Chloë Ester

bikes. words. music. open-toed shoes | hobbies include biting off more than I can chew & taking the long way slinger o’ spro @milli_coffee_roasters

I hate being cold & watching green fade to grey, so it’s nice to have misty moments like this in my pocket for whenever I need them
hey @emilycgardiner , can you come back & help me see myself the way you do? that’d be great. thanks.
6 months ago, I struggled through my very first road ride. It was rough, but I love to suffer — so much so that I’ve now put 3,500 miles & 260,000ft of elevation between myself & that day. Time passes weirdly & perspective is wild. But yeah. I’m proud :’)
i’ve decided to rebrand as someone who is art$y & body pos, please disregard all previous posts, thx #tastefulnudes
look at me, romanticizing bridges instead of fences. that’s progress, right?
~there is a crack in everything. that’s how the light gets in~
~it is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels~
old songs, new light
we’re just friends. chill.
v professional. such musician. wow.
I don’t want to be alone, but there’s moments when I feel like I should//fuck it, I’m alone, but there’s moments when it feels kind of good
~the sky grew darker, painted blue on blue~
“Each time you happen to me all over again.”
🎶 This is the start of something new/It feels so right to be here with you (ooooh) 🎶 #newbikeday
sometimes you need to get lost
Melanchloë leeches the joy from a 60s pop song — is anyone that surprised?
“the cicadas sang louder & yet louder. the sun did not rise, it overflowed”
there are ways/to make of the moment/a topiary/so the pleasure’s in/walking through
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