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I go on dates with Chicago. Mostly to eat. Often found dying of cuteness. πŸ“§: #chicagoismyboyfriend @thechicagoburbs

It may have turned winter today but that's not going to stop me from sharing all my fall pics (and maybe even some summer πŸ™ˆ) PS: a really great way to take in all the beauty in this city is to walk on one side of the street while looking at the buildings across the street - you just see so much more! | #chicagoismyboyfriend #chiarchitecture #chitecture
Raise your hand if you're a pie junkie. πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Where's your go-to spot for pie? Mine's @spinningjchicago. | #chicagoismyboyfriend
😍 beautiful new mural c/o @jerryrugg / swipe to see the entire piece. It's stunning in person. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ | #chicagoismyboyfriend #chicagostreetart #birdo
When snow is in the forecast and the trees are looking bare remember you can always visit summer at @lincoln.park.conservatory. | #chicagoismyboyfriend
Even though it's not in MY neighborhood I still love @cafe_marie_jeanne as if it was. I had the simplest sandwich there over the weekend - just ham, butter, and pickles on a baguette (swipe to see) - yet it was so good I recreated it at home. Simple but well executed food is why this spot is a regular for me! πŸ˜‹ | #chicagoismyboyfriend
*Mentally preparing for winter* | #chicagoismyboyfriend
HπŸ•·οΈPPY HALLπŸŽƒWEEN! | #chicagoismyboyfriend
@Phpub is the perfect spot to spend a crisp fall day - they've even got wool blankets in case you get cold. 😍 | #chicagoismyboyfriend
Fun fact about @palmerhousehilton : the original one burned down in the Great Chicago Fire 13 days after opening. When it was rebuilt a few years later using iron/brick it was advertised as 'the world's only waterproof hotel!' πŸ˜‚ | #chicagoismyboyfriend
Did you know there's an art gallery tucked away on the 2nd floor of a fieldhouse on the south side? I visited the Vanderpoel Art Gallery in Ridge Park this past weekend, which started its collection in 1914 and contains 600 pieces of original art (including Mary Cassatt and Lorado Taft). It was so cool to finally see it in person! Be sure to check the hours if you plan to visit as it's only open to the public a few hours a week. | #chicagoismyboyfriend #vanderpoelartassociation
Chicago's version of the house in Up. 🎈 This house was built in 1888 and its owner refused to sell his property so developers just built around it! He died a few years ago but this building is here to stay (for now). | πŸ“ 154 W. Superior | #chicagoismyboyfriend
Met a friend in the burbs to see @halloweenmovie tonight and OMFG it was awesome! I remember my teenage mission to watch all the Halloween movies so this one was so satisfying. Are you guys excited to see it? | #chicagoismyboyfriend
I recommend grabbing a seat at this gorgeous bar at @MasonRestaurants , ordering a dirty martini, and the French onion soup. Perfect for a cold fall evening!! Swipe to see that cheese pull. 🀀 Once I started eating it, I literally could not put down my spoon. πŸ˜‹πŸ· | #chicagoismyboyfriend
Happy 125th anniversary, @FieldMuseum ! Field is my favorite museum membership I've had and they have awesome member events (lots on weeknights). I got after hours access to the museum to celebrate their anniversary tonight and learned about zombie ants. πŸ˜‚ Usually around the holidays they'll discount memberships for a day so keep an eye out. | #chicagoismyboyfriend #fieldmuseum
Happiness is... A bowl of delicious, steaming hot dumplings . 🀀 Especially when they're half price! Every Thursday after 5 @ChiyaChai offers half off appetizers, wine, & beer and $5 cocktails in the Backroom! Chiya Chai is my new favorite spot for cool weather comfort food. | πŸ“Έ: Chiya Chai | #chicagoismyboyfriend #eeeeeats #infatuationchi
πŸ•·οΈπŸŽƒHalloween is comingπŸŽƒπŸ•·οΈ | #chicagoismyboyfriend
A proper way to mourn the loss of summer is to drown your sorrow in apple cider donuts. | #chicagoismyboyfriend #🍩 #eeeeeats
When you take the long way to where you're going you see the most beautiful buildings 😍 | #chicagoismyboyfriend
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