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Kinda feel like a dumpling today
This was just when the "your not alone" video went up their channel💜 -> watch till the end
I mean... YEASSS
What's up
U guys are the best I swear. We're litterly so close to hitting 20k WHATTTT this is gonna be great
I say in advance: I get insecure of hate comments
Hey guys I'm sorry if I'll be a little inactive these next weeks, I have very difficult exams coming up and I have to work and study really hard to be able to continue these studies and my focus is on that right now. I hope u can understand and I love u guys the most thank u for all the support 💋
PART 2// comment if u want part 3
PART 1 __________________________ #DolanTwins #imagine #EthanDolan #GraysonDolan
I wish I could crawl back into the womb
Hey guys I'm gonna be a dad😀 . SONG: maroon5- What lovers do
I'm so excited for my new wattpad story you have no idea
Coming soooooon
We stan
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