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Hopefully you like Charlotte's skyline.. and sunsets

Icelandic shack goals, 3 waterfalls 1 half bath 1 bed.
The abandoned DC plane on Sólheimasandur. This was easily one of the most incredible things we saw in Iceland, a crash landed abandoned US navy plane.
Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Hearing this pronounced made me seriously doubt I've ever pronounced an Icelandic word correctly.. but you could walk behind it and it was awesome.
Into the blue. Ice cave fun facts leaned from @localguide - The ice caves are formed from melt water running through the glaciers during the warmer seasons. The water actually carves out these giant caves allowing you to walk through a glacier, which was awesome.
Made the trip here for sunrise which was at 11am (conveniently late..) Kerið is a volcanic crater lake in southern Iceland caused by the volcano emptying its magma and collapsing. If you ever plan on visiting Iceland this is a must do. It was incredible to be able to walk down into what was once an active volcano.
Diamond Beach in Iceland is a strip of black sand with broken off shards of 1000 year old glaciers. Pretty incredible to get to see this.
Don't slip.
Y'all get ready for some non Duke energy building photos. Big thanks to @localguide for the incredible icecave adventures, and thanks to @johnnyflyco for keeping my camera gear warm and dry.
Monday night football in the QC 🌇 #KeepPounding
If Monday was a snow, this is it.
Welllp that game was a lot like this weather... awful. #KeepPounding
Redemption Game -Edit- Get em' next time #KeepPounding
This picture sums up how last Thursday nights game vs the Steelers left me feeling... empty. #ontothenextone
The Eye on Tryon is closing tonight.. I think this proved we need a permanent ferris wheel @cltgov
Game day #SuperSaicam
Finally looking like fall in Charlotte. 🍁🍂
Another one. 5-2 #McNewton #KeepPounding
Looking & feeling like fall in the mountains. 🌄
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