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Camera shy camera guy

Y'all got anymore of that good weather? 😅 Just another month of summer would see me over until next year!
Holbox Island, Mexico. Not all that much hotter than my own island this summer, but still beautiful non the less! 🌴🌞
A pool or the ocean? Or in this case, both at the same time.🌴🇵🇹
The beach boys. 🌴
Smelling like wet dog and loving every minute of it. 🐶
Throwback to Osaka, Japan.
Strawberry Milkshake Lake. 🍨
Caves and coves.
Looking down on the clouds and feeling like Zeus on Mount Olympus. 🌬🌩
The latest National Geographic titled 'Faster, Smarter, Stronger' definitely piqued my interest. It does seem that globally fitness has been taken to the next level and more and more young people are hitting the gym and generally excersising more - so it's no suprise that records are constantly being broken. I can certainly see why the world of science is taking an interest in what enables athletes to continue to push the boundaries of fitness and reading the analysis of specific athletes and their techniques in this issue of @NatGeoUk was amazing. Maybe I can convince someone to figure out why I can't stay stood up on my paddle board... 😅 #FasterSmarterStronger #PushTheLimit #ad
My life has been severely lacking in rooftop drinks since this trip.
Driving through rain, breaking through fog and onto the sunny highest peak on Madeira and then walking this path was an unforgettable experience. Being above the clouds and watching them roll over mountains below you is humbling. ⛅
Feeling like an old school explorer looking for Dino's. 🐊
Climbing rocks and skirting coves.
I took the L so England don't have to... ⚽ @boohoomanofficial #boohooman #isleofwightfestival
Beach day every day. 🌴
Jungle stairs to hidden beaches. 🇵🇹🌴
Like roof-top parkour but not moving, really scared, and within arms reach of safety. 😎
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