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If there’s one thing we’ve learned while putting our #SoutheastAsia issue together, it’s that you don’t have to do the entire region in one trip. Take Indonesia, a country that’s made up of a whopping 17,000 islands—where it’s hard to know which are vacation-worthy or how to hopscotch across the country in a single trip. Our advice? Go deep into one country at a time, and plan to come back. Head to the link in bio for more on our Southeast Asia planning, and check it all out on newsstands now. 📷 @jimsandkittys
We're launching something big! ✨ Since we created Women Who Travel in 2017, we've built a community through storytelling, podcasting, a Facebook group (now over 110,000 members strong!), and meetups around the U.S. Next on the agenda? We want to start traveling the world together, too! This February, we're teaming up with tour company El Camino Travel (@elcaminotravel ) for our first-ever Women Who Travel trip, where we'll be heading to Colombia. 🇨🇴 Over the course of nine days, we'll be making stops in two of our favorite Colombian cities: Cartagena and Medellín. The women-led trip will fuse the expertise of female-founded El Camino Travel with our Condé Nast Traveler editors’ touch, and has been designed with an all-female group of travelers in mind. Ready to book? Head to the link in bio for all the details...and see you there! All photos by @lecolton via @elcaminotravel
For the adventurous traveler, Southeast Asia represents a classic battle between ambition and logistics (all those indirect-flights!); between planning for bucket-list bragging rights (Angkor Wat at sunrise) and leaving room for those can’t-script-it moments, like drinking moonshine and dancing till dawn in Laos. So we're dedicating a whole issue to this battle in our new #SoutheastAsia edition—where we're naming it the destination of the year. Whether you wanted to spend, say, one week in Cambodia, or three weeks in Thailand and Vietnam (both good options, by the way), we've got the itinerary for you. What follows are the places, experiences, and itineraries we’re genuinely most excited about, so you can get going on your plans for your next trip. Head to the link in bio for a letter from our editor breaking it down, and pick up your issue on newsstands today. Cover: A flower vendor on Đường Trần Quang Khải in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Photograph by @lheerink
In a single trip to Oman, you can tour luxury resorts in the middle of remote mountains, take an expedition into the seemingly never-ending expanse of the Empty Quarter, and feel like you have entire white-sand beaches all to yourself. Sign us up—and head to the link in bio for even more reasons we're crushing on the Gulf's undiscovered gem right now. 📷 by @easternsuns
No matter how many safaris you've been on, there is nothing quite as unforgettable as having tea at Kenya's Giraffe Manor, where your afternoon is often accompanied by some fun (and tall) new guests.🦒(Don't get too friendly, though–some of the more naughty giraffes like to give the occasional head butt.) Head to the link in bio to see what it's actually like to stay there—and find more hotels around the world where you can roam free with animals. 📷 by @kellyisnotlost
High up in the Himalayas of Nepal, a once-in-a-lifetime challenge awaits…🗻Watch our Stories today as @evazubeck checks off one coveted item from every adventure traveler’s bucket list: the Everest Base Camp trek. Have you done it? Tell us your experience in the comments. 📷 by @evazubeck
It may be more than a century older than the country it calls home, but these days, Montreal crackles with new energy. It's no wonder that the city of less than two million saw more than 11 million visitors last year: In addition to its burgeoning culinary scene, the Québecois city seemingly has it all—cobblestoned colonial neighborhoods, hundreds of historic churches, one of the world's best jazz scenes, and even a small mountain in its city center. And don't even get us started on the piles of poutine and smoked meat. Head to the link in bio for our complete guide to #Montreal . 📷 by @a_ontheroad
In the past 30 years, Berlin has evolved from a city divided between East and West to a unified melting pot of art, food, nightlife, and politics. From ramshackle flea markets, historic murals, and thought-provoking museums to pounding techno parties, hidden jazz clubs, and no-frills beer halls, you could spend an entire month here and still just scratch the surface. Our advice? Keep an open mind and embrace everything the world capital of cool throws at you—and get all our tips in our brand new Berlin city guide, all at the link in bio. (Just don’t ask us for help impressing the bouncers at Berghain.) 📷 by @lindaberlin
If it's your first trip to Helsinki, we say the best way to see this city is by water. Can you blame us? Watch our Stories today for @kimhorling 's guide to this oft-overlooked European hot spot, and see why we're obsessing over #Helsinki right now at the link in bio. 📷 by @kimohrling
Tourism can provide an incredible economic boost, sure, but it can also be harmful to the environment and put pressure on local populations. This isn't new news: All you've got to do is pick up your phone and scroll through the headlines to see the ways in which overtourism, or the negative effects of too many tourists visiting somewhere at once, is playing out around the globe in places like Santorini. So how do you travel to these places responsibly? Head to the link in bio for our in-depth look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of overtourism—and how you can avoid being a part of the problem, too. 📷 by @lucylaucht
You’ve seen it on your Instagram feeds. By this month, the Northeast U.S.’s highways and byways have exploded with color and the region is embracing its pumpkin-spiced, autumn-themed glory. It feels like all is right in the world. But where to begin? We say make it a road trip. Whether you’re an out-of-towner renting a car round-trip from Boston, or getting behind your own set of wheels out of NYC, we’re here to help you live your best fall life. Head to the link in bio for our full driving plan. 📷 @angrybaker
With so many things to see in Italy, it can be hard to drag yourself away from the country's most famous cities. But you must, when some of the country's best gems—like wineries and ancient castles—are within easy day-tripping distance. If you're in Venice, our day trip pick goes to Lake Misurina, just a two hour drive from the city and with views like this to welcome you. Head to the link in bio for more of our ultimate Italy day trip picks. 📷 by @i_caring
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