❤️Baker, author, feminist, mama!❤️ Coco Cake Land: Cute and Pretty Party Cakes to Bake and Decorate available where fine books are sold! #cococakeland

NYC! Honoured and frigging thrilled to announce two book events in Brooklyn next week: Wednesday October 3rd I’ll be hanging out at @wordbookstores for an author in-conversation with my good friend and incredible pie force Emily of @birdsblack 🤓❤️! (There will be pie, ahem 😹) AND Thursday October 4th I’ll be at @smithcanteen as part of the inaugural #CherryBombeBakeClub with @cherrybombe 💕🙋🏻‍♀️with snacks, drinks, books and colourful cakes! I would love to see all my NYC buds at either event! Ticket link in bio and will add info in my Stories highlights 💕#CocoCakeLandCasualBookTour #cococakelandbook #bombesquad
One piping tip to rule them all: open circle tip to pipe the stripes and make those buttercream blobettes on top! 💕❤️#putitinyourbagandpipeit #cococakeland
Omg please enjoy the cuteness of this pink Totoro cake with buttercream flower crown, as requested by a very special now-eight year old girl named Saya... swipe to view the hand drawn request I found in my mailbox a few weeks ago... 😹💕❤️... her mom Miko is a very good friend of mine who helped me soooo much for my book launch parties, and so I was so thrilled to come through on this rather detailed request 😹💝... strawberry buttercream with chocolate cake! Happy birthday sweet Saya!!! #cococakeland #totorocake
“ I’m just a headddd on a PLAAAAAATE!!!” 🎶 (new song alert) 😹😹 lots of fun announcements today: I’ll be in Seattle at @booklarder demoing a kawaii animal cake on Thursday September 27! Tomorrow if you have cable (unlike me, oops) look out for a show called “Your Vancouver” on @cbcvancouver and you might find a Chinese pumpkin with a bob talking ‘bout her cake book 😅😇... also, I’m teaching a modern buttercream cake class at @gourmetwarehouse on November 1! An evening of cake, wine, charcuterie, corny jokes, new friendships and a copy of my book included!! Space is limited so register sooner than later! (Plus 10% off instore, yessss) you can find all the info you need in my profile link. 😍😹❤️#cococakelandbook #bunnycake
“And NOW do you like my hat?” “I do! What a hat! I like that party hat!!” Every time I make one of these buttercream flower power party cakes I think of that book 🐶 because these cakes remind me of some crazy-ass hat. Although pink poodle shouldn’t give a hot damn what dog man thinks... 😹#godoggo #ourfavebook #buttercreamflowerpower #cococakeland
Unikitty!! I am a butthead because my sweet little beloved niece Brookie asked for a “unikitty” cake and my LEGO-saturated mind just assumed it was that nutty character from the LEGO movie!! I think she just meant one of my kawaii “caticorn” cakes... OOPS! Luckily she loved this guy anyway!! “HEY UNIKITTY/CATICORN, pick a NAME we can all agree on, k???” 🌈🤣🌈happy 7th birthday Brookie! Love you! #cococakeland #unikitty #unikittycake
Teddy starts school tomorrow... the end of a wildly wonderful summer that I’ll forever be grateful for. Now we get to dream about Fall, pretty leaves with changing colours, baking to keep us warm, cozy scarves and wearing socks again ❤️💕but for now I will keep enjoying this sun on my face ✨✨#cococakeland
Four of you asked, so I DELIVERED😹 - my ice cream cake tutorial with all the tips you’d want to know, fresh on the blog! Link in profile and Stories!🍦🎂 #cococakeland #icecreamcake
Lil Norman turns one!! He loves this green pup named Scout so I made him a cake version! Happy 1st birthday to a cool little dude! 💕❤️😊#dogsofinstagram #cococakeland
PARTY CAT! PARTY CAT! Everybody loves a party cat! 😹💕I looooove this furry pal sitting like a head on a plate on top of maybe the world’s coolest cake stand by my friends at @immliving 😍and pssst I’ve got a giveaway for one of their cake stands coming up in the next few weeks... oh boy!! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Emoji with your preference and your pet’s name! 🐱🐶 Fun fact: @cococakeland was named after my sweet beloved orange furry crazy kitty Coco, rest in power 2007 🙏💕#cococakeland
WHAT A WEEK it’s been so far!! Two wonderful parties to celebrate the launch of my book, so much freaking love from all over the world and number 1 on Amazon in “cakes” in Canada and number 7 in America!!! Hehe!! Yasss!! Thank you ALL for your bonkers support! Loved meeting all of the kind and cool folks who came out to my @collagecollage party on Saturday! 😭💕plus... there’s still time to enter to win a book and a tee, OR a book and an awesome @wiltoncakes cake decorating party pack! See previous posts to enter! I’m also loving seeing the #cococakelandbook projects roll in! 💕❤️🌈today is also my sweet son Teddy’s 6th birthday... (the dog cake topper on this cake is from his 1st birthday) so another party tonight to celebrate my QT pie... and, today is the 10 year anniversary of my BLOG. 😹💕❤️will post some early blog cake posts in my Stories for your enjoyment later!! 🤩love you guys!! #cococakeland
Let the @cococakeland party train keep on rolling! 😹😍 Join me this Saturday in #Vancouver at @collagecollage (3697 Main Street) from 12-2pm to celebrate the release of my new cake book!! There will be cake, adorable cakey crafts for the kids and my book too! 😹💕🌈(and, a chance to buy some cute special edition @cococakeland merch while supplies last!) can’t wait to meet you! 💕❤️🌈link in profile to pre-purchase the book for the event! (I’ll also be announcing events soon for Seattle, Vancouver and NYC!) #cococakelandbook
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