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Get me a can of hairspray. The series finale of @achefslife is tonight. And grab a pack of Kleenex while you’re at it. Check your local @pbs listings and tune in!
My friend @talesofaneducateddebutante , who I affectionately call tales, and I are going live tomorrow at 6pm and checking in about the last episode of @achefslife while I’m on location with PBS in New Hampshire. Pour a glass, let us know if you have any questions and join us for happy hour.
I love how sweet they are to each other. Makes a mama proud. 😂🤣 Link in my profile to join us Sunday for brunch and the @achefslife Harvest Finale.
I’ve often said @chefandthefarmer would never serve brunch. Well, I should’ve followed my own advice to never say never cause we’re open for brunch this Sunday to celebrate the final episode of @achefslife. Come eat some pancakes with me & see what the restaurant looks like in the daylight! Link to tickets are in my profile. 📸: @baxmiller
I have a confession to make. I lifted the phrase #countryascornbread from my friend @samjones1980. He gave me permission to use it, of course, because if you know Sam you know sayings are his specialty....also because he wants to help the folks in Jones County rebuild after #hurricaneflorence . Tap tap tap the link in my bio to buy a t-shirt & help people who really need it.
@joekwon80 is celebrating cause since last night we’ve sold more than 1,000 #countryascornbread T-shirt’s for hurricane Florence relief. I’m overwhelmed & inspired & excited because we just got started!!! This little t-shirt thing has the potential to raise a shit-ton (sorry mom) of money for people who lost everything in hurricane Flo. Buy a shirt! Please! The link is in my bio.
In the long, wet wake of Hurricane Florence I’ve gotten a thousand calls and notes of concern about the state of things in eastern North Carolina. Lucky for me, my world is fine. Around me however, the landscape is decidedly different. Just 30 miles from here, Jones County, N.C. was badly battered. The national news didn't make it there as Jones County is rural with 20 percent of its residents living below the poverty line. It’s a place that can be easily overlooked. Many of these people didn’t have much before the flood and now they have nothing. Join me in raising money to help these families rebuild and begin again. You may have heard the catch phrase “hurricane recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.” It’s true. Florence will linger a long time in Wilmington, New Bern and Morehead City. But those places have a voice and a unified effort to rebuild. Jones County is way, way off the beaten path with no city to share its story. Please buy these limited edition shirts, share the link in my bio and make sure rural North Carolina is a part of the marathon. We’ll end sales at midnight on October 31st.
I'll be in Raleigh Sunday evening to help raise money for Hurricane Florence recovery. If you have the means and the time, I promise it will be a worthwhile, incredibly tasty evening. Also I'll take pictures, sign chests and give my phone number to anyone who asks. Click the link in my bio to buy tickets.
May Flo love many things as much as she loves Mac & Cheese...and whatever that blue stuff is that dyed her lips. 📸 by @baxmiller #nationaldaughterday
This text made my day. Thanks Pat ❤️. #dukesmayo
I've belabored making a statement about hurricane Florence and its painful snail's pace path of destruction because I've been uncertain about what to say. More than a week ago we started talking about the possibility of it- what it might mean, where it might make landfall, and what would be left to pick up in her wake. Should we evacuate? Should we board things up? When should we close the restaurants? Today we ask different questions. Is it safe to go home? How much will the river continue to rise? How can we start to fix what's been disturbed? How to help those most affected? I don't know the answers, but it feels like we've rounded a corner and it's time to push forward. Thank you for all your thoughts and positive energy. We're grateful for all of you have have reached out with concern and well wishes. Don't forget about ENC because the storm is gone. Our region will need your persistent support and mindfulness. The work has just started. #Repost @publicmedianc ・・・ Turn around, don’t drown! This is the scene that greeted the UNC-TV crew working in conjunction with the @ncnationalguard when they arrived in #Kinston on U.S. 70 this morning. Over the next couple of days we will be bringing you stories of how our hometown heroes are assisting the #hurricaneflorence recovery efforts. . . . #ncwx #northcarolina #nc #storm #weather #flooding
Davis Mill Road just down from my house. Mom, the twins & I will stay where we are for now! #staysafe #hurricaneflorence
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