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Apparently there was some drama with the last meet up location! Their website said they open at 11am.. people were calling asking about it, which is a first. I don’t “plan” event meet ups. We just show up to a bar & grill and meet. 20 people usually show up. Not a big deal. But the last place doesn’t open till 2 so i said that’s fine we can meet in the parking lot and a few people had commented “PARKING LOT PARTY” guess some of the workers at the place saw that and we’re freaking out saying if the owner saw us partying in the parking lot he would call the police 😂😂😂 party? 20 people will be there and will want to meet me and take a picture. Killer party. Anyway delete the last screenshot, this is the new place. See you tomorrow!!!
Out here fuckin shit up w/ @libbiehiggins_
I’m just loving everything about life right now 🦅
Damn we are cuuuuute 💕🍹
Today is my birthday! 💕🎉🎈🍗 I’m fuckin 31!!! I decided to SPLURGE & get some Olive Garden to celebrate! I just love life and love y’all and i am happy to be another year older! Vegas tomorrow 😮💋
I want to be at this party, stoned. I want to be her. I want to be the lady eating & dancing in the background. I want to be the horn she’s holding in her hand. This is living life to me. . . . . (I found Mary Halsey on fb, she doesn’t have IG..and i need to know this lady in real life!😫)
All proceeds go to @halliesheroes less than half of tickets are left! Get your ticket so we can hang out! If we sell out me and @officerdaniels_1 WILL RE CREATE OUR ICE CREAM SCENE 💋🍦 link in bio.
Shiiiiiit NEW VIDEO!!!! Click the link in my bio to watch!
🥥 🌴 You think i need a caption for this shit? Or just post it raw dog? Idk know what I’m talking about I’m just rambling, still here..still eatin & fuckin. How are y’all? (Suit is tagged) 🏖🌮👙🍗🚬
Eatin & Fuckin 🌮🍤🍉🐠🌴🏖☀️📷
Always. Always. ALWAYS! Best BBQ on earth! #whenintexas 🍖 Wataburger in the morning!
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