Vivian Howard

Mom, daughter, wife, cook, author & challenge-seeker from Deep Run, NC 🍴: @chefandthefarmer 📺: @achefslife 📚: #DeepRunRoots

I’m gonna be making sandwiches with cheese, aka cheese sandwiches, at 3pm on @applegate Facebook live. I’d love for you to watch.
I’m not generally a fan of the “let’s pretend this cauliflower is a pizza crust potato chip casserole pudding cake phenomena,” but I PROMISE this is really good. And the gravy tastes like gravy. I swear. @bcbsnc #sponsored
Tadpole season.
I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people who are sad there won’t be a Season 6 of @achefslife. Please don’t be sad. If we get it right, the new show will be an evolution of the show you love. And please know it’s humbling to hear how much “A Chef’s Life” touched people. We don’t take your support & investment in our work lightly. So trust we’ll do our best to make sure our new show projects the same spirit as our last.
If I'm in town, I cook for my parents most Sunday nights. Dad is a good guest because as long as he's not paying, he never complains and always clears his plate. Check the link in my profile for one of his Sunday night favorites...mine too. @bluecrossnc #sponsored
I’m slam worn out & happy to be home after a week in Durham. That city life...😳😍😎. The kids day-camped & & the adults worked on the nuts & bolts of a new tv project. It was really something. #pbs #achefslife #durham
Yesterday was my parent’s 57th wedding anniversary. I had planned to cook dinner for them, but around 4pm Dad announced he was taking Mom to the Angus Barn to celebrate. Dad’s not the romancing kind & I’ve never known him to surprise anyone except with a prank. So Mom was a little giddy rushing out of my house like a school girl to get dressed up. I’m grateful I witnessed it. ❤️
With no muscadines or blueberries in sight, @klukiewski & @foreverbeard named me the “frutta.” @ouredibleitaly @hamiltonhilljewelry
I got lost in Villa Borghese, the Central Park of Rome. Not lost like I’m strolling & charmed, lost like it’s almost dark & I’m scared. But I made it out into the streets & found a negroni to settle my nerves. 🙌
Yesterday we hiked & swam & ate a fantabulous lunch prepared by our new friend, Salvatore. It was unforgettable. I cried...twice. Thanks to @ouredibleitaly for making it happen.
Today. And yes that is cold pizza on my computer. @ouredibleitaly
I’m aware my feet are nothing to write home about, but the water around Capri certainly is.
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