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I'm shook
I wish for this
This is so me
Cheesy caption; "I want to go to him"
Lowkey had a dream about ethma yesterday (im not like a special shipper or something but no hate to them) I woke up and I was like what the hell, how can just having fun and watch ethma edits and sipping ethma tea have this much impact on me lol, it was cute tho
That's was my first imagine lol
Mood 24/24
Happy halloweeen💀🎃 ☆tag them if u want #EthanDolan #GraysonDolan #DolanTwins @ethandolan @graysondolan @dolantwins @dolantwintexts (My baby)
I just wanna be hit by a car and sleep and eat in the hospital for a while rn
Well the good old days...
I search boobies on the Internet too man...
Surprise bitches it's MEEEEE, I'm marrying @ethandolan
The twins on the ufc 229 feature fight page on snapchat _______________________ #EthanDolan #GraysonDolan #DolanTwins
Hey guys! Just wanted to say since many accounts saying they don't like the fandom anymore, saying it's fucked up cause there so much drama and shit. I don't think of it that way💙 there are so many amazing people out here. The fandom is not fucked up! Its a group of people with respect, positivity and love, those are the real fans those are the people who genuinely support the twins. These are the people who i count as real fans, as the fandom. Idk if that like made sense but oh well...😂 Love you all so much💙💛
I want a yellow baby duck and a pig
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