United. Together. In a click. Tag or use #ClickANation for a feature! Exclusively for Dawoodi Bohras

Greetings clickers! Winter is coming. And the sky's already gloomy. Some of you out there may still be under the shining sun and some under a rain cloud. For this week's theme we want you to tune down to looking at everything in two basic colours. 'Black & White', from rainy skylines to exquisite intricate architecture, filter those details down to the classic. These two colours are on two extreme ends of the colour spectrum, it's a basic theme, but it comes with endless possibilities. Somethings look great with colour, but some messages can only be conveyed through simplicity. Take this opportunity to experiment with plain light and shadows and give us your best shot. Keep in mind that we'll ONLY be accepting entries through the #CANbw hashtag and the deadline is Saturday 13th October 2018. Click Out 😎✌🏻 #clickanation
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