Cody Hughes

Hopefully you like Charlotte's skyline.. and sunsets 🌇

Marshall Park tonight 🔥🔥
I feel like it should be mandatory for any new skyscraper that comes to Charlotte to have an awesome light game.
Cloud game 💪💪
Golden hour in the QC.
Hope everybody has a great Friday Knight.
Trying to raise my rooftop bar.
I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I seriously thought I was gonna meet Gandolf at the end of this street.
Monday Blues
This has always been one of my favorite photos I've taken, I just never posted it for some reason. Minus the she part it was pretty much my mind set when I decided to move here
Storm season
Can a crescent moon be a super moon? Moon rise from the plaza bridge last week.
Tuesday feeling like a Monday mood
Things that Charlotte needs, a China town. And maybe more electric scooters.
Weekly forecast- This at least once a day every day.
Real question, if you had friends or family coming into town to visit where would be the one place you take them to go eat? Bonus question- Favorite brewery #LetsGoPlaces
Football, graffiti, and skylines 👌 95° spring days 👎
118 days until tailgate season #KeepPounding
I got lucky enough to come back home to @toyotausa having dropped me off their CHR for the week. Let's see what we can get into. #DriveToyota #LetsGoPlaces #CHR
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