Chip Gaines

Magnolia Design and Construction, #fixerupper , husband to @joannagaines , father of five, Twitter: @chipgaines

These 2.. Wow! If you havnt seen @johnnyswim in concert, PLEASE do yourself a favor. They may be "the next big thing" but to Jo & me, they're much more than that. They're inspiring & they're our friends. If you need a place to see them, come hang with us at this year’s #Silobration in Waco!
Where would we be without dreamers? I mean, think about it.. Some of the greatest achievements our society has ever seen started with a simple idea, a vision, or a dream. And no matter what, through trials or tribulations, those people went after it with everything they had. That’s what my #Chipstarter contest is all about. “Going for it!” I want you to write down your dream, come up with a plan, and record a video telling me about it. Submissions are open through Sept. 10th, so let’s get to work! Find out more information at #PoweredByCapitalGaines
If you’ve read my book #capitalGaines you know I’m NO child safety specialist, but even I know this can’t be a good place for a car seat..
Sweet Emmie Kay.. always up for learning new things. #farmLife
It’s important to consult a professional about lead-based paint when renovating a pre-1978 home. Watch the full video here:
You gotta take a break every once in a while.. #meAndDrakeTD !‬
My heart is full..
Looking at this dudes life, I can admit.. I have a few regrets. #heWins #Happy4thOfJuly
Let’s get to work.. #farmLife
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