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Virginia Creeper and blue skies 🍁 #charlestongarden #virginiacreeper #autumn #charlestonhouse
Beautiful performance artist @nancymessias inspired by Orlando, tonight @charlestontrust collaboration with the fantastic @themarlborough for Cabaret Orlando.
The incredible @travisalabanza on the runway in the Hay Barns @charlestontrust this evening for Cabaret Orlando 💋
Collaboration with the incredible @themarlborough tonight at Charleston with Cabernet Orlando as part of the Orlando Reawakened Festival. Galleries open all evening.
Orlando day… 9 hours, 60 readers, 400 years and one 90 year old book. Thank you to everyone who took part. Here are some highlights taken by @jamesbellorini
What better way to celebrate Orlando Day than a lively meeting of minds around a Bloomsbury table, discussing literature, history, science, biography, politics, the past and the future. An incredibly special evening with Jeanette Winterson in the Charleston kitchen. ‘Every time I read it, I’m astonished not just by how good it is, but how very prescient it was’. #orlando90 #ourlando
Over half way! What an extraordinary afternoon of readings and conversation. Twelve lucky visitors are about to sit in Vanessa Bell’s kitchen for an intimate round table of Orlando discussion with Jeanette Winterson. We have heard from viewers all over the world watching our live stream and we’re loving getting all your book covers! #ourlando #orlando90
We are about to begin our marathon reading, led by author Jeanette Winterson (with her original copy of the book signed by Woolf herself)! Tune in and watch it live on YouTube (link in bio), send us your book covers here on IG using the hashtag #Ourlando and share what the book means to you, wherever you are in the world!⁣ ⁣ Orlando says literature should be ‘a voice answering a voice’… 90 years on from its publication, Virginia Woolf’s voice in this dazzling, unparalleled work is as bold, and as vital, as ever.⁣ ⁣ It is our great pleasure today then, to answer Woolf’s voice with our own chorus of varied voices, both in our live read of the entire book, and by sharing lots of different personal responses throughout the day. ⁣ ⁣ Note on the Text:⁣ Today’s event is a verbatim reading of the entire text. It will contain language and views that people may now find offensive. These views do not represent the readers’ or The Charleston Trust’s view of society, but the book is being read as it was originally written for publication in 1928.
⁣’And the twelfth stroke of midnight sounded; the twelfth stroke of midnight, Thursday, the eleventh of October, Nineteen Hundred and Twenty Eight.' ⁣ ⁣ As the clock strikes midnight, 'Orlando: A Biography' turns 90! ⁣ Join us as we celebrate Orlando Day, with a live 9-hour reading of the entire book here at Charleston, starting at midday and broadcast live on YouTube (link in bio to tune in).⁣ ⁣ A cast of 60 readers, including writers, actors and artists, school pupils and members of Bloomsbury families, will be led by author Jeanette Winterson, who will also read the final pages around 8.45pm to close the event. ⁣ ⁣ Our Reader in Residence and Orlando Day host, Holly Dawson @h_o_l_l_y_dawson will be taking over our Instagram account all day. Share your Orlando book cover pics with us, your favourite quotes, or what the book means to you, using the hashtags #Orlando90 and #OURlando . Follow our Stories for highlights from across the event. See you soon!
The Studio at Charleston is full of evidence of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant’s relationship. The mantelpiece in particular is littered with personal invitations, photographs and newspaper cuttings. Bell and Grant are just one of the artistic duos examined in a new exhibition @barbicancentre - Modern Couples Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde, which opens today. It explores creative relationships, across painting, sculpture, photography, design and literature including; Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso and Lee Miller and Man Ray. (Also included are Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West, but more on them tomorrow!) 📷 @ephajroe @fotocolonia
“Night had come - night that she loved of all times, night in which the reflections in the dark pool of the mind shine more clearly than by day." .... Join us from 12 noon GMT tomorrow as we embark on a nine-hour reading of Orlando: A Biography. Introduced by Jeanette Winterson - artists, writers and community readers will perform extracts as well as filmed passages from the likes of Eve Best and Juno Dawson. The event is free so please join us and respond creatively to the text as we celebrate Virginia Woolf’s novel. The event will be broadcast on our YouTube channel. #Orlando90 #OrlandoReawakened #virginiawoolf #orlandopresenttime
"They had guessed, as always happens between lovers, everything of any importance about each other in two seconds at the utmost, and it now remained only to fill in such unimportant details as what they were called; where they lived; and whether they were beggars or people of substance." ... #VirginiaWoolf commemorated her passion for Vita Sackville-West in what has been described as ‘the longest and most charming love letter in literature’: #Orlando . On Sunday 14 Oct at 2.30pm, as part of our Orlando Reawakened festival, Vita’s granddaughter Juliet Nicolson and Virginia’s great-niece Virginia Nicholson, will share family history and insider intimacies on love, friendship, class, rivalry and betrayal, linked by readings from their ancestors’ writings. Link in bio. #ourlando #orlando90
It’s Orlando week! Thursday 11 October marks 90 years to the day since Virginia Woolf’s novel was first published. In the novel Orlando says "Was not writing poetry a secret transaction, a voice answering a voice?" With this in mind we'd love you to share with us your copy of Orlando… post a picture of the cover, don't forget to @charlestontrust and let us know what Orlando means to you. Use the hashtag #OURLANDO ... #orlando90 #virginiawoolf
The most glorious autumn light in the garden this morning.
Misty autumn mornings at Charleston. Looking through the dining room window towards the farm road. 🍂🌫
Ballet and Bloomsbury To celebrate #worldballetday we are sharing some balletic works found throughout the House. The productions of the Ballets Russes revolutionised early 20th-century arts. Along with other members of his circle, Duncan Grant became a frequent visitor to Diaghilev’s productions, which he had first seen in 1909 with his friend Lady Ottoline Morrell. While it has been argued that some critics have exaggerated and misunderstood the productions’ impact on Grant, the artist was clearly inspired by these magnificent performances with their modernist stage sets and avant-garde costumes. Credits: In the first picture – taken in the Studio at Charleston, the photograph to the left is Nijinsky in the Siamese Dance from ‘Les Orientales,’ 1911, by Druet. 26.5 x 43.6 cm. Photograph © The Charleston Trust 📷 @nthepburn Next, to the right of the fire in the Garden Room is an early painted log box by Duncan Grant from 1917. Ph Axel Hesslenberg @fotocolonia The next image can be found in our current exhibition, Orlando at the present time. Costume, Duncan Grant, three part, life size, jointed, painted, card costume, circa 1935, gouache on card, 116 x 65 cm. Photographs © The Charleston Trust When photographing small works on paper in the Angelica Garnett Gift, the curatorial interns came across a biro sketch on cardboard made by Duncan Grant. Depicting a dancer en pointe in an elaborate costume, the drawing is surrounded by annotations detailing the colours and fabrics to be used. Further reading:
Small Wonder, big deal. Sunday was another packed day at #smallwonderfest kicking off with Tim Dee, Alexandra Harris and Suzanne Joinson who discussed writing the Downs. Renowned author AS Byatt was awarded the Charleston-Bede’s Award for a Lifetimes Excellence in Short Fiction – Alison Macleod delivered a wonderful appreciation of Byatt’s work. After a week where US politics saturated the news cycle - Sarah Churchwell, Tom Rachman and Benjamin Markovits hosted a brilliant event with an extended Q&A session discussing contemporary America and Trump-Lit. Benjamin said: “America is addicted to making stories and those stories are beginning to fail. The America we go back to now is more and more separated into tribes. If you have events like this one in America, but you’re only talking to your tribe, that’s where stories break down”. #SmallWonderFest ended with a beautiful reading of Sylvia Plath’s letters Vol 11 by Miranda Richardson, and ‘Liminal moments’ with Neil Bartlett and Eley Williams. Thank you to everyone who came. Ph. Penelope Fewster @pennyfewster
A rather special event closed the day. @olivialanguage and performance artist La JohnJoseph performed Laing’s Small Wonder commissioned piece, The Something-Nothing’s. A passionate dialogue with Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. They were then joined by Charleston’s head of collections and exhibitions @darren.clarke.9659 for an in-depth discussion about the themes within the text. A rare and wonderful opportunity to listen to a remarkable piece of work. With thanks to Olivia, La JohnJoseph and Sarah Wood. And to @muchadobooks 📷 @pennyfewster
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