Christophe Claret

“In watchmaking, everything has already been done, everything has yet to be invented” #ChristopheClaret

#Blackjack appeared in France in the 18th century under the name of “21,” and consists of drawing cards to equal or to come as close as possible to 21 points. If the player goes over 21, he “busts” (loses). Across the table, the dealer follows the same rules. The winner takes the stakes. Introduced later in the United States, “21” did not initially see much success there. To make the game more attractive, bonuses were invented. For example, the black jack paid 10 to 1 ! Today, the bonus has disappeared, but the name remains. The dealer deals one card face up to the player; then draws a card, face up; then deals a second card face up to the player. The player then decides to either ask for a third card (“hit”) or stop (“stand”). He can ask for as many cards as he likes before stopping, but of course he risks going over 21. Once the player’s cards have been dealt, the dealer plays, using one simple codified rule: “Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on 17.” Of course, the dealer also runs the risk of going over 21 . Now all that remains is to count up the points and determine the winner. The dealer has some 216 different card combinations; the player no less than 4096; for a total of 884,736 ways to win or lose . Blackjack in white gold and ruby hands, 21 pieces limited edition . #CasinoOnTheWrist
When you play #Blackjack three cards are face up: two of the player’s cards and one of the dealer’s. The next step is delightful. If the player is going to hit, he presses the pushpiece at 8 o’clock, engraved with the word “player.” One of the shutters then opens, revealing his card, and at the same time, in a supremely refined touch, a bell rings to indicate “hit.” Each time a shutter opens, whether for the player or the dealer, the note will sound. The striking mechanism’s hammer and bell are visible through a side window at 2 o’clock. ♥️♠️♣️♦️
One of the main features of the #Blackjack timepiece is dice. 🎲 A pair of miniature dice, 1.5 mm on each side – and incidentally, perfectly legible – which are located in a cage at the 4 o’clock position on the side of the case and, visible through a sapphire crystal, offering the oldest game of chance. When shaken in their tiny capsule, the dice can be used by one or more players. 🎲 Blackjack in white gold, 21 pieces limited edition
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❤️ “He loves me... He loves me not.” The elusive answer wafts in on a delicate petal, announced by a Tinker Bell-like chime. Behind the game, an enchantingly innovative complication specifically developed for women 🌸 #Margot
He loves me... He loves me not 🌸 Christophe Claret’s #Margot “picks petals” with the simple press of a button. 20 pieces limited edition in rose gold and snow diamond set
🌸 The natural mother-of-pearl dial reveals delicately engraved verses penned by Victor Hugo, one of the standard- bearers of the 19th century French #Romantic movement. These excerpts are taken from the writer’s classic poem Unité, which features in his compendium « Les Contemplations » 🌸 . #Margot timepiece, 20 pieces limited edition . 📸 @swisswatchgang
Inclined #tourbillon : 30• angle due to the curvex shape of the #XTREM1 . 📸 @swisswatchgang
All chocolate everything with the brown pvd coating and rose gold #XTREM1 🍫 👈 The first crown is reserved for the tourbillon (winding), 👉 the second for the hours and minutes (setting) . 📸 @swisswatchgang
#XTREM1 - The flying #tourbillon is fitted with double ceramic bearings to enhance its shock-resistance. It is inclined at a 30-degree angle in order to make it even more clearly visible to the wearer. The hand-wound watch draws its energy from two barrels enabling the use of a sophisticated display without disturbing the rate of the tourbillon, and thus the accuracy of the watch. The first barrel is reserved for the tourbillon, the second for the hours and Minutes . 8 pieces limited edition in rose gold and chocolate pvd 🍫 📸 @swisswatchgang
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