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ISeeYou.IKnowYou. You can say everything and anything you want but it's you and I know that you're only lieing to yourself. We all know that you allow things to be the way they are because it's easy to fulfill that prophecy where you're the victim and then seek sympathy and attention. It's not the way you should be getting that FYI. There are better ways that are more warranted might I say. We all know we are all guilty at some point, but we all know deep inside we're full of shite. You can have different and be the hero in your journey story. Why is it always easy to choose the victim card... because it sedates us. It releases hormones that make us FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL. I got some news for all of us that will truly blow your minds. You can feel good and have positive outcomes. It's simple. Chose the outcomes that lead to happiness and not feed that voice in your head that reaffirms every moment (in your head) that tells you that you're worthless or suck or aren't enough or some other nonsense. My theory is that it's easier to blame the world, life, God or Santa for all your pain and struggle. Its mirror time! I speak from a place where I'm guilty as charged and I know it fucking sucks. It's hard and it seems unending, but lets be real for a minute. You've learned one major factor... everything changes and adjusts, always. You know you can't control any thing or any one out there. You can only accept that you control you and make desicions that lead to your own personal outcomes. So as I look at you and I look at me... let's accept some responsibility for our actions and stop acting like we have no power. Its nonsense. It childish. It's being a spoiled brat. So I call myself out (vulnerable) and request you to take some accountability for your own actions. It's time to make the world be different for ourselves. I've done it and it feels amazing. Join me, ya. Let's make a difference in our lives so that we can be happy, which leads to nicer temperaments, which affect others to be kind and happy. It's a wonderful cycle & feedback loop. Take some action and control yourself. #NotYourAverageCEO #DontGoAtItAlone #WEisGreaterThanMe
WhatAffectsOurBody2. Everything affects us and has effects that can do a lot more than just makes us feel a certain way. They can physically harm us. Think about what gives us indigestion or causes ulcers. Yeah there's science and research to prove the tangibility of chemistry and physiology, but what about our thoughts and psychology. Is it a real mystery to ourselves that our emotions, which are triggered by historical psychology and interactions with one another, have serious affects upon our chemistry within our bodies? I mean, its known that emotions are combinations of chemicals produces by our endocrine system, glands such as adrenal, thyroid, etc, and regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary, which then make decisions to keep us alive according to outside conditions (our interactions in the world) that effect our psychology, which manifests in our inner dialogues and thoughts, you know... that sometimes nasty inner voice that fucks with us, due to our programming from our upbringing (*another topic all together to dive into*). This all starts to unravel the simple hard facts. This age old question of why are we here? What is my purpose? Why do we feel? Why do we feel anything at all and what purpose does it fit? I'll tell you my feelings... Its because we are all meant to help one another and raise the tide for all ships to rise together. This is a lesson on humanity and the real acts of kindness, compassion and empathy we really need to start living for real and not superficially. If you think you really care about someone, ask yourself these questions... When was the last time you spoke to them? You asked them how they were and sat with them to listen and hear them? How well do you really think you know them? Did you do some random act of kindness or generosity for some thing you know they seek to make a life a little easier? Do you think first about what you need or are you triggered to reach out them only, subconsciously, bc they fit a need or purpose for you when it suits you? Do you pay attention to their words and feelings or wait for your turn to speak and share? This isn't designed to hurt you; it's designed to make you think.
WhatAffectsOurBody1. It's amazing what affects us. How a meal we eat can positively or negatively affect us. Even the food we're told is good for our health can hurt us individually because we are all snowflakes (same but extremely different). It's more interesting how STRESS shows up and what we can manage, as well as, what effects us and how it effects us. It amazes me how carrying a burden or hurt or loss of someone or something or just pressure or confusion or unknowing can create triggers. It's also amazing me how we manage all of these factors, pay our bills, show up for others, for ourselves, strive for our dreams and our responsibilities. Think about this... Being alone while maintaining our lives can not just be lonely and have an impact on our psychology and emotions, but then loneliness start effecting our body by manifesting tangibly. Despair is a silent killer. It's not ok to talk about that feeling inside of depression and isolation, but it is a real thing as we navigate through our days longing just to get home to pass the day to get to tomorrow with hope things we be different and that someone will have compassion and empathy to show up for us. Just ask us, how are you doing and authentically genuinely want to know and listen. We all truly effect each other. We are growing larger as a species every day. We are 7.2 billion and I read somewhere that 100 years ago we were 1.2 billion. Not sure the accuracy, but wow in general and perspective. The more of us, the more we take each other for granted and infuse that with a disposable society, from food to tech, now look at how we treat each other. If someone doesn't meet our needs or expectations, they're out. No explanation or critic sometimes. It's on to the next human. Then we think... Can this person fulfill me? Can this devise or product make me feel whole and complete? No. Sorry folks. It is just bandaids and patches to our real problems that people dont really want to deal with bc it's best to just act like you care surfacely, but anything more is an over investment that we're not willing to risk bc... well... selfishness. We cant always be so self centered as we grow as a species.
IveBeenThere&Survived. I'm thankful and grateful for every single experience, good or bad, it's all just experiences that show who we are and what we're designed to do by the universe. Happy to play my role and be there for others. I love you all. Be kinder and more patient with one another, please. Remember, you dont know someone else's struggles and we've all go our own. #empathy #kindness #love #patience #courage #vulnerability #compassion #suicideawareness #NotYourAverageCEO #DontGoAtItAlone #WEisGreaterThanME #TogetherWeCan #TakeMeToWellvyl
GladIveComeThisFar. I am glad I failed at one thing, attempting to take my life 16 years ago. I'd trade for nothing the experiences, pain, struggle, joy and successes I've had the past 16 years and I look thankfully to the future with optimism and abundance knowing that anything can and will happen. #NotYourAverageCEO #DontGoAtItAlone #WEisGreaterThanME #TakeMeToWellvyl #vulnerabity #suicidesurvivor #ceo #realtalk #honestly #suicideprevention #suicide #dealingwithdepression #mentalillness #founder #speakingfromexperience #speakingfromtheheart #socialwellness
Reflections. I think about what people do. I think about the walls we put up. I think about the fears we suffer. I think about time wasted. I think about hesitation. I think about our scars. I think about what we hold on to. I think about how much we carry. I think about what we project. I think about how we see things. I think about what we can do. I think about self sabatoge. I think about the universe. I think about how we effect it. I think about love and hurt. I think about our trauma. I think about letting go. I think about loneliness. I think about despair. I think about courage. I think about fortitude. I think about prudence. I think about temperance. I think about fairness/justice. I think about selfishness. I think about selflessness. I think about taking & giving. I think about being present. I think about energy & vibrations. I think about what I don't know. I think about the possibilities. I think about what I know. I think about blind spots. I think about abundance. I think about happily ever after. I think about listening to you. I think about removing the self. I think about guilt and its effects. I think about kindness' effects. I think about silence. I think about peace. I think about how can you. I think about where it comes from I think about where to focus. I think about stillness. I think about sacrifice. I think about what I've done. I think about what you've done. I think about regrets. I think about my purpose. I think about your purpose. I think about my place in your life. I think about your place in my life. I think about time elapsed. I think about what I know. I think about what's left. I think about infinity. I think about partnership. I think about sex & release. I think about tears & laughter. I think about discipline & restraint. I think about giving up. I think about how far I've come. I think about what must be done. I think about where I've got to go. I think about endurance. I think about my heart. I think about forgiveness. I think about appreciation. I think about being grateful. I think about never stopping. I think about my abilities. I think about us, together. I think about you. #NotYourAverageCEO #TakeMeToWellvyl
ActionsSpeakLouder. We're all guilty of getting caught up in making assumptions. We think that just because we said something or did something, that the message is received and understood, as well as retained. . The truth is that we can no longer operate under the assumption that we all communicate the same ways and receive information the same way. Let alone process information the same way. This requires patience and empathy. Empathy is NOT sympathy or pity. Empathy is feeling someone else's pain and suffering from all their points of view and comprehension, which takes communication and the willingness to understand. One should also take into consideration that this takes time and practice through spending time with people, which is relationship building. In my opinion, it's really necessary to not just hear people, but take on active listening. There is no better way to understand this, I believe, for someone feel elated and understood. It is a power you can afford others by allowing them the space to speak and express themselves. When you've done all of this and so much more, you'll be more remembered for how you made someone feel than just want you said or did that impacted them. You can pass along so much more, and empower others with the freedom of self expression and sense of power only achieved in being able to be heard and listened to, understood. Be there for others more and learn that it's not always about You and what You need. Start creating time for others and what they need. You don't have to lose yourself in this either. You can always maintain your ability to stop and focus on what you need. Like anything in this living experience, moderation always seems to prevail over any extreme. Have an amazing day filled with abundance and good vibrations. #NotYourAverageCEO #WEisGreaterThenME #DontGoAtItAlone #TakeMeToWellvyl #vulnerability #patience #listenandhear #allowance #kindnessisgangsta #wellvyl #MeetMingleBeWell #allthefeels #actionsspeaklouderthanwords
MakeAWellWorld. What is bigger than you and I? Us of couse. You and I. We'll let anything get in our way. Stop us from reaching out and connecting. We let our emotions take over and get in the way. All because we think we're not enough for whatever reason. We tell ourselves we need to look a certain way or have something in order to be happy, be great, or be enough. Loneliness hurts and let's be honest, we don't really want to be alone. We crave connections and companionship. Isolation kills and in a time where we have all the digital ways of connecting, it's at it's all time high, loneliness. Let's meet. Let's talk. Let's share. Let's have a call and do what people have done for ages; connect in the real world. I want to hear from you. I want to know you and your story. I want to listen and hear you. Tell me what has gotten in your way. Tell me what holds you back. Share your story with us and let's break down that "wall" that gets in our way. #NotYourAverageCEO #WeIsGreatThanMe #DontGoAtItAlone #TakeMeToWellvyl #MeetMingleBeWell #wellvyl #MeetWellPeople #wellminded #wellbodied #wellspirited #welladjusted #wellaware #wellversed #wellcentered #wellbalanced #HiILoveYou #vulnerability #founder #ceo #yourenotalone #imhereforyou #kindness #acceptance #loneliness #depression #suicideprevention #listening #heretolistenandhear #humanist #humanconnection
SecondChances. (I may be rambling...but) About 15 years ago, I decided to take my own life. I chose to say goodbye & give up, bc I didn't want to continue upsetting people around me and disappointing myself. Nothing went my way & I felt out of control or cursed or doomed. . Nothing I did worked the way I wanted no matter how hard I tried or worked at it. I felt the world & the people around me would be better off without me in it and they would soon forget about me. Then they could get on with living life & be happy without a burden like me. . Today I look back & realize all that I've been through (knowing I have not had it as hard as other, & I'm not comparing) I realize that this was my path, including trying to commit suicide back then and I learned who I am & what I can endure, & overcome. . I'm grateful for the opportunity to live today & be involved with so many wonderful people, & honored to live such a beautiful life. Though I don't regret my path or journey, it has taught me much. . In times like today, suicide prevention awareness, I feel I should tell everyone that I survived, and because of loved ones who didn't want me to go away. My younger sister who literally saved my life & family that came to rush to me at the hospital. They proved to me in their own way they care. . Let's make a pact w each other; lets not act surprised when we hear another person took their life like it came from out of nowhere. Let's pre-emptively give acceptance, kindness & love. Listen to one another when we are having a terrible day, week, or month. Let's not suppress our problems or not give our feelings the acknowledgment they deserve & talk to one another. Be there for each other. Provide safe places to talk & connect. Let's not keep it to ourselves any more & be courageous in our vulnerability. Let's all start treating each other w #kindness , #empathy , patience, & love. . No-one is perfect, yet we are perfect just the way we are. We all have a gift & a special purpose to fill. Be patient w yours. It will show up. . Did my best ☝️☝️☝️ . #suicidepreventionday #NotYourAverageCEO #imperfectlyperfect #perfectineveryway #patience #love #survivor #gratefultobealive
TheWellvylBurn. You don't have to take yourself out if the real world to act with #love #compassion #selfexpression #acceptance #kindness or #creativity and image a world where we all treat each other as equals and one tribe for a #greatergood . Some of us can't go and make the #pilgramage to #burningman this year, but we can have a slice of it here in #nyc for a moment. . Come through tonight. DM me for a special code. . #TakeMeToWellvyl #NotYourAverageCEO #TheWellvylBurn #radicalacceptance #radicallove #industwetrust #playa #burner #blackrockcity #blackrockdessert
WordsOfWisdom. From @jeyofmyuberlife Photo @johnyuyi Quick Maths for the Warriors. Do not be discourage my fellow Wolves. Charge ahead. Build. Love. Create. Make. Disrupt. 1. Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage-the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterologic al traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. 2. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. 3. The question of whether one allegthe Superiority or Inferiority of any given race is irrelevant; racism has only one psychological root: the racist's sense of his own Inferiority. 4. Your Success is Protest. Proceed without the acknowledgement of brutes and fools, with love. 5. Keep The Mind Civil. Keep The Body Savage. This is the Way of the #PeacefulWarrior 6. #BeWolfAboutYourDream #MULFMAB #AynRand #Racism #Economics #Love #TakeMeToWellvyl #NotYourAverageCEO #founder #ceo #ceotalk
SeeTheWorldPastYouself. We think we're so important. We think we know everything. We think we've got nothing to lose. We think we've worked hardest. We think our pain is the worst. We think no one knows our shoes. . Remember you're not the first person on this planet, you're not the first person to look up at the sky and think. You are not the only one who's ever suffered or experienced pain and you're most certainly not the only person on this planet. . Have some humility. Think about your thoughts, your words, and your actions and how they affect everyone on this planet, because whether you like it or not; friends with them or not; related to them or not; know them or don't know them. Someone you know knows them. . We Are All One. We Are All Connected. . Let's not make assumptions, let's start communicating and stop wearing masks. This is bigger than you and I. It's the world, the universe. #TakeMeToWellvyl #kindnessisgangsta #goldenrule #NotYourAverageCEO #founder #ceotalk #realtalk #enoughalready #biggerthanme #WEisGreaterThanME #dontmakeassumptions #communicationiskey #letstalk #letsdothistogether #sunsets #nyc #nycsunsets #nycrooftop
YoullNeverBeAlone. I always see how great our lives are and how awesome things are here on social media. I see how people celebrate Good Vibes only and we avoid pain and suffering. You know, all the other real vibes and emotions we go through every day. I see how we don't want to talk about what's taboo. What hurts. What's real. Enough of that fake bullshit. I've been hurt, left out, condisended to, belittled, underestimated and ignored. People have used me as a scape-goat, a punching bag and just plain benefited. I challenge you to post your real feelings and let it out because we all have these feelings and everyone needs to know that they're not alone. We all can't be the picture perfect version that society expects or presets. Post and show us your feelings. Show them your feelings. Today, I challenge @kwasiofmyuberlife @jeyofmyuberlife @wincep_ofmul @livyoung @steveuria @avenueswank @senseiderek @jesseisrael @ggorin to step up and share your true feelings like me. #WearYourFeelings How we treat each other directly effects our mental, physical and spiritual health. #YoullNeverBeAlone #AllTheFeelingsMatter #NotYourAverageCEO #TakeMeToWellvyl
OneOfAKind. Happy father's day to this man. He taught me action. He taught me discipline. He taught me appreciation. He taught me optimism. He taught me caution. He taught me risk. He taught me loyality. He taught me humility. He taught me when to bend. He taught me when to stand. He taught me kindness. He taught me meaning. He taught me passion. He taught me rest. He taught me My father is my best friend in the whole wide world and I wouldn't be here today, doing what I do. I owe him everything. #iloveyoudad #fathersday #startuplife #myfather #founder #ceo #WEisGreaterThanME #NotYourAverageCEO
ChallengeIsGood. Imagine for once all the complaining that you do. About how hard things are. About how difficult things are. About how frustrating life is. About how things don't go according to plan. About all the adversity that one faces. Now for another moment realize that you've gotten to the other side of all those problems all of those challenges all of those moments that thing's seems bleak and impossible. Yet you overcame them. You figured out how. You figure it out who you were and who you weren't, what you needed what you didn't need, and you figured things out. You learned you have the ability to handle what you didn't think you could. You realize that you're stronger than you knew. And you found new abilities that came out of these moments. And these moments that will come again you're prepared for and will not be stopped by mere obstacles. Because of these challenges, you are who you are and able to do what you do. Be proud of the opposition you've had in your life and more importantly thankful. Even grateful. You are the lead character in your life and no one else can fit in those shoes. Now be there with patience and kindness for others as they go through their own Journeys and face their own challenges as an example of what it takes to get to the other side of a challenge. #WEisGreaterThanME #TogetherWeCan #TakeMeToWellvyl #NotYourAverageCEO #challenge #faceobstacles #overcomingobstacles #startuplife #founder #ceomindset #ceotalk #ceo #socialwellness #sociallywell #lifehacks
ThoseWhoBelieve. We built this. This is not my dream but our dream. #WEisGreaterThanME #togetherwecan #bitbybit #inchbyinch #itstartswithus #NotYourAverageCEO
PutDownTheBrush&Paint. There's a time to work. There's a time to play. There's plenty of time to be dedicated and do the right thing and make shit happen. Some of the dopest things manifest out of thin air. Some of the coolest things take lots of work dedication and commitment and sacrifice. And yet sometimes things manifest out of thin air and are sooo good. Probably because some magic happen while there was fun happening. So on this Saturday I put down the brush and let go. It's time to smile and enjoy everything. I'm going to let down the hair turn it up and have a f****** awesome time. Sending you all much love and peace. #TakeMeToWellvyl #FunTime #PoolParty #NotYourAverageCEO #funfitness #socialwellness #thehealthyfunclub #healthyfunshittodo #deathabsandsmoothies
KindnessAboveAll. Be kind to yourself Be kind to your friends. Be kind to your family. Be kind to your enemies. Be kind to your colleagues Be kind to your students. Be kind to those who hurt you. . It's a sad truth, but often most people mistake kindness for weakness. Let me be clear, there is a very clear distinction between the two. I used to suffer from this condition with other people. You tell people how to treat you and how to mistreat you. If you don't take action when someone manipulates you or takes advantage of you because you're being nice, generous, considerate, understanding, a human being, you well be walked all over. It sad that there are people out there who will do this, but take note that your silence gives them consent. So f*** that s*** forget that noise in any other cliche you want to say or throw it this whole idea of people taking advantage of kind and nice people thinking that they are weak. Cuz in the long run taking advantage of someone is not nice, it is not kind, it is shity behavior. How we treat our fellow human beings on this planet is all we truly have left for Hope of a better future. People see through your lies people see through your manipulations, and sometimes we give you enough rope for you to do just what you need to do to yourself. Kindness is motherfuking gangster, you know why, cuz those who practice kindness have taken some s*** and It Ain't Easy to continue the practice amongst selfish beings, but it just ain't in us to be selfish. So kindness shall rule my world and my behaviour towards every one out there. You are allowed to have your voice, your point of view, your way of being, your hate, your love, and anything else you want; i dont have to agree nor accept it. I only need to step in when it's going to harm any other human being. Then I'll show you how kind I truly am with a fist of furry. #NotYourAverageCEO #kindnessisgangsta #WEisGreaterThanMe #founder #startuplife #wellnessnyc #fitnessnyc #socialwellness #nyc
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