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Pristine wilderness.
Sitting on the edge of a 300 meter cliff in Senja in north Norway made me completely overcome my fear of heights. “A view like this is nice to see, but when you can feel it in your whole body, that’s the best part.” Thanks to @krisvang for capturing this memorable moment.
Wild at heart.
Last days of summer.
All in the golden afternoon. 📸Thanks to my dearest @annajia for the capture
Embraced. @fabian_m.f
The majestic sail rising from the sea.
Bleary grounds.
Leaving the mountains behind. @fabian_m.f
There's always a sunrise and always a sunset and it's up to you to choose to be there for it. 📷by @fabian_m.f
Tiny turf house on a moody evening.
In the grand scheme of things, you are a tiny blip on the Earth’s surface. Captured by @anja_robanke
Can you spot the driver?👀
Pretty face.
Hidden dragons.
In a wake of sleepless night.
Monkey business.
孤岛 Once upon a time it was a part of the continent.
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