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〰️Designing a life well lived ⚡️I catalyze leaders to live their best life ☀️Experience designer + brand consultant 〰️Facilitator & event MC/Host

On Being the Chalice// You are a vessel that's here to bridge spirit into matter. You are here to receive divine inspiration, guidance and ideas's. This is your natural way of being and only requires you make yourself available to be a clear channel for the idea's to flow through you into form. ♥️ You have a unique sacred #mission , but we all share a core #purpose -- to create. We are here to experience ourselves as creators. 🧬 And here's the thing... as the Golden Chalice, receiving from Source, from your Soul, you are never alone in your creations. Actually, the more committed you are to listening to spirit communicating through you, the easier the creative process becomes. And remember, whatever it is you are birthing into the world, has a soul of it's own. It choose you as it's sacred vessel. If you ask it, it will inform next steps and help you make decisions. You're not in this alone. 🌎🌍🌏 Your job as the vessel: +Honor the idea and relate to it as a being - give it voice +Be grateful that you were chosen for this idea -- stay both humble and confident knowing that it wouldn't come to you if you weren't equipped to bring it to life 🙏🏽 +Commit to being the clear channel to bring it through 🧘‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️ +Create aligned structures for the idea (spirit) to become manifest (matter) 📥 +Honor Spirit by valuing your creation properly. Moving from a model of giving things away or barely charging for divine inspiration and actually viewing it as highly valuable and worthy of high resource exchange. You can ask the soul of your creation how much to charge for it. Sometimes its way less than you think, and sometimes it waay more. Trust. 💸 +🔑🔑🔑Let it be fun. 💃🏻 +Discern the difference between resistance that's showing you to slow down, stop, re-asses... and resistance that's coming from past fears, misbeliefs, previous expectations/attachments, etc. 💡 The act of creation isn't always easy, so while I encourage you to always pray for ease, grace & flow, be willing to be in the discomfort of birthing something new and big. Be willing to listen to where the resistance is coming from and act in accordance with Truth. 🙌🏽💫 . . . . . #consciousleadership
What has you come alive!? Being in live water lights me up. And meaningful conversations also have me come alive. So since many of you will share a meal with friends and family today, why not make it count? . No matter what your norm has been, for Thanksgiving or simply how you live your life and engage with your friends - it’s never too late to change it up. Ready to go deeper and make life more meaningful? Here’s a few questions to ask at the dinner table today (or any day). Also a few suggestions for how to gather for deeper connection. . 1. What’s been the highlight of your year? Share the experience and why it’s so meaningful for you / standing out right now? How did it change you? . 2. How have you changed this year? Who have you become? Tell us a story of how you would of related to something in the beginning of the year, and how you’re relating now. . 3. What’s been your biggest challenge this year? How did it grow you? If you’ve overcome it, share how. If not, how can we support you? . 4. What’s a lofty goal you’re hoping to accomplish before the new year? Share with us in detail as if it’s the new year and you rocked it! Also let us know what support you need to make it happen. . Artistry of gathering: -for groups of 12 or less, you can ask the table to have one conversation. This makes for a deeply connected meal, rather than many fragments. As the host, you can let is naturally break off at moments and then call everyone back with a question. You can have everyone go around and answer a question or you can give an open question to the table for discussion. . -Surprise people. Write a sweet note and put it under their plate. Put candles on the dessert for everyone to make a wish like it’s their birthday. Give everyone a crystal / rock / sacred object to put a prayer into and add to the table. Sing a fun song together at the table as the prayer. . -Most importantly, be present. Truly enjoy. The art is in presence beyond and above anything else. Put your phone away. As the host, stop stressing about perfection. The magic is in the simple moments of presence and connection. . . . #thanksgiving #dinnerparty #rituals #artofgathering #gather #community
“Delight in this entire universe As permeated with divine awareness, And every area of your body- Your feet, your face, your shoulders- Made out of Divine awareness. . The body of the planet beneath you, Out beyond the farthest horizons, The stars and the reaches of space- All are arising from God-consciousness. . Know this, and dissolve into peace.” . -Radiance Sutra 40 . . . . #family #divinemasculine #love #community #tribe #thebeautyway #tribalize #nomadlife #trust #collaboration #onefamily #onenation #creativepreneur
LEAD WITH CURIOSITY // . Let go of what you think you know, to really listen to what’s needed in the moment. Be curious with your body, what do you need (beyond your dogmatic belief systems?). Be curious about what a conversation needs... is what’s needed a solution rather than gossip? What question could you ask for deeper connection? Healing? Depth of conversation? If you desire more meaningful relationships, curiosity is key. . Get curious about your beliefs and where they come from... is it true? For example.. is it true you’re not supported, or is it that you don’t allow support in your life? And question with curiosity, not with self judgement and shame. And then with whatever is illuminated, get curious about how you may show up a little differently to create a new reality. What would if look like/ feel like if I tried ‘this’ on? Who would I become if I lived this way.. what might my life look like if I shifted this abs implemented this.. and then just experiment! Life is a living laboratory and when fueled by curiosity, there’s no wrong experiment. . . . #livinglaboratory #experiment #leadwithcuriosity #egp #transformation #innerpeace #innerwisdom #alignment #align #awaken #yogi #becurious #costarica #puravida #consciousleadership #nomad #freedomculture
Love wants to reach out and manhandle us, Break all our teacup talk of God. . If you had the courage and Could give the Beloved His choice, some nights, He would just drag you around the room By your hair, Ripping from your grip all those toys in the world That bring you no joy. . Love sometimes get tired of speaking sweetly And wants to rip to shreds All your erroneous notions of truth . That make you fight within yourself, dear one, And with others, . Causing the world to weep On too many fine days. . God wants to manhandle us, Lock us inside of a tiny room with Himself And practice His dropkick. . The Beloved sometimes wants To do us a great favor: . Hold us upside down And shake all the nonsense out. . But when we hear He is in such a “playful drunken mood” Most everyone I know Quickly packs their bags and hightails it Out of town. . —Hafiz
Hey YOU. You’re doing fucking great. Keep loving. Keep moving forward. Trust more. You got this. Life’s got you. 🙌🏽 . . . . . #trust #loveyourself #surrender #surrenderedleadership #stewardleadership #magic #1111 #divineplay #leadership #embodiedleadership #evolutionary #werise #onenation #inthistogether #theuniversehasyourback
Venus represents the way we relate. To ourselves, to each other and to all of life. She serves up an invitation to look at life as a mirror.. 💡 What is your life reflecting to you during this time? The bright light of this full moon serves as a highlighter. .🌕 Not to stimulate shame (please don’t be hard on yourself) but rather to create awareness. For us to become conscious of our relational shadows. . 👻 So we ask, where could you create more balance and harmony in your relationships without falling into patterns of codependency? .☯️☯️☯️. Are there areas where you are being sucked into or drained by other peoples experiences? 😜 Taking over responsibility? Or under? 🧐 This is about taking a sobering glance in service of coming into balance. ⚖️⚖️⚖️ From a place of truth and sovereignty. 🧝‍♀️🧝🏽‍♂️ With the tools of steady clear eyed Taurus to light the lunar way. 🧘‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️ Harmony as the aim. Everything to gain. - @meganzimring full moon wisdom . . . . #fullmoon #moonwisdom #evolutionary #sisterhood #truth #grow #ladyboss #livebythemoon #entrepreneur #femininewisdom #evolutionarywoman #werise #unity #evolution
Community // the greatest gift of all. The most valuable resource. The people I am blessed to call family give me hope for the future generations. We deeply care about the world and have the brilliance, motivation, and in many ways, the resources to make this world a more harmonious loving place for our children’s children. And we know how to have fun while we’re doing it 😍😃💃🏻🙌🏽. . This was an epic weekend at @esalen where my beloveds @luciantarnowski & @leabajc conceived their beautiful daughter. We were there exploring the topic of interdependence vs independence, as we celebrated 4th of July at my favorite place in the world - surrounded by dear friends, dancing to @nahkobear on the grass as the waves crashed below our feet, bathing together naked in the hot springs. This child was created in a true love bubble. My prayer for today - may all beings everywhere know love. 🔑 key// knowing true love starts inside. As we get more intimate and loving with ourself, we can get more intimate with all of life. . . . #return #esalen #community #tribe #nahkoandmedicineforthepeople #celebratelife #onenation #grateful #werise #savetheocean #hive #bliss
✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻🔥✊🏿✊✊🏽 One God. Many faces & many names. One Family. Many traditions & many lands. . . . #onenation #onefamily #werise #risesisterrise #liontribe #sisterhood #sisters #divinefeminine #divinity #love #globalfamily #globalcitizen #autumn #autumnequinox #ritual #ceremony #mistressofceremonies #magic
Lion Heart activation. ♥️ Are you willing to be fiercely devoted to your own self realization? How about to creating a more harmonious global ecosystem, in service to a world that works for all beings? . I’ve been asking myself lately, what’s a dream I’m ready to go all-in for? What is worthy of my life force and what could I do that would make my life of value? What problem am I solving? . In a moment of uncertainty, I realized that the questioning, the self-inquiry is just as valuable as the clear knowing and aligned action. The process of gaining wisdom and self-knowledge equips us for the missions we are called here for. . Do you know your answer, your why? And if not, how committed are you to the discovery process? I’d also love to hear your story, what did you do when you weren’t sure what to go all-in for, to discover your purpose and mission? . . . #purpose #lifepurpose #lionheart #lionmedicine #truth #awakening #meditation #innervisions #collectiveevolution #collectivelegacy #liontribe
QUEEN. An archetype I’ve been honoring this year. Reclaiming Queen from the old paradigm. No longer a woman from the chosen family, a single figure who gets to stand in all her glory. All women can chose to stand in her Queendom and embody the fullness of her brilliance and beauty. . The Queen is alive in me and in my sisters. We’re bringing this archetype of power, holiness and fabulosity into the world through embodied leadership, sacred adornment and love of our holy vessel and through celebration and reverence of all it means to be Woman. I am honored to walk this life beside many Queens. Women who celebrate, love and trust themselves, and therefore can love and trust their sisters. . . I feel more in my power and divinity with my sisters by my side, mirroring my truth to me. We support each other in being less forgetful. . The journey of remembrance can be so uncomfortable - the more mindful and self-aware we become, the more we see how we are the source of our own suffering and self limitation. So we dance in the discomfort of our forgetfulness, with the commitment to not go back asleep, to not go numb. . . I am a stand for truth. For beauty. For love. I am in devotion to living and embodying love, beauty and truth and being both gentle + fierce with myself when I waver. . It’s time for us to rise in our aligned, authentic power and expand the range of our self expression. We are dynamic beings after all. Will you stand as a Queen or King by my side, lifting each other up, helping each other remember who we are and how powerful we are? Will you help me see that I am here to an epic creator, in all my glory, when I doubt myself? I got you.🌟 . . Photo by @jeffscult with @onegoldenthread 🌟🌟🌟 Weaving an ecosystem of people and organizations committed to living and creating in alignment with love, truth and beauty. We rise together. 🙌🏽
May you know love. May you lean into community and let it be a resource you tend to with devotion. May you open your eyes to the beauty that’s all around ♥️
Proud to be Woman. 💖
Want to change your life? Change your perspective. The lens you view your life through, especially your “problems” creates your reality. Are you willing to see all your challenges as incredible blessings and opportunities? Maybe it’s exactly what your soul needs for its highest evolution. Maybe spirit is blessing you by giving you these opportunities to grow, to redirect your path, to have an aspect of you die to be reborn. I invite you to try on this perspective this week anytime and consider any delays, challenges or problems a blessing. See how your life changes. The problem itself may not go away, as some must stay with us a long time to really get the teaching or blessing.. but you’ll likely free up energy to be used for creation.
May you know the power of your love. Embodying love makes you a light house - it causes you to be a source of life for all those around you. 💖 My teacher says “love gives birth to life. Love is the mother of life.” If you want more life force energy, be more loving. 💫 Love is magnetic. Love is the most powerful force on the planet. To have peace in the world, first we must love. So my friends, will you join me in my commitment to devotion and deep love for Mother Earth, Father Sky and all God’s children - including ourselves? 🌎🌍🌏 If you find it hard to love yourself or others sometimes, practice loving the sun. The sun is a symbol of love. The sun is always giving to us. The sun will heal you. Love will heal you. ☀️☀️☀️ My belief is that Simplicity is divinity. So let’s return to the basic truths. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love the divine with all of your being. Love yourself as God. Do unto others as you’d have them to unto you. Love - Wisdom - Truth. ♥️🔑🦋 We can heal ourselves. We can heal each other. We can restore this planet. We can rise above the darkness and become lighthouses in the world. Individual sun’s beaming light for the good of all beings. We got this family. 🤗 And remember, smile often. Smiling opens the heart :) And we don’t need to protect our hearts, our hearts are the protection. 🌞💖
Joy is medicine. I invite you to let yourself be DELIGHTED by life. When the breeze kisses my face, I find delight. When the sun rays touch my skin, I let myself be illuminated from the inside out. When butterfly’s, birds, dragonfly’s or any winged one flys above, I experience an overflow of joy. When my first bite of food touches my tongue, I am fully engaged, slowly enJoying. When I lay down in a bed at night, I roll and stretch like a baby. I let life move me. I let it crack my heart open wide. It’s not that anything is inherently filled with joy and delight, I CHOOSE JOY. I choose to live in wonder and awe. What are you choosing?
I love this woman so much, we’ve got each other’s backs. Her papa passed away last week and it’s had me reflect on who I’ve become as a result of my dad passing 5 years ago. I knew as I was caretaking for him in those final months that it was happening for me. Leaving my life behind and dropping everything to move to San Diego was a bold move that redirected my path. The decisions I made immediately after his passing radically altered the course of my life. His death was my rebirth. I honestly feel that he died for me. His dying freed me. I wish I could be the woman I am AND have my dad. But I am who I am because the opportunities I’ve been given, disguised as intense challenges. I haven’t become the woman I am because of what you taught me... but rather it’s been my commitment to healing all aspects of myself that aren’t aligned with truth that has made me. If my life was easy, I wouldn’t be so motivated to create and re-create myself. None of the pain is for nothing. It’s become wind under my wings. I love you Dad 🌹
WOMEN, we must lift each other up, celebrate each other and RISE TOGETHER. We help each other fly higher! I believe within every woman is the wisdom and vision to change the world. When we come together and share our visions, dance our prayers, nourish each other, invite each other home to ourselves -- we are able to stand more firmly in our extraordinary power. So many of us have been playing small. Honestly, even the most powerful heart-centered Visionary Queens I know, are not activated in their fullest potential and expression. I know i'm not, but I'm devoted to my becoming. And I'm a stand for you becoming the woman you know you're here to be. I'm gathering the sisterhood next Thursday in Venice, CA. Our theme is EMBODIED VISION. Who are you here to be? Are you ready to declare and claim that for yourself? What's your vision for your life and the world? Are you ready to play ALL OUT in the pursuit of what set's your soul on fire? Are you craving deep nourishment and guided movement? Are you willing to show up fully in your life and prioritize sacred sister time? (you know it's MAGIC) We'll dance between playful sweetness and powerful declarations for our life. Let's play, my brilliant visionary sister. <3 Gather with me Thursday, June 28 7-10pm on Abbot Kinney in a private venue. Join me for a special evening, first link in bio above. ⚡️🙏🏽💃🏻
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