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Came thru drippin’ 💦✨via @assemblynewyork And swing by @chillhouse for some complimentary surprises from our friends @supergoop. More info on their feed. // regram @gossamer , video @pablo.rochat
Meet @ravenmarie aka Editorial Director of @thechilltimes and one of THE APPROVERS. Swipe through to get to know her self-care routine, beauty philosophy, and go-to SHOP CHILL product ✨
Gnite 💫 via @frecklesnur
Introducing the @supergoop x @chillhouse Natural Blues Mani ✨💙 From 9/21-9/22 if you book this mani you’ll receive an exclusive “Keep it 100 Kit” which includes: - @supergoop cosmetic case 💄 - 1 full-sized 100% Mineral Matte Screen by @supergoop ☀️ - Portable phone charger - Discount code for 20% off your purchase @ 💙 — Booking Deets 💅 : - Book Tier 1 (for design offered on accent nails only) Regular Polish: $45, Gel: $55 - Book Tier 2 (for design offered on all nails) Regular Polish: $58, Gel: $68. Check out our IG stories for more ✨👋
Self-care goals to the max 💕🛁 #rg @johannestorpestudios @carawoodhouseinteriors
Meet @cyndiramirez ✨ Founder/CEO of @chillhouse and one of THE APPROVERS. Swipe through to get to know her skin type, health concerns, fave SHOP CHILL item, and beauty philosophy 💫 photography by @camilleshaw , art by @theline_
Meet THE APPROVERS ✨The team behind SHOP CHILL and our curated collection of goods that make you feel good. We think of our SHOP CHILL approval process as a very personal experience for each of THE APPROVERS. Each product that makes it into our collection has been tried and tested for weeks by at least one of our editors. We have tailored our collection to suit different skin types, health concerns, budgets and lifestyles, giving you the ability to shop through the eyes of THE APPROVERS in order to find those products that make you feel your best. We want to make your shopping experience as carefree as possible, so sit back and relax. You’ll be getting to know each and every one of us very soon 😉 — 📸: @camilleshaw 🎨: @theline_
SHOP CHILL IS HERE. Are you ready for the chillest online shopping experience around? Now you can bring those good vibes to your home ALL 👏 DAY 👏 EVERY 👏 DAY 👏 Need a face mask that *actually* works? 🧖‍♀️ Want chic accessories to make your home more relaxing? 🕯Want to up your 🛀🏽 game? Go SHOP CHILL. Visit for a tightly curated selection of goods that make you feel GOOD — because we got you like that. We hope you love the new chill ✨✨✨
Big things coming tomorrow y’all....keep those 👀 peeled #gochillyourself , via @thevintagetwin + @madisonbeer
She cute. ✨💜 Purple Haze CBD-infused drink available @chillhouse café, via @eryn__danielle
🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you’re team #nopants 👖🚫 #gochillyourself via @y2shaf
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