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🦋Evolutionary Leadership Coach 🌎Facilitator & Ritualist ✨Emcee / Mastress of Ceremonies ✨Design, curation & community 💌

✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻🔥✊🏿✊✊🏽 One God. Many faces & many names. One Family. Many traditions & many lands. . . . #onenation #onefamily #werise #risesisterrise #liontribe #sisterhood #sisters #divinefeminine #divinity #love #globalfamily #globalcitizen #autumn #autumnequinox #ritual #ceremony #mistressofceremonies #magic
Lion Heart activation. ♥️ Are you willing to be fiercely devoted to your own self realization? How about to creating a more harmonious global ecosystem, in service to a world that works for all beings? . I’ve been asking myself lately, what’s a dream I’m ready to go all-in for? What is worthy of my life force and what could I do that would make my life of value? What problem am I solving? . In a moment of uncertainty, I realized that the questioning, the self-inquiry is just as valuable as the clear knowing and aligned action. The process of gaining wisdom and self-knowledge equips us for the missions we are called here for. . Do you know your answer, your why? And if not, how committed are you to the discovery process? I’d also love to hear your story, what did you do when you weren’t sure what to go all-in for, to discover your purpose and mission? . . . #purpose #lifepurpose #lionheart #lionmedicine #truth #awakening #meditation #innervisions #collectiveevolution #collectivelegacy #liontribe
QUEEN. An archetype I’ve been honoring this year. Reclaiming Queen from the old paradigm. No longer a woman from the chosen family, a single figure who gets to stand in all her glory. All women can chose to stand in her Queendom and embody the fullness of her brilliance and beauty. . The Queen is alive in me and in my sisters. We’re bringing this archetype of power, holiness and fabulosity into the world through embodied leadership, sacred adornment and love of our holy vessel and through celebration and reverence of all it means to be Woman. I am honored to walk this life beside many Queens. Women who celebrate, love and trust themselves, and therefore can love and trust their sisters. . . I feel more in my power and divinity with my sisters by my side, mirroring my truth to me. We support each other in being less forgetful. . The journey of remembrance can be so uncomfortable - the more mindful and self-aware we become, the more we see how we are the source of our own suffering and self limitation. So we dance in the discomfort of our forgetfulness, with the commitment to not go back asleep, to not go numb. . . I am a stand for truth. For beauty. For love. I am in devotion to living and embodying love, beauty and truth and being both gentle + fierce with myself when I waver. . It’s time for us to rise in our aligned, authentic power and expand the range of our self expression. We are dynamic beings after all. Will you stand as a Queen or King by my side, lifting each other up, helping each other remember who we are and how powerful we are? Will you help me see that I am here to an epic creator, in all my glory, when I doubt myself? I got you.🌟 . . Photo by @jeffscult with @onegoldenthread 🌟🌟🌟 Weaving an ecosystem of people and organizations committed to living and creating in alignment with love, truth and beauty. We rise together. 🙌🏽
May you know love. May you lean into community and let it be a resource you tend to with devotion. May you open your eyes to the beauty that’s all around ♥️
Proud to be Woman. 💖
Want to change your life? Change your perspective. The lens you view your life through, especially your “problems” creates your reality. Are you willing to see all your challenges as incredible blessings and opportunities? Maybe it’s exactly what your soul needs for its highest evolution. Maybe spirit is blessing you by giving you these opportunities to grow, to redirect your path, to have an aspect of you die to be reborn. I invite you to try on this perspective this week anytime and consider any delays, challenges or problems a blessing. See how your life changes. The problem itself may not go away, as some must stay with us a long time to really get the teaching or blessing.. but you’ll likely free up energy to be used for creation.
May you know the power of your love. Embodying love makes you a light house - it causes you to be a source of life for all those around you. 💖 My teacher says “love gives birth to life. Love is the mother of life.” If you want more life force energy, be more loving. 💫 Love is magnetic. Love is the most powerful force on the planet. To have peace in the world, first we must love. So my friends, will you join me in my commitment to devotion and deep love for Mother Earth, Father Sky and all God’s children - including ourselves? 🌎🌍🌏 If you find it hard to love yourself or others sometimes, practice loving the sun. The sun is a symbol of love. The sun is always giving to us. The sun will heal you. Love will heal you. ☀️☀️☀️ My belief is that Simplicity is divinity. So let’s return to the basic truths. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love the divine with all of your being. Love yourself as God. Do unto others as you’d have them to unto you. Love - Wisdom - Truth. ♥️🔑🦋 We can heal ourselves. We can heal each other. We can restore this planet. We can rise above the darkness and become lighthouses in the world. Individual sun’s beaming light for the good of all beings. We got this family. 🤗 And remember, smile often. Smiling opens the heart :) And we don’t need to protect our hearts, our hearts are the protection. 🌞💖
Joy is medicine. I invite you to let yourself be DELIGHTED by life. When the breeze kisses my face, I find delight. When the sun rays touch my skin, I let myself be illuminated from the inside out. When butterfly’s, birds, dragonfly’s or any winged one flys above, I experience an overflow of joy. When my first bite of food touches my tongue, I am fully engaged, slowly enJoying. When I lay down in a bed at night, I roll and stretch like a baby. I let life move me. I let it crack my heart open wide. It’s not that anything is inherently filled with joy and delight, I CHOOSE JOY. I choose to live in wonder and awe. What are you choosing?
I love this woman so much, we’ve got each other’s backs. Her papa passed away last week and it’s had me reflect on who I’ve become as a result of my dad passing 5 years ago. I knew as I was caretaking for him in those final months that it was happening for me. Leaving my life behind and dropping everything to move to San Diego was a bold move that redirected my path. The decisions I made immediately after his passing radically altered the course of my life. His death was my rebirth. I honestly feel that he died for me. His dying freed me. I wish I could be the woman I am AND have my dad. But I am who I am because the opportunities I’ve been given, disguised as intense challenges. I haven’t become the woman I am because of what you taught me... but rather it’s been my commitment to healing all aspects of myself that aren’t aligned with truth that has made me. If my life was easy, I wouldn’t be so motivated to create and re-create myself. None of the pain is for nothing. It’s become wind under my wings. I love you Dad 🌹
WOMEN, we must lift each other up, celebrate each other and RISE TOGETHER. We help each other fly higher! I believe within every woman is the wisdom and vision to change the world. When we come together and share our visions, dance our prayers, nourish each other, invite each other home to ourselves -- we are able to stand more firmly in our extraordinary power. So many of us have been playing small. Honestly, even the most powerful heart-centered Visionary Queens I know, are not activated in their fullest potential and expression. I know i'm not, but I'm devoted to my becoming. And I'm a stand for you becoming the woman you know you're here to be. I'm gathering the sisterhood next Thursday in Venice, CA. Our theme is EMBODIED VISION. Who are you here to be? Are you ready to declare and claim that for yourself? What's your vision for your life and the world? Are you ready to play ALL OUT in the pursuit of what set's your soul on fire? Are you craving deep nourishment and guided movement? Are you willing to show up fully in your life and prioritize sacred sister time? (you know it's MAGIC) We'll dance between playful sweetness and powerful declarations for our life. Let's play, my brilliant visionary sister. <3 Gather with me Thursday, June 28 7-10pm on Abbot Kinney in a private venue. Join me for a special evening, first link in bio above. ⚡️🙏🏽💃🏻
I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride To make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be Everybody's searching for a hero People need someone to look up to I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs A lonely place to be And so I learned to depend on me I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadows If I fail, if I succeed At least I'll live as I believe No matter what they take from me They can't take away my dignity Because the greatest love of all is happening to me I found the greatest love of all inside of me The greatest love of all is easy to achieve Learning to love yourself It is the greatest love of all. -Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love of All A gift from one of the greatest artists we ever lost. May we learn to love ourselves and teach our children how to love by being the embodiment of love.
Transform the world from the inside out. 🌎 The future potential of any projects, initiatives or relationships you begin, is dependent on the seed. You are the seed. The fruits you bear in your life and in the world, are a reflection of the quality of the intention and energy from which you began. It doesn’t mean you need to be “perfect” before you begin. But question your motives. Be committed to truth. Be committed to opening your heart and being more Love. Be willing to receive feedback and face yourself. The future of the world out there, depends on all of our inner worlds.
I used to be afraid of fruit, thinking it was too much sugar. I’d pick a couple grapes out of the bag in the grocery store but not buy them because I thought grapes were just little balls of sugar. When I was in tropical climates I’d eat much more fruit but in my day to day, for years my diet was oriented to high fat, moderate protein, low sugar/carb. And my perspective majorly shifted this year. I’ve been eating fruit every day this year, sometimes fasting/cleansing with only fruit and it’s been amazing!! I’ve experimented with many diets, and I will continue to experiment but there’s finally one thing I’m certain about. My body knows best, not my mind. When I go grocery shopping, I ask my body to guide my choices. I’ll muscle test things if I’m not so sure. What my body needed last week isn’t he same as today either. Be curious when you choose your foods. Don’t get stuck in limiting beliefs. Question your perspective of health. And ask your body. What didn’t work a year ago may be exactly what you need now. And what worked a year ago, May totally fuck you up now. Also not all good is created equal. “Organic” corn and heirloom non hybridized corn are very different foods. Watermelon in Peru isn’t the same as watermelon in the states. Oh and... Eat for your body + brain, not for your emotions. And I invite you to bring joy and presence into everything you eat! Let your food delight you, even if it’s not the typical food that sparks excitement ;)
Who can relate? I love the simplicity of being in the jungle, slow mornings, low tech, deep conversations, meandering through the trees, floating in the waters and crafting delicious meals with food from the land. And some days I want a high tech, fast paced city life with luxury. 🌴🌃 The jungle and the city both offer me different flavors of inspiration, and at this time of my life, both are needed. Sometimes when I’m in the city, I can’t wait to get out and wish I wasn’t on my devices so much. And sometimes when I’m in the jungles, forests and deserts, I can’t wait to go be with people in the hustle and bustle of modern life. There’s a feeling like anything is possible and anything could happen in the cities! And in nature, it feels like I’m already a part of everything and there’s not really anywhere to go, except to be more. How do you balance doing and being?. 📱⌚️💻💸🌇👑 🏝🏄🏻‍♀️🧘‍♀️🍇🌎🌻 I love the polarity :) It used to kind of upset me, my extreme nature in this way.. and now I’ve just learned how to accommodate my desires ☺️ Thank God for airplanes! We are so blessed! 🚀🙏🏽
Can you hear the colors? Do you feel the vibrancy of life in your bones? Do you let music touch your soul? Do you willingly greet the depths of your own heart so much that you feel your heart shining like the light of the sun and lighting up the hearts of others? I do 🌞 Life is more fun when you let its richness touch and move you. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #liveallout
The wind is blowing. Cool breeze on my cheeks. The sweet spot between stillness and chaos. Just the right amount of movement. The rain has stopped. The ground beneath my feet has been cleansed. Others dread the rain and I welcome it. My heart is warm. My work is flowing. My life is sweet (and so is my cup). I feel full and empty in the same breath. I like this elemental dance called life. Thanks for dancing with me 💃🏻🌻🍂🌙🌍 #meta #dance #perspective #newyork #cacao #blessed #grateful #womeninbiz #poetry #flowetry
This past weekend was a dream come true. 🙌🏽 I was SO grateful and happy, a few times I found myself internally saying "I can't believe this is my life!" <-- and I caught myself. I CAN believe it. Of course my life is this good. Of course the people around me are freaking EXTRAORDINARY. Of course I receive experiences of generosity and am taken care of. yes yes yes. I choose this. I created this. __ I've been working on myself for many years so that I'm able to create and attract that which I dream of and pray for. __ My life has been pretty fabulous since I was about 19. I figured out young how to lead a life my way, and I've walked an unconventional path. But it's still always felt like something was missing. Even when I was deeply involved with building community, I often felt lonely... like I still didn't have my people. I've prayed and prayed for my tribe. Even though I've had fun and done some pretty magical things in my 20's, I finally feel like I'm home. Home inside myself. Home with my people. I've longed for tribe and containers that can go deep with each other, heal together, while not sacrificing play and sillyness. Tribe who love to be in nature but also love luxury and being taken care of. Tribe who aren't just talking about how the world needs to change, but actually creating a new world. A tribe who LOVES, honors and celebrates each other. A tribe who prays together. __ I've been showing up to become the woman I need to be to have it this good. And it's being reflected in my life in so many beautiful ways. __ Are you also craving a container of depth, with joy and expansion? A space to deeply heal and also be inspired to take greater aligned action in the world? Do you love to grow in community and know that you show up more fully when you have support and accountability? __ My LEGACY Mastermind starts next week and it's a full spectrum experience for embodied evolution, so you can become the person you need to be, to create the life you dream of. LINK IN BIO. Ready for the most powerful year of your life? __ #mastermind #transformation #evolution #coaching #retreat #leaders #legacy
I won’t settle. Good isn’t good enough for me. I’m interested in leading a remarkable life. A life FULL of love, joy, connection, play, adventure, opportunity, prosperity and many moments of AWE and wonder. You know… the kind of moments that light you up and make you so grateful to be alive!? ✨ I’m committed to creating a positive impact in the world. To being a catalyst that raises the consciousness of the planet. To being a stand for Earth stewardship and living in a good way. Living in a way that lights up the hearts of those around me and brings out the best in people. ✨ Living a remarkable life doesn’t happen by accident or by choice. It requires showing up to this calling and choosing it over and over again. I’ve changed careers, moved many times, left homes and projects that were good but not great, hired coaches I couldn’t afford, taken many trainings, said no to opportunities, slowed way down, sped way up, traveled, invested in myself, done super “risky” things, left friend groups… all in devotion to living an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. 💃🏻 If leading a remarkable life, a life you absolutely love is something you want too — then investing in your personal evolution is a non negotiable. In order to experience a life that truly LIGHTS YOU UP, you must become the person who is able to create this. Are you willing to tend to your inner world in a way that makes your dream life possible? Do you love to deepen in the truth of who you are, because you know that when you create from a space of connection and truth, everything in your life feels more easeful? This is what my work is devoted too. Are you ready to have greater impact as a leader and experience yourself as a more powerful creator? To feel more delight every day? To trust yourself in a deeper way? To have a felt sense of closing the gap of where you are and where you want to be? ✨ If this speaks to your heart, and you’re willing to say yes to your next level of personal evolution by bringing a coach into your life — I’d be honored to support you in remembering who you really are. ✨ Link for upcoming MASTERMIND in bio! Door close in 1 week! Also have 2 openings for new 1x1 clients - message me ⚡️
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