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Bunch of weirdos. Release date April 27th @empiremagazine
Got the grand tour on surfing Tofino with @cohenscorner , kid rips and grew up surfing in the snow with the grizzly bears, tough as the come! He’s got a new film on iTunes called The Seawolf , by @bengulliver , check it out . Thanks @kylervos for the shots !!
Trying out a new move here, its called “get smashed in the back of the head by the lip and dusted along the reef “ it’s so much fun , don’t try it.😂🤣Cheers for the shots @liammacdphoto and to @cohenscorner 📷@natelav 📷@kylervos for taking me along for the ride ! @emerysurfboards
@lauraenever decided to tow into this beast last week , her first time towing and she chose this one !!! So epic, well done! I’ll try see if my daughter would be interested in this in a few years to come 😬 count me out! 📷@stugibson @surfline @wsl #girlpower
Enjoying a delicious Vietnamese Pho, a touch of heat but that ain’t gonna hold me back , life’s about conquering mountains and embracing challenges and pushing phoward , life’s basically one big bowl of hot Pho, Phok fear I say , I’m gonna finish this Phosure #nevergiveup #Phorules
This new selfie stick is so cool #amidoingitright #selfiestickadventures @azzagrist
Not sure if we’re robbing banks or surfing but it’s damn cold in Canada 🇨🇦 well worth it though , what a beautiful place !! @azzagrist
#Repost @marvelstudios ・・・ Watch the new @Avengers : #InfinityWar trailer (link in bio) and get your tickets now!
Tryin to find the look for Bad Times at the El Royale written and directed by Drew Goddard. I shot one of my first films with Drew a few years back called Cabin in the Woods. He’s one of my favorite people and one of the most talented in the game, this script blew my mind and the films gonna do the same 👍👍#dirtymo @luca_vannella #missedaspot
Great evening at the HSBC @worldrugby Sevens Series on behalf of the Official Timekeeper @TAGHeuer. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 was gifted to the player with the #DontCrackUnderPressure moment of the final match, congrats Alasio Sovita Naduva!!
Happy international women’s day to my beautiful wife , daughter, Mum and all the incredible women out there for their strength, compassion and courage to make the world a better place and let’s not forget that the women of tomorrow are being grown and nurtured among the children of today! Yet another reason to #defendchildhood for all children today and every other day! #internationalwomensday @auschildhood
Day two with my surf coach, she’s like a little angel on my shoulder constantly feeding me knowledge and inspiration and occasionally heavy handed criticism that borders on abuse but I know it’s for my own good (joke) Thank you coach Indi you’re the greatest, love u🤙🤙#familysurftrip @australia
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