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Transform your car into a light armored vehicle.
Freeze and cook three dishes at once with this machine controlled by an app. Yes, it's real.
Peeling a large amount of vegetables is now easier.
Stand and cast on this fishing kayak.
Pinpoint pollution in open water and detect the source with this robot snake.
Save space in your fridge and add this magnet strip for your beer. Would you use it for more than beer?
Cover your heels with this boot and protect them from the elements.
Connect this magnetic spot scrubber to clean without scratching any surface. (via @vat19 ) #MakeCheddar
Train your cat how to use the toilet. Would this work for your cat?
Who has had trouble flipping food in regular pans? Not anymore.
A female highschooler designed a rapid way to detect Ebola. #chedHER
Easily clean up ice on your car without scraping.
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