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thankful for where i am in life today because of my friends and family, as well as the abundance of opportunities presented to me that i am forever grateful for. happy thanksgiving, everyone.
what’s next?
yay for didneylan
real g’s move in silence like lasagna.
i’m afraid i have some unfinished business with you, streets of willow. expect me again soon.
because what else is a wing for?
My biggest idol has yet again achieved another huge milestone; as if she hasn’t achieved enough already. I’m so proud of you, Hoolay Bai. In the past four years of being a student in UCLA, you’ve managed to achieve so much - you’ve successfully fought against cancer, worked with other doctors to create surgical procedures, and researched ways to suppress forms of cancer. You’re always taking it to the next level, and I might have to ask you to slow down a little bit so I can have a chance in being just a fraction as amazing as you. You’re lined up for a very bright future ahead of you, and the family is very excited to see where you are headed. We wish you the best of luck in UPenn and we all love you very, very much. Congadiations, Hoolay. ❤️ Keep being the best.
Don’t mind the camera; I only use it to picture us together. 📷: @just_kid_ng (@ngphotography.jpg )
how to make me a morning person? throw pancake onto my bed! mama bai is gonna whoop my ass after she finds out she was inside. 🙃 #pancake #HOOLAY Update: Mama Bai still unaware pancake entered the house. WE LIVIN’.
"If ya' ain't first, you're last." Guess which headass got last today. 💩 Had a lot of fun today, but it'll be a while until I can do this again. Until next time. 📸: @mf__lee / @mf_leephotography
Hey guys this is my doggo she looks a little different from the other puppers and doggos but she's still a good doggo. Best believe I'm gonna bawl like a baby when I have to leave this fur baby for college. 😭
The two families that helped me keep my sanity in high school. Thank you all for helping me develop myself to become the person I am to this day and getting me to where I am today. On to the next chapter in life. 👨🏻‍🎓 #dimeeyes #myeyeslooklikepapercuts 📸: @iloveheyocean
You're looking at a UCLA student who overcame cancer, aced the MCAT exams in high school, created their own surgical procedure, was offered to attend multiple top tier medical universities, and has overall established an indestructible foundation for a prosperous future (as well as an indestructible liver), all while still being able to attend every rave possible. And who's that next to them? Oh, das just me. 🙃 📷: dat boi @mattduyst
a lost soul in a helpless world.
Make your idols your rivals.
Read between the lines. 📸: @keegan_morris
The broken are the more evolved.
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