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It’s a good one. Find out what it’s ganna take @officerdaniels_1 to do for Tammy to finally leave him alone. Link up in that bioooooo 🍗🚬
Me when i take an edible.
It’s that time of year 🧡🎃 @trailertrashtammyy
He had the nerve to say what all y’all been thinking.
My heart, my soul, my sister of the moon @stevienicks 🌙 congrats on being nominated today for the Rock & Roll hall of motha fuckin fame! 🙌🏽🎩 we’ve been patiently waiting! Well deserved times ten! 59 more days till San Diego!! Splurged on row 4!
Just a couple of Instagram models💙
Thank you so much @vet_tv for having me! Had a blast!!! Guys head on over to @vet_tv to watch my full’s a $5 a month subscription and you might wanna think looooong and hard about that because I’ll be STARING in all 12 episodes next season 😱😬❤️ #forreal
Smash or Pass? 🚬💖🌵(or if you can think of a better caption drop that shit below⬇️)
Headed to Joshua Tree #gaspumppics 🌵
My Snapchat is more wild than my instagram stories (👻ChelcieYes9) ➡️➡️➡️ swipe!!!
Foooooock yes!!!! Use code “koozie” when you buy a T-shirt & get 5 bucks off the koozie! You know where that link is. Be more majestic today by SPLURGING and getting a koozie!
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