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How different would your life as a woman be if we took away #shame and #judgement ? Share your story about doctors, misdiagnosis and the inaccessibility to sexual health care. Link in bio. #std #sexualhealth #metoo #knowyourstatus #timesup #menstruation #padman #menstruationmatters
Okay let's make some points for the sake of clarity via @huffpostin 1. According to a 2018 National Family Health Survey, more than 80 percent of married women who have experienced sexual violence named their current spouse as the perpetrator. 2. In a 2014 survey of more than 9,200 men across seven Indian states, one-third admitted to having forced a sexual act on their wives. 3. The Indian Penal Code explicitly states that “sexual acts by a man with his own wife … is not rape." 4. Last year, the Indian government pushed back at suggestions that marital rape should be outlawed, saying that such a change could “destabilize the institution of marriage.” 5. THANKS FOR THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT IPC, WE HAVE TO PROTECT MARRIAGE AT ALL COSTS. #maritalrape #rapeculture #nocountryforwomen #thomsonreuters #metoo #metoomovement #heforshe #reproductiverights
Tell us your experience with #sexed in school, tell us what they taught you and most importantly tell us they prepared you to be sexually active. #sexualhealth #knowyourstatus #std #womenempowerment #womensrights #metoo #timesup
And we're back. This time on #birthcontrol and whose responsibility it really is. Have the conversation: link in bio #metoo #metoomovement #yesallwomen #contraception #timesup
Bored yet? So are we. Let us tell you what of: 1) Having to fear for our sexual health 2) Having to fear for our safety 3) Having to fear the potential trauma of an unwanted pregnancy 4) Having to fear judgement 5) Having to fear guilt 6) Having to fear the fucking doctor when we say I had sex and I am not married, I need help. We'll keep going. Write to us with your story, your experience and we'll collect them all. DM us, Tweet us, Email us or call us at +918810442584. We're here, and we're listening. #sexualhealth #stdtesting #std #knowyourworth #knowyourstatus #menstruation #vägina #female #womensrights #genderequality #heforshe #timesup #yesallwomen #metoo #metoomovement
Our next question and our most favourite one yet. Where did you learn about the female orgasm and masturbation? Beyond Sidney Sheldon, 50 Shades of Grey, a PG 13 introduction via Sweet Valley and our eternal pre pubescent guide Cosmopolitan, did your group of girlfriends ever discuss touching themselves? Have you noticed how sex is portrayed as a prize men get from women, or some sort of transactionary tool? Ladies, it is okay to feel desire, it is okay to watch porn, and it is even better to explore. Can we just a minute to discuss all the popular culture references of male masturbation and how normalised it is (hey American Pie), and the severe lack of female orgasm references? Here's to happy, healthy and frequent masturbation sessions, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Hit us up for female friendly options. Xx PS: Placing a side wager for how many men take this as an open invitation. We will be posting. Love Chokhri #sex #incredibleindia #femalefriendly #sexualrights #masturbation
"Research from the National Institutes of Health found that depression and sexual risk behaviors were correlated among all groups of young people. The study also stated that depression leads to high-risk sexual partners, which could increase the chances of becoming infected with an STD." "There are multiple triggers of self-conscious emotions in the STI testing process, ranging from the initial decision to seek testing, right through to the experience of accessing treatment. The role of self-conscious emotions needs to be considered in each component of service design from health promotion approaches, through facility layout to the training of all professionals involved in the STI testing process." Via The National Centre for Biotechnology Information Do we underestimate the feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety associated with testing and/or getting a postive diagnosis? Where would you turn to for help, and are we overreaching. We're here, write to us. #chokhristalk #knowyourstatus #hiv #womensrights #timesup #womensrights #thefutureisfemale #womensrightsarehumanrights #chokhristalk
In India, a woman cannot have an abortion simply because she does not want the child. The idea of “choice” is missing from the law." An abortion can only be performed up to 20 weeks from conception. If a woman wants to abort her fetus after the 20-week limit, a doctor can perform it only on three grounds: that the pregnancy poses a risk to her life; that the fetus has a severe abnormality; or that the pregnancy is the result of rape. Moreover, if the pregnancy is between 12 and 20 weeks, not one, but two, doctors have to sign off on it." Via South China Morning Post. And just so you don't find yourself in a position where you have to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, we'll talk contraception and birth control. Oh wait. #chokhristalk #choice #birthcontrol #contraception #incredible_india #positionofstrength
May, 2017: the Supreme Court of India denied a medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) to Z., a 35-year old woman from Patna, Bihar living with HIV who became pregnant as a result of rape. Although Indian law permits MTP until 20 weeks on several grounds, including rape and risks to the pregnant woman's health, Z.'s request for an abortion was denied by a government hospital which improperly demanded spousal and parental consent, despite the fact that the law requires neither for adult women. Although the Supreme Court recognized that Z.'s rights had been violated as the result of improper requirements imposed on her, she was ultimately denied an abortion because she was nearly 26 weeks pregnant by the time she was able to file the appeal. Via Centre for Reproductive Rights. You may be given the right, but what does it mean in practice, and should we standing up for our reproductive rights? #chokhristalk
A survey conducted in 2007 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare suggests that only 22.9% of men, and 28% of women were aware that medical abortions are possible and available. A large number of people still remain unaware that by law, they have the right to access abortions in India." Is this any different in 2018? And where does a girl go, a space without moral policing/the pressure of marriage/stigma/judgement and parental consent? All this on top of feeling physical and emotional consequences of terminating a pregnancy. #chokhristalk
This comment is from 2014, the thought from the dark ages, and the prevalence, shame to say 2018 'Health minister Harsh Vardhan had created a stir by claiming the supremacy of fidelity as an AIDS prevention measure. "Condoms promise safe sex, but the safest sex is through faithfulness to one's partner. Prevention is always better than cure," he was quoted as saying.' Via @thetimesofindia Is this the sex ed we're getting and where do you turn to for sexual health education if your health minister champions fidelity as a means to keep yourself safe. From Chokhri: Does being faithful to my current parnter imply I never slept with anyone else, and thus could have not contracted some sort of STI?
The caption: Via @hindustantimes Most women, married or not, will only see a gynecologist when they are pregnant -- or trying to be. Our bodies, vessels for delivering new generations of babies, are deemed worthy of a trip to the doctor only when we’re fulfilling our roles as mothers. For most – even those with the means to healthcare -- the idea of a routine checkup or health screening is alien. Yet, India has 132,000 new cases of cervical cancer a year and WHO estimates that by 2020, 1.24 lakh women will be affected by breast cancer. Can we really afford to be squeamish?" The observation: For all the men looking at these videos and commenting how beautiful and lovely the girls are, DM'ing us and taking the liberty of sending us texts, thank you for reminding us why we must not stop. We went on the DL for two days, but we're back and we're ready. Give us all you got. #chokhritalks #andshewontstop
India was the first country in the world to have launched a National Programme for Family Planning in 1952. "Studies show that if the current unmet need for family planning could be fulfilled over the next 5 years, we can avert 35,000 maternal deaths, 1.2 million infant death, save more than Rs 4450 crores and save Rs 6500 crores, if safe abortion services are coupled with increased family planning services." Source: Ministry of health and family welfare report 2015-16 One last question: Why only family planning? WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM: 1) SINGLE/UNMARRIED AND SEXUALLY ACTIVE 2) NOT PLANNING A FAMILY Write to us at Let us make a data collection point. Let us do it together. #iwillgoout #incredibleindia #india #maritalrape #thefutureisfemale #womensrightsarehumanrights #womensrights #india #familyplanning
Contraception: Modern methods refer to female and male sterilisation, the contraceptive pill, intra-uterine device (IUD), post-partum IUD (PPIUD, used after childbirth), injectables, male and female condoms, and emergency contraception. Traditional methods refer to periodic abstinence — also known as the “rhythm” method: not having sex when the woman is likely to be ovulating — and withdrawal (i.e. the pull-out method). With the exception of condoms, NONE of the methods above provide protection from sexually transmitted disease. "The National Family Health Survey does not take into account statistics on unmarried women. If late marriage is one of the contributing factors to this decline, it raises questions: Anyone who marries late abstains from sex until then? If we take the 'sanskaari' route and assume that we don’t need to collect data on pre-marital sex, will we ever get a clear picture of contraceptive use in India?" Source: Firstpost Write to us at
On #maritalrape #consent and the construct of #rape within a consensual partnership. Share your story on
Sex ed in school limited to menstruation? We asked our girls to name five STDs and one came through. If you think 5 are tough to name, you may be suprised to learn there are up to 16 recognised STDs. The CDC requires you notify public health agencies if you contract one of the five they list, and tell all your partners (upto 60 days prior) if tested positive. Have you ever been made aware of the potential severity of an STD, both physically and emotionally? Ask yourself, how many can you name, more importantly are you aware of symptoms and treatments and most importantly do you know how to practice safe sex? Write to us at
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). Most people who have sexual contact will be exposed to HPV at some time. Even if exposed, most women will clear the viral infection naturally. However, a persistent infection could lead to abnormal cervical cells, called cervical "precancer" since these cells can slowly progress to cancer if not treated. Although the vaccine has been the topic of many debates (to get or not to get), and has been rumoured to cause seizures a new Cochrane Report finds HPV vaccines protect against cervical cancer in young women, especially when the women are vaccinated between the ages of 15 and 26. Two questions: 1) Why aren't dudes getting it? 2) How much have you been educated about the HPV vaccine as a young women in India? Log on to and share @supriyadravid @feminaindia @viceindia @scroll_in @cosmoindia @youthkiawaaz @popxodaily @regajha @buzzfeedindia @idivaofficial @girliyapa @thehauterfly @inshorts_app @homegrownin
"The National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), an advisory body that recommends vaccines for India’s Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), has given the green signal to the introduction of the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in the UIP." (Via @the_hindu As Indian women, how much have you been told of the #HPV vaccine, regular swabs and smears? Are smears/swabs a regular practice for you and have you ever felt like inadequate information is available? Write to us, or log on to (link in bio)
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