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fєαтнєяѕ There have been many times where I have had feathers appear. Last year I was dealing with a very negative person who was not good for me and we were walking downtown and I remember being with this person and telling them I was done. I remember just stopping abruptly and being surrounded by black feathers it was so unreal. When my grandmother passed I saw white feathers for a long time. Now I see feathers when I’m outside meditating or just walking. I’ve realized that the signs have always been there I just needed to stop and pay attention.
I look at this and I see death and rebirth. As we are constantly evolving and growing (physically, spiritually and mentally), a part of us must die. By releasing, letting go or just letting a part of you die you allow room for growth. You make room for something beautiful. In this photo it’s a bit sad to see the flower on the right dying but look at what has bloomed. A bigger more beautiful flower. Stronger and bigger. It’s a process. The full moon in Scorpio was tough for many because there had to be so much release but look at what the outcome can be. ✨ ✨ What tarot card do you think this photo represents?
Recovering and watching @amberkhan @thequietestrevolution All Signs Gemini Season 2019 video on YouTube. I can’t wait for the Cancer ♋️ and Scorpio ♏️ videos to come out. I have been listening to the Pyscho-cybernetics book at night. Lots of good stuff. Hopefully in about a week or so I won’t have this big boot. Taking advantage of the time off to learn more about tarot, astrology and most importantly myself.
Received this wonderful affirmation from @thevanmystic : “I͙N͙ S͙T͙I͙L͙L͙N͙E͙S͙S͙ I͙ F͙I͙N͙D͙ W͙I͙S͙D͙O͙M͙” I have been trying to not be on my phone. I enjoy being “disconnected” or “off the grid”. Working on some things and taking advantage of this time I have to explore. When I’m not distracted and can sit with myself and hold space for myself; I can find the answers.
Recovering from surgery. Breakfast on this Saturday morning. 🍊🍌🍓
This day is hard for some. 💐 Thinking of you ❤️
As soon as I got out of my car this sweet cat approached me and sat with me on the porch. This lovely cat definitely wanted to smell the flowers 😸🌼
Pulled an Ask Angels card this morning and got : Clarity Archangel Gabriel ✨ This is the most focused I have been in a long time. I don’t have a million thoughts going through my head. I’m able to control them. I still have negative thoughts here and there but I am able to manage them better. I have been putting in the work and bettering myself. I hope to gain the clarity I need to lead the path towards the highest and best in my life
I am still going at my own pace with my tarot learning. But I felt very called to to this Curanderismo course with @luz_astral. I think that for years I have battled my skills/ gifts and wanting to hide them because a lot of people don’t understand and judge folk magic/healing. So excited and happy for this course. ❤️
I do deserve the blessings and I’m going to work hard. The best is yet to come!
Had some time this morning to do a daily pull and these two cards flew out together. 3 of 🥃🥃🥃 and 3 of 🗡 🗡🗡 Just looking at these cards feels like using and yang. Joy and pain. What message do you get from these cards? Let me know down below 🙂
H༶A༶P༶P༶Y༶ E༶A༶R༶T༶H༶ D༶A༶Y༶ 🌎 ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ ɪs sʜᴏᴡɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍᴀɢɪᴄ #swipeleft
This was the moon last night. Yesterday was an interesting day. There were a lot of ups and downs. Cried my eyes out and then had a great time with my friend. I am ready for things to shift. I am grateful for the struggle, the trials and tribulations because it has made me the person I am today.
So the baby mourning doves got pretty big in a short amount of time. I had this plan to buy some bird seed for them. But on Friday the gardener came and was mowing around the tree and being really loud. I was so 😡 mad. After the gardener left I went outside to see that one of the babies was on the fence. Bonding of the parent or the other baby. Just an empty nest. I was crushed. But I learned something from this. Life sometimes throws us an unexpected situation and we have to either stick around or fly. Sometimes that unexpected situation pushes us to grow or try something new. I was so worried about a situation I had no control over. Just have to roll with it... ❤️ #swipeleft
Today I have decided to practice having an Attitude of Gratitude. I will try to post in my story or on my page, a quote of just sharing why I am grateful.
Yesterday was an odd day for me. Lots of things from my past came up. I’m never really on FB but I found out someone who was my friend passed away. Their funeral service was last week. Last night was rough because this person was a good person who made bad choices. I made a decision to not support those choices. I think those choices may have been the cause of their demise. I’m grieving. The moon is in Cancer and I’m a ♋️ moon and I really wanted to stay in bed and cry. But I got up and came to work. I have been thinking of the good times. The times that were hard that have made me the person that I am but don’t define me. I have to let go of this guilt and of past events. Jupiter in retrograde can bring luck and fortune but I have to deal with this before I can let any of that goodness in. Trying to look within to find my purpose. Saw the sun this morning with its rays of light. It’s a new day and you are always one decision away from a totally different life. Rest easy Denise.
Something that I have been doing to shut my brain off is chill in my backyard. Sometimes I don’t even bother taking my phone. I have been looking forward to seeing the little family. The amount of love both parents have demonstrated in the rain, or when it’s windy is amazing. Not moving only to switch with their partner at night. Not moving an inch when the gardener was mowing the grass. So much dedication. So much love. These babies are very curious. I took this photo from afar since I don’t want to cause them any stress. When the nest was first built there were no leaves or blossoms, now they are just surrounded. They trust the process and just go with it and don’t give up.
I feel like my brain has been on overdrive. To the point that my anxiety has been trying to act up. But this card says I basically need to chill. I keep telling myself to stop doing the Most in My Head. My poor brain 🧠. I just need to pause and look within ( in a chill manner lol)
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