✯ <333 🐾🤬🐾 fractals*ambition*facts twitter @chevleia i do not have a kik

i miss summer lowkey 😭 i’m drunk smh!! but fr my toes are so cold. i’m done lmfao also i miss having nails i’m taking a break from acrylics n i miss myself 😭lol
blood moon🥳
up to no good .. . fr 🎪📸 @yawns69 this was the qutest night i danced til i KO
never thought i’d get this far. never thought i’d care to live or get better but i feel like i’m finally ready now and 100%. thank you for your love and lessons. baby chev is shook she’s alive and well 🐶 i’m 20 now :)
can someone explain to me how they managed to get these 2 ghosts on camera. never before seen in a photo together . da goodboi&i 🦴 very rare or whateva
do u remember where u were this time last year? who u were?
and if u need me u know where i’m at
dumb boy with a numb girl tryna get ri¢h 💔💰💔
current mood$accidental flex how are y’all feeling about the new year? this ambitious energy but i wana kno how u feel too
yes the year is is almost over no it’s not gonna feel any different once 2019 starts yes this year is going to change our lives yes i am myself for the first time in my life yes i’m proud of u for everything you’ve done no i cant wait 2see the moves we’re going to make now we wait
posted w my best friend 🥵 this is not sponsored i dead cashed out on this collab on some dumb shit but so worth it :D
oof. wish i was there witchu
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