Charles Phillips

Writer, lover, music listener, and armature lion tamer. Snapchat: chuckiebobphil

Some more pictures with The Princess Stretchaboo
I finally fixed my favourite necklace charm William tell
Quickly reminded why I don’t shave my chin hair..... it look a terrible when I do.
Love this symbol #chainerstorment
My baby sister ScarRo is so big now.
@sashagrey is that a young you in the picture? Also I saw this and thought your inner artist would laugh.
Got to see my dork nephew play the other day. He’s really good.
Me and The Princess Stretchaboo #babyniece #happyuncle
Eilonwy is best Disney Princess. #theblackcauldron
The Donnas were so hot in all ways possible #thedonnas
Me everyday
Saw this a laughed out loud, I love nerd culture and the weird and dumb jokes we do. #nerdlife
Alittle after movie ice cream #daddydaughtertime
Getting ready to watch incredibles 2 with the turd bird. #daddydaughtertime
When you want to make sure the robbers don’t have a fun time. #bedknives #knives
My two favourite female bartenders in my old stupid drunk days. #tiltedkilt #tiltedkiltsouthbend
While trading out my old marks in in poetry books I found these pieces of drinken history lol #tiltedkilt #tiltedkiltsouthbend
If you’ve ever wanted to read a great book on Zelda Fitzgerald I recommend this one. #zeldafitzgerald
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