✯ <333 🦇💕 twitter @chevleia i do not have a kik

...’til my lungs collapse
i’ll light a candle for you tonight bask in the divine feminine lucky Friday 13th new moon energy i love u 🖤foto by @abvhvn 🖤
good luck today >:) leopard print hat is @valfre & they gave me a code to share with you! “ChevelleShields” at checkout for 20% off :) summer fits on lock
idek what to say we’re obsessed + in love @chinqpink <333 muaaa
big heart energy ... ;) @chugmyspit <3
just to feel like this?😖 took a long time
@dedgrl6 i love yuuuu @dedgrl6 @dedgrl6 i appreciate all the drawings n works of art sooo much my heart screams 🎀💕🎀💕🎀 favorite
sorry lately it’s so hard to balance but cool hoodie is from @alien_body_official i’m trying to figure out being active on social media n functioning real life it’s wildt
in the works ‼️💔❤️ i’m so excited for u to get them i cryyy ‼️ ty @abvhvn ❤️ presale overrr being sent out soon :,) i luv
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