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I can't do pull-ups at the moment, but wanted to participate in @meghancallaway #picyourpull challenge. Here are two spots I think about trying a pull up- on the bars on the train (a little worried I might pull them out of the roof!) and a beam at a local park!
I love under-pier photos. My favourites are night-time long exposures, but while cruising you have to be happy with day time photos. Still stop one of our cruise 🚢 #noumea #newcaledonia #pierlove #barnacles #cruise
Stop 1 on our cruise- Noumea, New Caledonia 🇳🇨 We had a short tour in and around the city, then a swim in not-quite-warm-enough water! There were a couple of fish, but they paled once we'd done some real snorkeling later in the trip. #newcaledoniatourism #newcaledonia #noumea #bluewater #cruise
A gorgeous Melbourne morning spent in the garden! Feels like spring is on it's way 😁. Looking forward to warmer weather!! 🏖☀️🌼 #winterwarmth #Melbourne #almostspring #blossoms
Sail-away from Sydney - we recently (okay, 2 months ago!!) went on a cruise to New Caledonia, Fiji and Vanuatu. I've finally gotten around to looking at the photos! #sydneyharbour #sydneyharbourbridge #wintersunshine #NewSouthWales #cruising_australia #ilovesydney #seeaustralia
Went to my first beginner obstacle class at @thecompoundtraining this morning. Shocked that we were able to do lots of the obstacles, including the small warped wall. The wall to the left is apparently a hand or so taller than the TV Ninja wall to give some perspective! So much fun - thanks @tessward_ and @simplycpr #fitness #ninja #picyourpull #somuchfun #ninjawarrior
Finally able to do a full pull up with pull-up grip! I would like to get my chest to the bar, but happy with this for now. Long term goal is to be able to do 5 😲. My feet got caught on the way up on a shelf in front of me, so ignore the stutter!!! I'm following @meghancallaway 's pull-up program (which is currently 25% off) #picyourpull #pullups #gettingthere
Everywhere I go I see pull-up bars, even if sometimes they are so high I can't reach or bars not designed to carry a person's weight!! Slowly getting better at pull-ups, but have noticed more my strength increasing in other ways too (firemans pole climb anyone?) #pinyourpull #pullups #pullupchallenge @meghancallaway
Suburban waterfalls #whatawasteofwater
Well look what happened this week... I haven't been training chin ups at all, just doing lots of rows and a few pull downs. Feeling strong one day I decided to attempt a chin up and managed almost two!! Shocked to say the least! Now I have recorded myself, I have a few technique things to work on, but pretty happy all the same!!! 💪💪 . #chinups #pullups #fitness #strongwomen #strong #gome
This little guy has decided has decided the outdoor work lunch area is the place to sleep! The immature me was very tempted to pull on that tail! . #possum #Australia #wildlife #pleasedontweeonmylunch
Thanks for my antipasto board @tessward_ !!
Busselton jetty just after sunset 🌅 in summer . . . #busselton #busseltonjetty #justanotherdayinwa #westernaustralia @busseltonjettyofficial #sunset 🌅
Just a little bit of #christmaschocolate Gonna have to get my 5yo child to ration it to me 🤣😂 Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎁🎈🍫
Spectacular post-storm clouds and sunset 🌅 last night!!
You've really got to wonder about some of the competitions at the show - yep, it's peas in a pod #lilydaleshow2017
Entered a local show for the first time this weekend and had a bit of luck with 3 photos- two class firsts (people and nature) and a theme first (butterflies) 😀 #lilydaleshow2017 #photography
Looks blissful and serene, but the wind is blowing blowing 💨 #sunset #farmlife #silhouette #iphone5 #longweekend
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