Cherry Lim

Engaged with Adit 📍Bandung. 👠Freelance Model (not related to any agency) ☎️Business Inquiries and Endorsement,contact via DM or WA 📞0818-1822-5424

Rose gold👄 . . . 💄Makeup: @luckyhakim9 👗Attire: @luckyhakim9 💇🏼Hijab do: @deadeyyy 👁Softlens follow me "brown": @dreamcolorlens
La Vie en Rose🥀 . . . 💄Makeup by @christineliemua 👗attire by @michelleatelier 💇🏼Hairdo by @stevielivia 📸Photo by @luciolephotography
Chérie . . . 💄Makeup by @christineliemua 👗attire by @michelleatelier 💇🏼Hairdo by @stevielivia 📸Photo by @luciolephotography
C'est la vie🥀 . . . 💄Makeup by @christineliemua 👗attire by @michelleatelier 💇🏼Hairdo by @stevielivia 📸Photo by @luciolephotography
The nude lips👄 . . . 💄Makeup by: @adi_rustana @husnisl_makeup
Gatsby💋 . . . 💄Makeup by @adi_rustana @anto050577
Adat Padang🇲🇨 💄makeup by @ambarsipmakeup 👗attire by @ambarsipmanagement
Koto Gadang❤ . . 💄makeup by @ambarsipmakeup 👗attire by @ambarsipmanagement
Tatap manjah👀 . . . 💄makeup by @luckyhakim9 👗attire by @luckyhakim9 💇🏼hijab by @dindakamilatusani
Cherry Pony👀✨ 💄Makeup by @adi_rustana @vanda_muslimah_makeupartist 👁Softlens "eclipse" and "matake brown" from @kawaigankyu
Dusty blue manjah✨ . . . 💄Makeup by @luckyhakim9 💇🏼Hairdo by @rhegiezhagie 👗Attire @luckyhakim9
In white✨ . . 💄Makeup by @adi_rustana @prosperawedding 👁Softlens "pear grey" from @bieznasoftlens
Solo Putri Hijab🌼 💄Makeup by @adi_rustana @lily_najwawedding
International look✨👄 . . 💄Makeup by: @adi_rustana @ginasoniawijaya 👁Softlens "sonic blue" from @bieznasoftlens
Thailand Makeup👄🇹🇭All Products by @ran_cosmetic_indonesia @nongchat ✨💄Makeup by @natcha_makeupstudio for @ran_cosmetic_indonesia 💄🇲🇨
💄Gorgeous Thailand Makeup🇹🇭 by @natcha_makeupstudio for @ran_cosmetic_indonesia 🇲🇨 👀softlens pear "brown" from @bieznasoftlens 👗thailand attire by @natcha_makeupstudio
You are stronger than you think💪🏻 💄Makeup by @jezzkawaii @princessbridalgallery 📸Photo by @beonphotography 👁softlens Glamour Dolly Eye (Grey, Blue, Hazel) from @bieznasoftlens
there is beauty in simplicity🌸 💄 @jezzkawaii @princessbridalgallery 📷 @beonphotography 💇 @jonlee_mua 👀all softlens from @pigrabbitlensz 1. softlens cystian "grey" 2. softlens cystian "brown" 3. softlens blossom 3 "brown"
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