Chloë Ester

cyclist, musician, emotional eater, writer, open-toed shoe enthusiast, @bikelaw ambassador

but shit, it was 99 cents (read: $32. but c’mon!!! it’s corduroy AND plaid!!!!)
🥂 to a year of having a fuzzy 🍑 noggin!!!
🎶 drove to Chicago 🎶
We’ll forever love you endlessly, Chester. Thank you for bringing warmth to our family for 18 glorious years. I hope there’s a perpetually dripping sink for you in kitty heaven 🖤
one of the lil’ things that makes my walk home more walk-homey
swipe for a smile ;’)
here’s a snippet of my wonderful live session with @englishoakrecording — get ready for a full album (!!!) this spring!!! ~~~ (link to the full vid on my fb :)))
home is where the hot chocolate is
mis(t)sing this
me, singing something that isn’t Bing Crosby’s 1945 ‘Merry Christmas’ album? sorry, don’t know her
🎶 the snow kissed the curb 🎶
and I asked, “Are you dreaming about a crow?”
you know you lucked out when this is your work face 📷 @probablyjordan
sufjan 4evr
it’s autumn. whoopdeefreakindoo.
I so so so love when @emilycgardiner is in town, and when @maggierogers writes music like this
neon glow n all that
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