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SUNY Cobleskill 🐯 ---------------- #Darkaesthetic ----------------

Excuse me sunshine ☀️
I wanna be perfect. . . . . . . . . . PC @harry_deonarain I think
Happy post for once??
"He can't fuck you like I can" 🔊 . . . . RIP X. . . Song: 'teeth', link in bio
I feel dead.
"Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity" . . . . . . . Don't fear the reaper song in description Sb: that's my pfp btw
"FUCK" . . . . . DROWN by clairo original song in bio
"I'm lying in the ocean singing your song 🎵" . . . . . . . . Dark paradise by Lana song in bio
My mind is SCREAMING .
I hate But Fucking Miss you.
Bitches love me 😝💦
Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face 🥀
*FRIEND APPRECIATION POST* Hello a month ago I was in a super toxic mentally and really just needed a break to pick myself up so i wanted to take a minute to thank some of my friends for helping me through that and start off this holy month with some positivity. Thank u to hudson and kev where we made an insane in the moment vacation to montreal over spring break happen which was def much needed at the time and Kevin always pays for my meals so thank you 💕💕 S/o to @moe_999 @rezwanu_ @murtaza__ and @ivan.07 bc the day i came back we went to 6 flags which was crazy LOL Then @ivan.07 @murtaza__ and i watched avengers Which was nice b/c ivan is like the only person i can geek out about marvel with since he's lame like me and watched all the movies @murtaza__ and kristie are my besties 💖💖💖 i feel like we've been through so much similar shit and bc of that we vibe so well so ty for always being there. I don't even need to expand on that. I love you guys. Okay and @moe_999 and kev again get a special s.o bc they're always helping me with my education which sounds dumb and small but i was kicked out of school in jr year so having good role models in that regard is much needed 💕 Finally @anikamannan it was nice going to the zoo with u during finals to destress even though both of us were being dumb like when we thought the turtle was real LMFAO Thats all my old friends which by the way is amazing because i def didnt pull my weight the past 3 yrs and im sorry for that. Thank you for opening up to me again. For other oddball shoutouts: @_captainmarvel_ thank u for listening to all the drama i make up in my head and the wacky theories i have 😊😊😊 And @izzylovescheerios even though youre not an IRL friend, BRUH HUNTER WAS WILD. OKAY DAS ALL U GUYS WIN PRANAB GRAMMY'S GBYE ILY ALL 💕
Song excerpted from On My Mind by Jorja Smith . "Why on earth would I leave If you were everything I wanted you to be? When I saw what you did, who you were with Got me questionin' the things that I believe You again, why'd you call? I don't need to hear you cryin' out my name Unlike before when you and I laid eye to eye Now it's time for you to taste the bitter end So I ask myself, do I let you go? Or do I keep you in the frame of my mind? Now I'm growing wise to your sugar-coated lies Nothing's sweet about my misery, yeah I finally found what went wrong Don't want to feel you Don't want you on my Mind, mind, mind" Editing help @harry_deonarain
Pt 3 Lovefool . . . . . Link in bio Pc @rosebudsammy
Pt 2 "Love me, love me Say that you love me Fool me, fool me Go on and fool me Love me, love me Pretend that you love me" . LINK IN BIO . PC and caption inspiration @rosebudsammy
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