Chicken Salad Chick

We put an edgy twist on a southern classic.

The secret ingredient to any gathering is... cheese! Keep the hungry hands at bay with our yummy Pimento Cheeseball while you are preparing the Thanksgiving meal!
Only 2 days until Thanksgiving and what better way to get in the spirit than by helping your local food charity?! Our 2019 Giving Card is only $5 and all of the proceeds go directly towards impacting your local community! Visit your local Chicken Salad Chick for more details.
When I dip, you dip, we dip🎶 . . . Grab your favorite Quick Chicks and use your favorite veggies at home to make the perfect dip!
Pumpkin cheesecake is back... and brought lots of sweet smiles with it! 🍁🍂 #chickensaladchick #madetoshare
Spice up your Tuesday with Rockin Rita, made with Wickles spicy relish!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃We hope it’s spooktacular! 👻
For all of you who are stalking Pinterest for pumpkin carving designs, here’s an idea...who needs a Jack-o’-lantern when you can have a Chick-o’-lantern! 🎃
Anyone else feel this way? #ChickenSaladChick
“Every meal gets a cookie because my view is that you don’t really know you’re full until you have one little bite of sweet that says you’re done and happy!” -Stacy Brown
We're so thankful for our strong leadership and vision for the future! #Repost @theceoforumgroup ・・・ With Chicken Salad Chick CEO, Scott Deviney @jsdeviney , who said, “chicken salad is the next frontier ... think about it”
Chocolate is to women what duck tape is to men... It fixes everything! #ChocolateCrispyBar Eggs..are..sides...For Bacon...Bacon. Did you know you can get our EGG salad as a BLT? 🥪🥓
You might feel BLUE right now, but things can only get FETA! #truebluebetty #spinachfetasalad
Friends buy you friends stay in line with you to get free chicken salad for a year. #ChickenSaladChick #BestFriendGoals #Repost @cassararose ・・・ We made it!!! Free Chicken Salad for a year! We love food and I love these precious friends of mine! #chickensaladchick #godgivesgoodgifts
Only in the south would “salad” be considered a comfort food.
We love planners, pencils, sharpies, to-do lists, and anything else that gives the illusion that we’re getting our life together. Happy #FightProcrastinationDay
Let the weekend festivities begin! #Football #LaborDay #WeekendVibes #ChickenSaladChick
We've decided to use #NationalDogDay as an excuse to show a little extra love to our four-legged bestfriends! 😍 How will you spoil your pup today? #Repost @righteyeblack ・・・ Um, is that @chickensaladchick you’re eating?!? Eli lays quietly at every public facility but he LOVES the smells at Chicken Salad Chick! So good! #ptsdservicedog #ptsdawareness #righteyeblack #loveelijames #lovemyson
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