Christophe Claret

“In watchmaking, everything has already been done, everything has yet to be invented” #ChristopheClaret

The Flashcut Laser machine developed in cooperation with a machine manufacturer features a basic technology source used in the aerospace and automotive industries. It serves to ensure cutting accuracy and speed (10 times faster than standard machinery) that is as yet unmatched in the production of this type of component . 📸 @swisswatchgang
Every year, #ChristopheClaret invests in new machines and tools, often designing his own machines under the name of Christophe Claret Engineering. The Flashcut Laser cutting machine designed by the company offers as yet unrivaled cutting accuracy and speed . #Poker dial 👈👉 #Baccara dial, Dragon version . 📸 @swisswatchgang
#CasinoOnTheWrist Once set in motion, the wheel turns for a few moments before stopping. “Place your bets ! The bets are down ! No more bets !” Here there is no ball, however, but an arrow inlaid into the winding rotor that stops at one of the 37 numbers (from 0 to 36) applied to an internal flange . #Poker in rose gold, 20 pieces limited edition . 📸 @bennoklandtstudio
#CasinoOnTheWrist - Poker timepiece : Users can immerse themselves in real three-player games of the most popular variant of poker - Texas Hold’em. As a recap of the rules, a game of Texas Hold’em starts with two closed cards being dealt to each player, i.e. visible only to the player. Five other open cards are dealt out in stages: three, known as the flop, after the first betting round; an additional card, the turn, after another betting round; and finally a last, the river. To have the best hand in Texas Hold’em poker, the player must have the best possible combination of five cards from the seven in their hand . #Poker in rose gold, 20 pieces limited edition . 📸 @bennoklandtstudio
#CasinoOnTheWrist 🎰 No more bets ! The winding rotor designed like a roulette wheel, an icon of the Gaming collection ⚫️🔴
After naturally blue or pink-tinged mother-of-pearl gracing the dial and baguette-cut diamonds or snow-set brilliant-cut diamonds sparkling on the bezel and lugs, Margot now reveals a dark blue mother-of-pearl dial framed by grain setting on its bezel and lugs. This particular technique uses stones of an intermediate size compared with the two settings on the previous versions. Three pear-shaped diamonds indicating 3, 6 and 9 o’clock add infuse the scene with a sense of poetry. The 12 petals in titanium and satin-brushed white lacquer embrace a natural pink sapphire pistil, swept over by a pair of blue-tipped stainless steel hands delicately rounded by hand. The twin layered corolla intensifies the depth effect of this eminently dainty dial . Introducing the new #Margot velvet, 20 pieces limited edition.
731 components to be assembled: a star is about to be built, “the daisy watch” . The randomness of the nature turned into a timepiece: #Margot white gold (blue dial) or rose gold (pink dial), 20 pieces limited editions
What hopeless romantic hasn’t ever picked the petals off a daisy to discover how their sweetheart feels about them ? On the dial, the classic conundrum comes to life in an elegant and romantic ladies’ timepiece: « he loves me / he loves me not” . #Margot in rose gold and snow diamond set, 20 pieces limited edition
26.6 x 46.4 x 11.94 mm: dimensions of the #XTREM1 . The curvex shape (case and main plate) makes the Extreme #complication fall in love with the wrist . 📸 @swisswatchgang
A keen student of history, #ChristopheClaret felt it would be an interesting exercise to craft the case of the XTREM1 – the most innovative and contemporary model in his collection – from damascened steel produced using ancestral methods. It has been consistently used in Asia, and Japanese samurai warriors made their katana swords from this material combining the suppleness of the blade with an extremely hard cutting edge. Its resistance in combat gave them a significant tactical advantage over their enemies . #XTREM1 damascus steel and rose gold, 8 pieces limited edition . 📸 @swisswatchgang
The entire construction and finishing of this timepiece meets the Extreme demands systematically imposed by #ChristopheClaret . Ultra-light titanium was used for the three-dimensional curvex mainplate and the bridges. The flying #tourbillon is fitted with double ceramic bearings to enhance its shock-resistance. It is inclined at a 30-degree angle in order to make it even more clearly visible to the wearer . #XTREM1 in rose gold and damascus stainless steel - 8 pieces limited edition . 📸 @swisswatchgang
The #caseback has the watch properties lined up on a circle shaped text path, following the shape of the bridges : patents, number of jewels, power reserve duration, and other “in-house” indicators. The dome shape is also present on the back side : the overall view creates an harmonious design and accentuates the 3D effect . #Maestro in rose gold, 88 pieces limited edition . 📸 @swisswatchgang
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