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I’m only about a week late on this! 2018 was really something. Here’s to productivity, flexibility, positivity & sensitivity in 2019....all the good tivities. None of the bad ones.
If you’ve read the introduction to Deep Run Roots, you know I sleep with my microplane. Gift one of those plus much of the other stuff I need to do my thing in the kitchen. Plus, find 6 more gifts for food lovers from @redtruckbakery , @jenisicecreams , @betsysbest , @thisisfromroy , @robertaspizza & more at the link in my profile.
There will be no holiday card from the Knight/Howards this year. The calendar flipped too fast & I have officially crossed into “a card is not possible” land. It’s a relief though not to try once again to top this gem from 2012. #bestchristmascardever
Do you think it’s ok to just send outdated Holiday cards? If so, I have plenty.
I’ve always wanted to ride bikes on the beach. Today we did & it was great. #grateful
We were playing Headbandz. 🤷🏼‍♀️
For those of you who thought I bought a GRAND PIANO and plopped it slam in the middle of my living room, I did not. Instead I hosted Brandford Marsalis and @kidz_notes for a fundraiser Saturday night, and because my piano is what you'll find in the next picture, Bosendorf sent the real deal to complement Marsalis' saxaphone. Needless to say, it was an exceptional night in Deep Run.
Normal morning at home.
Name that restaurant. And check my stories or profile link to peruse my favorite ENC bbq spots & what I think makes them special.
Soccer champions. Flo says she learned the “pop your knee pose” you tube. 😳
When you still use a flip phone (or 3) & you need to take pictures of flood washout damage... #dad 🤣🤣🤣
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