off right.✖️What do you want to achieve this week? What steps can you take that your future self will thank you for? What do you want to attract into your life? Put it out there to the universe. Give whatever you can to the world, and watch it come back round to you in the best way possible.✖️ Make sure you have time for yourself, whether that be a pamper hour one night this week or dedicating some time for a work out. Make yourself feel good honey.✖️ Do something different this week. Anything. Try a new food, take a different route to work, how about complimenting a stranger or two? Maybe try a new hairstyle, & definitely rewear that one item you’ve always loved but it’s been left sitting in the back of the wardrobe for some serious TIME.✖️ lastly, be the best damn version of yourself and never everrrrr apologise for it. Let’s get that bread sis. 🏹❤️ wearing @primark || @theunicornglow extensions. . . . . . . . #beinspired #getthatbread #workforyourfuture #lifewisdom #selflove #bodyconfidence #lifeisforloving #lifeisforliving #londonliving #love #ootd #style #winterfashion #wiwt #london #primarkcoat #rainbowfashion #greenhairextentions #silverhair #rainbowcoat #primark #limecrimemakeup #limecrimegigi #rainbow
🦓 Clash of the animal prints 🐍 wearing all @prettylittlething 🐅 P.S totally off topic, but the other night I creeped on so many bus commuters scrolling through Instagram... just scrolling... no liking... the occasional zoomed in stare & tag snoop, but they just continued to scroll... the question is; are you not enjoying the content you’re seeing? If that’s the case, unfollow them, and engage with some other great creators! Quit being a slave to the scroll & engage your thumbs! Are you a stroll-on-scroller or a liker? I’m curious!! 🌹
Nights with my love 💘
Date nightssss 💘 @thevurgerco for dinner before watching a movie at @richmixlondon - my kinda evening 🔥
Colour makes me happy 🎨 wearing @saturday_bymeganellaby
I feel weird. Does anybody else? When your mood goes from 10 to 0 real quick. Why? Reason unknown. Maybe because it’s a new month and the end of the year is so close, or because the days are turning into night quicker each day, or because it’s almost that time of the month? Who knows. P.S this is not a caption looking for sympathy, this is just me sharing my bad days as well as my good days and saying it’s completely normal for each of us to feel off at times. The more we talk about real emotions the less alienated we feel right? ⚡️ The annoying thing about emotions, is that they’re rather mysterious and you can feel so many at a time but then feel zero at all sometimes. Emotions are weird. I get like this monthly but it hasn’t flunked this low in a while actually. I’ve been on such a high the past month, but I’ve just hit a wall tonight and I’ve found myself surrounded by so many questions and realisations. Many of those thoughts and questions surround social media, the rich, independence and vanity (and an overall question about my entire existence and the meaning of life but we won’t get that deep lil miss Aquarius). In blurry times like these I find it’s best that I write about how I feel, focus on reminding myself about things that I am grateful for, and taking some time to read. But before that, I’m going to opt out of my phone, watch BrandiTV aka @djdiscobella and have a face mask and a hot bath. Shout out to my fellow Aquarian’s who over think the world, and to throw another pickle to the pie my rising and moon stars are a Cancer, so yes I can be an over emotional sensitive moo at times. So double shout out to you guys if you’re also one of those combos. (Did you know that emotion means energy in motion btw, fun fact) - here’s me repping my new @drmartensofficial - damn do I ❤️ them. CH32 Over and out, here’s to a new day tomorrow.
AD | As the Halloween parties continue, let the cocktails keep on flowing 🍸 can we talk about how incredible this bottle is for a hot minute?? Say hello to @krakenrumuk ‘s new limited edition Salvage bottle! This year they’ve partnered up with @surfersagainstsewage and £1 of every bottle bought will be donated to them 💰 If you’re not familiar with the charity, they work with communities to protect our oceans, waves & wildlife! 🌊 Kraken teamed with ginger beer has verrryyy quickly become one of my favourite drinks since earlier this year; with a wedge of lime its called The Perfect Storm! The eco-friendly #RELEASETHEKRAKEN metal straws are a game changer too ⚡️ the bottle can be found directly through Amazon for £34.99
Oil slick Rick 💦 can’t get enough of these @topshop bad boys. Shot on my google pixel by @zoelondondj . . . . . . #topshopstyle #topshop #oilslick #fashionblogger #londonblogger #fallfashion #londonstyle #fashionlover #ootd #wiwt #fallstyle #autumnstyle #bebright #teampixel
Tonight’s YouTube upload is a special one, a very special one indeed. It’s a very overdue after movie from a trip to the Philippines earlier this year 🎥 this country is so warm, welcoming, kind and loving, & definitely left a mark on my life 💗 link is in my bio, I’d love for you to take a couple of minutes out of your evening to check it out! Developed some 35mm film shots from our trip, have a flick through 🎞 . . . . . . #travelbloggers #aftermovie #thephilippines #kawasanfalls #tblogger #travellove #ilovetravel #tbloggers #tagsforlikes #sharethelove #travelpr #potd #fwis #philippines #filmcamera #filmphotos #pointandshoot #travelmovie #couplestravel #travellingphilippines #philippinestravel #welovephilippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #youtubephilippines
I’m in two minds... have a real lazy Sunday, or head out in the cold & enjoy this unexpected sunshine??? ⏳ did you catch up with my @prettylittlething haul? It’s a goood’un! 💣 wearing all #prettylittlething #everybodyinPLT
Oh hello Saturday 🎨 but an even bigger hello new to the @saturday_bymeganellaby collection that’s just gone live today! So so stoked to own this piece from @meganellaby ‘s gorgeous new clothing line ⚡️ I’m a sucker for a black roll neck, but I’m a even bigger sucker for every colour of the rainbow, so this piece is an absolute DREAM, adding ‘A pop of colour’ on to the warmest & softest knit I own. Megz you should be SO proud, this collection is so stunning & represents your personality and style that we all adore so much. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Lock up your Dalmatians sis 💣💣💣 had a spooky fun evening at @caspar_lee ‘s @influencer party last night. I think this wig will be making more appearances than just Halloween season tbf 🏁
Exactly that, sis ⚡️ Wearing @nastygal @asos & @motelrocks ⚡️ ph: @zoelondondj
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