‪THE GRADUATE 7/28 SLUMBER PARTY - THE CRAFT 8/11 THE OUTSIDERS 8/18 BIG 8/25 BARBARELLA 8/26 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

“If you live in Los Angeles, you are used to having your city explained to you by people who come in for a couple weeks, stay in a hotel in Beverly Hills and take in what they can get to within 10 minutes in their rent-a-car. The thing that people find hard to understand is the magnitude of what’s here. The huge numbers of multiple cultures that live in the city that come together in this beautiful haphazard fashion. And the fault lines between them are sometimes where you can find the most beautiful things.” Jonathan Gold, food critic, Pulitzer Prize winner and chronicler of our city, you will be missed.
Thanks for coming out last night for FRIDAY at #Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Big thanks to @amazonstudios
Happy Birthday Robin Williams
#TGIF Spice Girls photographed by David LaChapelle, 1997
Happy Birthday Natalie Wood
Katharine Ross in THE GRADUATE #Cinespia July 28th at Hollywood Forever Cemetery- visit
Greasers vs Socs Rumble THE OUTSIDERS at #Cinespia August 18th at Hollywood Forever Cemetery - visit
Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch
Matthew McConaughey & Bradley Cooper doing Yoga in Failure to Launch, 2006
The Witches of Eastwick - late night at the #CinespiaSlumberParty . Join #Cinespia August 11th for our 8th annual movies all night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Visit
Denzel Washington in The Mighty Quinn, 1989
Jane Fonda is BARBARELLA Cinespia & Linda Ramone present the #JohnnyRamoneTribute August 26th at Hollywood Forever Cemetery- visit
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