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Kiwi in Bali Culinary director & exec chef @ 8 degree projects @ulookhotinbikini @Sisterfields @bossmanbali @siblingespressobar @revolverespresso

Main stage! @cardronamerinolamb , @orakingsalmon , asparagus, potato “salad”
It was an epic night with chefs @james2031 and mario from @kikawanaka ! It was awesome to see you guys again, .....on point as always 😜 A huge thank you to the whole team behind bikini, your all legends! To all the suppliers, a massive thank you! Without you, peoples plates and glasses would be a lot less interesting! ....THANKYOU everyone 🙏🏻 thank you to those that came. if you didn’t make this one then hit us up at our next collab with ray and the team @restaurantlocavore on the 24th of November @ulookhotinbikini With raka from @thenightrooster and our very own @areybarker killing it in the bikini bar along with mad beats and the @locavoretogo food truck. There is fun to be had by all! ...............See you there!
The second course for the evening. @orakingsalmon , crab and cashew. NZ venison tartare. Beet, feta and hazelnut. 😍😍😍😍😋
Can’t wait to be cooking along these three legends again. Manilla we coming in hot and bringing a taste of bali with us. Get ready for a fun evening!
Chef @james2031 killed it with this venison tartare with crispy shallots, bonito Mayo, soy jelly and confit yolk for our recent event @ulookhotinbikini .......So tasty !
The evenings snacks: Jerusalem artichoke chips and dip, paua toast, beer batterd oyster, foie gras cigar
Beetroot cooked in its own juice, candied hazelnut, vanilla & Chardonnay vinegar jelly, elderflower, feta snow. 😍😍😍😍😍
Quick compote of strawberry, licorice parfait, fresh basil and oil, strawberry crunch, licorice disk, really love this plating, im drawn to circles at the moment 🤷🏼‍♂️
Amazing lamb from @cardronamerinolamb paired with coal roasted truffled red cabbage, beetroot kimchi from and hibiscus leaf from @colvilleowen ! I wish I was a guest this night! 😋
“Pumpkin pie” spiced ginger cake, butternut pumpkin curd, pumpkin jelly, chestnut ice cream, nitro frozen spices condensed milk and marigold snow
One of chef @james2031 snacks for the evening ............Paua toast ...............😍
A very literal interpretation of this Childhood memory. “fish and chip shop beer battered oyster” with local seaweed mayo and Oyster leaf to cleanse the palate while reinforcing the flavor of oyster. Conscious Dining Discussion -The issue I faced with a New Zealand inspired dinner was that the oyster was neither from NZ nor was it from Bali. Secondly it was not fresh! YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! It was in fact a frozen Japanese oyster. The fact that the defrosted oysters were still structurally sound, plump, and glistening with what you would expect from a freshly shucked oyster, showed the quality and initial care taken to process the oysters and definitely played a part in my decision to have them on the menu. How can I masquerade a frozen Japanese oyster? Was the desire for the dish, concept and story over ruling my morals purely to tie into the dish’s meaning and inspiration, was it contributed to by the longing for NZ oysters at a complete disregard for the event? To answer one must first understand while there are a myriad of amazing ingredients available to us in Indonesia, and oysters are in fact available, due to the warm waters the oysters aren’t great. Due to this it has been 5 years without an oyster on the menu. This may have also played a part in my decision to use this item. As chefs we are often held accountable for what someone else believes you should be serving. The decisions we make aren’t always appreciated by guests. We are by no means a “locally sourced” restaurant but we do make a conscious effort to showcase the amazing abundance of locally sourced ingredients, products and services provided by our community, always showing the ingredients respect. The goal is to deliver the story of what we are serving. Chefs should always be asking questions, pushing limits, using restraint and ultimately finding balance.. In life like everything, balance is key. As you can see the oyster made the cut. Showing reverence and desire is sometimes enough. ..........thoughts? I might add it was a f*^%en epic oyster 😜
What an honor to even be mentioned in the same sentence as the team @restaurantlocavore , let alone being named 1st equal by 100 industry peers at the @nowbalimag awards last night. Great work for the whole @ulookhotinbikini team! Your guys are all amazing! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Also a huge congrats to the team at Locavore! You guys are also amazing, we are lucky to have such a global bench mark just down the road, pushing the face of Indonesian dinning to the world.......I’m looking forward to our collab on the 24th of November guys! See you then! 👊🏻
Grilled Asparagus, beurre noisette hollandaise, buttermilk crumbs, popped capers, herbs 🌿 I say “One of our sides” with the main course in our recent event but this dish was a hero in itself. This one may make the menu it was that good! 😜
Desserts from our dinner event, a banging pumpkin pie from chef @james2031 and our re take on our strawberry licorice and basil! Sooooo gooooood! And oh so pretty
“Our dinner series” our relationships, our locations and our ingredients. Here is my favorite dish from our event and it’s striking simplicity. We have @orakingsalmon salmon caviar, hand picked mud crab and raw Balinese cashew! ......The cashew was set into a “just set” custard and shaved from raw. The crab was live only hours before eating it and then hands down the most vibrant and textural salmon caviar I have ever had. A true marriage of local and imported magic from my mother land and from the land I reside in, 🇳🇿🇮🇩
One of our shared mains from our event with chef @james2031 ...... this dish was made possible by the amazing producers we work with, I’d like to throw a shout out to @orakingsalmon , @colvilleowen And @militobruno . keeping it to a bare minimum to really showcase their hard work, We hot smoked some of the best fatty salmon belly over Manuka wood chips, resulting in the most amazing hot smoked salmon I’ve ever had, along with loin cooked at 45 degrees and then charred under tourch. Accompanied with Ice plant, sea beans, seaweed butter, crispy seaweed, skin and sautéed NZ abalone An epic dish that focuses on the true essence of the ingredients.
What’s so funny bro? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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