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And the winner is beauty! This number went live last night, tasty, raw, VEGAN and best of all ...delicious! ........Zucchini terrine, Balinese cashew ajoblanco, fresh leaves, shaved cashew
Coming in hot! Wanna try some of New Zealand’s best lamb handled by one of NZ’s best chefs......7th of October with @james2031 .....f*^k yea! Get at me for spots!
Classic but still fu*^ing epic & coming soon to the bikini kitchen.... Potato gnocchi, aerated gorgonzola cream, crispy sage.
Beef tartare, beer batter, crispy Cavolo Nero
This one is close to home peeps! Come on in and enjoy the evening with us, showcasing some amazing nz produce, and cooking with long time friends @james2031 . Link in bio to the event
Mushrooms, garlic custard, confit egg yolk, hazelnut
Did someone say crispy eggplant, yellow curry and coconut yoghurt.......🤷🏼‍♂️
Thanks for the epic write up @jed.doble and the foodies team. Check out the link in my bio for the full article
Vegan number on full force! Zucchini, Balinese cashew, local leaves good for a vegan dish
Throwback to using this epic New Zealand venison for a tartare. Will have to start thinking about a reinvention for our upcoming event with @james2031 in October! Epic dinner ahead showcasing some epic NZ produce. .......can’t wait
This one never made the menu ............pickled mackerel, smoked mackerel parfait, tomato & fennel salad, smoked tomato water
Pork loin chop, grilled bouquet garni, whey jus, apple & mustard compote
With its days numbered, the last post of our current beef tartare. As change is coming, we move from Korean inspiration to more of an Italian twist....... watch this space.
Chefs standing at a bar, who would have thought!
Ceviche, citrus, burnt spring onion
Another one from last weeks @kalugaimperial event, roasted pearl barley and cultured ice cream with a healthy serving of cav on top Super tasty, creamy, earthy, sour, salty.......bangin!
Hand picked mud crab, rye sourdough blini, horseradish, wood sorrel and @kalugaimperial ............... Dutch smoked eel, white chocolate praline and caviar
Did some one say @kalugaimperial caviar was in the house! Thanks to paul, his team and all the people who showed support for our recent caviar and vodka event. Hope you all enjoyed! 😋 😋
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