Musaddiq Naseem a.k.a cheekoo

"Am i You, you were me, or will be me?"

Lie down on the ground and feel the planet's heart beating.
With the legendary Nizam Dakku, Atif Lohar and the great sohail javed at the sets of JPNA2. #JPNA2 #ariflohar .
This one's to a girl. I'm so blessed to be-friends with . I still remember when you first took my interview from there to being coolleages and becoming friends along the way. Thankyou for sticking around throughout, I wish you enough of all the good things, here and the life after. You are awesome and the most beautiful and kind person inside out. P.S: Happy belated birthday @uzzifilms
Trailer Launch JPNA 2 (link in bio) Watch the trailer share and give your feedback. P.S : Trending #1
#Repost @saeedhumayun (@get_repost ) ・・・ Trailer launch on June 25th at Nueplex Cinemas Rashid Minhas Road. See you guys! #JPNA2
- the colours of Istanbul in the ○ld Jewish Quater- Balat Aksbandi- the very talented @ahmedalibutt
I'm gona miss them. #family #eid2018 #fathersday #eidday2
Because somethings never change . Since 2007 @roshaan_tahir @khanaitzaz @aatiqmahmood @ousama_naseem @shehryar.qaisrani
Happy birthday to my sakkht laundi dost. Wish you enough of all the good things here and the life after.
You are one amazing modafaqa Happy birthday @enerzetic #drunkhead #EnerZee #talentpowerhouse #
#tbt to last day of Dubai Spell.
In the jungle the quiet jungle The lion sleeps tonight A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh #powerenaps #dubbing @jpna2 #lifeofAD
It was almost as if it was real. But It wasn't -thankyou @vasaych
Oh Popsi.......The laugh, the love, the smile Of the friend I'll always have. You are definatly at a much better place.
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