Chic Puppy

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🐶A Dog's Secret is, they do not try to find out why. They simply live...❤ . Shoutout to @tahoe for the beautiful shot!👍🙌
❤One of the sweetest looking faces we've ever seen!🐶 . Thanks to @justinveenema for the picture!👍👍
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😀Hows about THIS little guy for your Hump-Day!🐶 . 🐾Corgi fan? Stop by our shop & check out our "Personalized" apparel for your matching Corgi needs!❤ . Shoutout to @ipet_photo for the eclectic shot!👍👍
Pup Pockets are on the rise!!🐶🐾 . Just your favorite puppy in your pocket👌❤ . 10% proceeds go to micro loans🌎 or click the tag in the picture
Happy Friday Puppies!! 🐶Today is a New Day & a New Weekend...🐾Be Happy, Healthy, & Curious like this beautiful Cavalier named Winston!❤ . Thank you to @austinkirk for the picture🤙🤙
Last week our Best Friend & Puppy Model Dolly passed on❤ . We had her for 17 years & she was the best Dog you could ask for, an inspiration for the Chic Puppy Brand.🐶🐾 . Thank you Dolly-llama for all your help & inspiration with Chic Puppy, you are always in our hearts🐶❤
🐶🏖Just 2 Boston Terrys on the Beach to add to this Beautiful Sunday afternoon! . Shoutout to @maggielovesorbit for the awesome picture! Thank you👌👍❤
That face that says "Aren't you gonna come play with me?!"🐶❤ . Adorable shot by the legendary @jamie452 Thank you👌🤙
A New Journey Begins Today...🐾 . Always Remember to Enjoy it❤🐶💨 . Shoutout to @spemble for the beautiful shot!👍
Chihuahua Lovers!!🐶 Show your Breed Pride with some of these Chic Designs!🐾 . 🎁Shop Men, Women, Kids, Dogs. 🌎We donate 10% to Charity + Free Shipping on all orders❤
💦Boxed Water is better to sustain such a Beautiful Hike for many Huskies to Come...🐶 . 🗻Beautiful Husky with Yosemite's Half Dome in the back.🗻 . ❤Check out this sponsor by @boxedwater "Our boxes are more eco-friendly than plastic bottles and are more efficient to produce and ship."🌎 The water goes through a 8 step purification process & is more natural & healthy than some plastic bottled companies.👍
When the Red Scarf Stands Out...🐶🧣 . Nice Selective color Pup by @worldsbetweenlines Thank you!❤👍 go follow them!
🐶!Vamos a la Playa! 🌅Translation: Let's go to the Beach Puppies!!🤙🤙 . Shoutout to @iamandrewpons for the shot!😊👍
Happy St. Patricks Day! ☘💚 . Today everyone's a Red Irish Setter! 🐶🐾 . Thanks to @rstone_design for the great shot👍👍
☘Any other Pups getting ready for the St. Paddy's Day Festivals this weekend?!🐶 . 💚Shown here is a BULL Terrier who's half Irish!😉 . Shoutout to @magdaleny for the awesome shot celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland👍💚
🥚Easter is Coming Up!🐰 . Check out these Personalized Easter Color shirts perfect for any Doggy Basket🎁
It's a Beautiful Day to be a Dog!🌅😍 . 🐾Especially when you can get your paws wet & find a custom made shirt at Chic Puppy!🐶 . Thank you @o5ky for the incredibly beautiful shot!👍👍🤩
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