Take my hand, stay Joanne.

18 years🔞 Italy🇮🇹 21.09.00👶 11.07.18🖤💑 Dancer💃 Arianator💗 Little Monster🌈👑

"Fare a pezzi é facile il difficile é rimetterli insieme." -Gemitaiz
"Amami o faccio un casino." 🖤🔪 -Coez Ph: @vale_amaro12
"Thunder, feel the thunder Lightning and the thunder." ⚡✨
"Tantas son las horas Cuando estamo' a solas Que quiero tenerte ahora Me mata si te demoras." 💃💓 #acquacristallina #siracusa
Ancient theatre Taormina. #sicily #taormina #theatre
I'll let you lead the way now 'Cause I want you to take the wheel I've never been a passenger though I never knew how good it would feel 👋🌈 #byebye #siparte #passenger ph: @auroralungaro
I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to when I'm lying close to someone else you're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it if I could do it all again I know I'd go back to you. 👭 💘 #vauseman #alexandpiper #loveislove #oitnb
You could break my heart in two, but when it heals it beats for you. 👭💘 #vauseman #backtoyou #oitnb
"If I could do it all again, I know I'd go back to you"💘💎 ph: @auroralungaro
Sweet dreams are made of this.🔞🔥💓 Coreografia: @alessio87_
"Cause I'm a little unsteady."💭❔ Coreografia: @alessio87_
If your lost your way, I will leave a light on. 💡💓 Coreografia: @alessio87_
"Nessuno è troppo grande per un abbraccio. Tutti vogliono un abbraccio, tutti hanno bisogno di un abbraccio." 💓✨ #iwillleavealighton
Stefani :”I’m gonna be a star, you know why?” Nurse :”Why?” Stefani :”Because I have nothing left to lose.” 🖤🌙 #marrythenight #strongerthaniwasbefore
Queen of soul.
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