Chloë Ester

UVA'18 | we are all always so close to not existing at all |

love me some sunny mornings with friendly neighborhood cats
thank you.
honour of honours & all that
early mornings with the boys
🐝 happy
Happy Mother’s Day, sweet girl 💙
my honey 🍯
a dam nice day for a ride
¿wedding or prom?
the panic-smile when you realize you finish college in 1 week
🎶 all you want’s one more Saturday 🎶
I commissioned this beautiful painting of C&O, Patrick’s favourite bar, for his birthday. Thanks @lauchlan_artist for making his day so special!!!
thanks for a whole year (!) of alternate tunings, sore quads, & almost too much love to handle 💙
they call me Hurt-my-knee Granger
lovely backdrop for an early morning spin 🚲
sibs 🖤
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