City of Rocks National Reserve

City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, ID features 6.2 miles of the California Trail, scenic grandeur, granite pinnacles, and world-class climbing.

Snowing off and on today and most of next week.
Sunrise over the Albion Mountains from the City of Rocks Visitor Center
Almo Inn, one of the gateway community businesses providing services for City of Rocks visitor
Sagebrush buttercup
Anderson buttercup
View Southeast from Shingle Butte
3/12/2018, current conditions
Meadowlark at sunrise
View South from the big Cove
Layered Landscape
A Higher Harrier
Game Trails on Rhyolite Talus
Common Raven
Horned lark
Mountain Bluebirds have returned
Sharp-shinned Hawk showed up today at the park superintendent's feeders
Robins are singing
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