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Hopefully you like Charlotte's skyline.. and sunsets

Charlotteans: a lot of you may know of or be involved with @frontporchsundays events here in Charlotte, and for those of you who haven’t, I want to start out by saying it is the most supportive and uplifting group of people. Everyone involved is truly like family. So when I found out one of our Front Porch family members, @calliecav 's pup was in an accident that requires a rather expensive surgery, I wanted to find a way to help. We’ve gathered local businesses all over CLT that are up to help as well. In order to raise the necessary funds we’re having a raffle at front porch Sundays on September 2nd! Tickets start at only $2 for some pretty awesome prizes! We’ve compiled a raffle giveaway that so far includes prizes from @johnnyflyco @glorydaysapparel @durrett_designs @rawwatches @hoppinclt @twoscoopscreamery @kickstandclt @burtonsgrillofcharlotte @kre8twistedeats and a 40x30 canvas print from me. If you work for/own or know of a business that would be willing to donate a gift card or item to help us grow the raffle, reach out! Thanks to everyone involved so far, and I will link the gofund me in my profile as well!
Post storm sunsets are the best sunsets
Sailing through the work week ⛵
Missed that incredible sunset tonight, so heres a nice door..
Shipwreck Island. It's been a year now since my drone died here and it's almost taken me a year to get over it lol. Ohhh well onn to the next one. 🚢
Little less buildings, little more mountains.
I was driving through the blue ridge and I pulled over to get a picture of this peaceful horse, Taco (my 6 pound dog) who was sitting in the car started growling at him like he could actually win that battle. Can't take my little dog anywhere.
Favorite part about living in the Carolinas is that in just a couple of hours you can be hiking in a place like this, or sitting on a beach somewhere. It's nice to get out of the city occasionally and see some nature.
Monday mood
Old European architecture 👌👌
Dark Knights
Charlotte- The home of awesome sunsets and awesome murals. Killer work done by @hookermedia and @puckmcgruff
Y'all go check out @thekylemosher 's new mural over in plaza midwood at the @overtonrow apartments. He's running a contest over on his page for people that post pictures infront of it and tag him!
@qcexclusive did a "Rooftop Q&A" with me for their 50th edition magazine which featured some of my photography as well. Best part is my little dog Taco is in an ad right next to my feature. If yall havent grabbed the QC exclusive summer issue go get one!
Happy 4th everybody! 🇺🇸🎆
Pre 4th vibes 🎆
Marshall Park tonight 🔥🔥
Cloud game 💪💪
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