Jethro Vincent

New Zealander located in Bali Culinary director and exec chef at 8 degree projects @ulookhotinbikini @Sisterfields @bossmanbali

Another one from last weeks @kalugaimperial event, roasted pearl barley and cultured ice cream with a healthy serving of cav on top Super tasty, creamy, earthy, sour, salty.......bangin!
Hand picked mud crab, rye sourdough blini, horseradish, wood sorrel and @kalugaimperial ............... Dutch smoked eel, white chocolate praline and caviar
Did some one say @kalugaimperial caviar was in the house! Thanks to paul, his team and all the people who showed support for our recent caviar and vodka event. Hope you all enjoyed! 😋 😋
Beef fat brownie, baked to order, cocoa nib gelato, candied cocoa nib
Thanks to these legends for this dope knife roll! 💪🏻👊🏻🔪🔪🔪 @barongindonesia
Balinese chicken, kemangi (local lemon basil), bumbu (term used four aromatic spice paste) foam.
New vegetable dessert in action. Butternut pumpkin, maple, faux vanilla, culture
Charred Carrot, smoked yoghurt panna, romesco, cultured sorbet
Fresh is best!
Beef, foie, flavors of onion
Beef, foie, flavors of onion
Beef, foie, flavors of onion
Beetroot 3.0
Coal roasted red cabbage with truffle and taro ...........
“Have I ever told you?”
They asked for carrot cake.........we gave them carrot cake..........well kinda 🤔😂
Lamb, tzatziki sphere, confit garlic, oregano
Lamb, confit garlic, tzatziki sphere, oregano
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